Daily Dog Training Games Part XII

Daily Training Games

Daily Dog Training Games Part XII

dog food drive

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Welcome to day 12 of our Daily Training Game videos! Today we want to talk about ideas to make our dog more food-motivated.


Treats are our dog’s payment.

Now, if our dog is not all that interested in his payment, we have little on our hands to make him play with us.

How much our dog wants to have his treats is called food drive.


The cool thing about food drive – and also toy drive – is that we can increase it substantially with the right approach. Your dog’s drives are not static – in fact, they can change remarkably over time and become a real asset for your training.


Having a dog who is not interested in treats does not mean this will always be that way. Chances are that you can change his food drive drastically by implementing a few changes.



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Increasing Food Drive


Have fun with these ideas, and I will see you back here soon for the next game 🙂


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