Daily Dog Training Games Part XIII

Daily Training Games

Daily Dog Training Games Part XIII

dog training games

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Welcome to day 13 of our Daily Training Game videos! Today we want to teach our dog to bounce back and forth over our leg.

I really, really like this trick for the instant “decrease in wild energy” it will provide for your dog.

Bouncing (jumping without taking strides in between the jumps) is a very tiring, challenging activity. You will see how in the video my own dog Kix is panting hard after only a couple minutes. Plus – you can train this trick in the smallest spaces.

Absolutely make sure that you do this on a soft, non-slip surface. Your dog could seriously injure himself if you do this trick eg. on tile floor.

If you do not have a carpeted area in your house or grass outside, put down a beach towel. 



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And now to the game!


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Bounce Around


Have fun with this game, and I will see you back here soon for the next game 🙂


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