Daily Dog Training Games Part IV

Daily Training Games

Daily Dog Training Games Part IV

dog training games


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Welcome to day 4 of our Daily Training Game videos! Today we want to teach our dog left and right spins – and eventually we will be able to have him do it on a verbal cue alone!

I am always amazed what a popular trick left and right spins are – for both the dogs (that love them!) as well as other people.

At the park, this is one of my dogs’ favorite trick to show off, and anyone passing by cannot get enough of telling them “left – right – left – right” and watching them turn the correct direction.

The video I will be sharing is from my online tricks class. You can check it out for many, many more tricks to keep you and your dog busy and happy during this time 🙂

I will also show you a very easy way to fade treats in the video. Sometimes our dogs are really good at doing a trick with a treat, but stop participating as soon as we put the treat away. But there’s an easy solution for that.

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And now to the trick!

Left and Right

Have fun with this game, and I will see you back here tomorrow 🙂


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