Daily Dog Training Games Part VII

Daily Training Games

Daily Dog Training Games Part VII

dog training games

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Welcome to day 7 of our Daily Training Game videos! Today we want to teach our dog to race to his crate from further and further away!

Before this game, you can revisit the anticipation game from day 2 – it will help you get a lot of drive and speed for this one.

Make sure that you give your dog a lot of treats in the crate, so that he understand that this is not just “touch and go”, but actually “stay in the crate until released”.

It’s super convenient to have a dog who can find his crate from far away – if you have the option to play this game outside like I do in the video, definitely do that for added distance!

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And now to the game!

Crate Race

Have fun with this game, and I will see you back here tomorrow 🙂


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