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Wondering what course is right for you?

We have so many courses – if you are unsure where to start, send us a note about your dog (age/breed/how long he has been living with you) and your goals (good manners, trick dog master, off-leash recall or something else?) and we will recommend courses for you.

Did you just adopt a puppy?

The time to start training is now!

I get asked very often when a puppy should start learning. The answer is – today

The earlier you begin to create good manners, the easier it will become to have a well-behaved dog.

Our training is positive and game-based and will not be too difficult. Even 8 week old puppies can start with our courses.

Do you wish your dog would listen better?

No dog wants to be poorly behaved. When a dog is not listening to his owners, he just has not yet experienced how it is actually in his own best interest to work together.

Dogs are very social animals and highly motivated by getting what they want. In our training we never work against the dog.

By having owner and dog become a team that works together, the dog starts to listen better almost instantly.

Do you need help with behavioral problems?

Whether your dog has separation anxiety, is reactive towards other dogs, fearful during thunderstorms or shows resource guarding tendencies, we can help you show him that there is a better, more relaxed way of living – without these issues! No matter what behaviors you want to fix, we can assist you on your path to making your dog calm and content.

Have an old dog you want to train?

It is never too late to start training your dog! Any age dog can learn an amazing amount of new behaviors. Whether junior or senior – start today!

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