Daily Dog Training Games Part VI

Daily Training Games

Daily Dog Training Games Part VI

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Welcome to day 6 of our Daily Training Game videos! Today we want to teach our dog to do a half spin and then back up between our legs. Also you can transform this into a different trick which is having your dog walk between your legs (if he is small enough) in all directions.

You can adapt this trick for very large dogs by having them sit as soon as they come between your legs, as they usually fit better when sitting.

Make sure that you give your dog a lot of treats in the final position, and he will start to strive assuming the correct position himself. Over time you need to help less and less with treats.

Where, and in which quantity, you deliver the rewards can make or break your training. Be sure to treat your dog very generously in the final position. This will help him learn as fast as possible.

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And now to the trick!


Have fun with this game, and I will see you back here tomorrow 🙂

Just joining us? Find all games here:

See The Whole Training Game Library

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