Dog Training Advent Calendar


Dog Training Advent Calendar

Everyone is busy during the time before Christmas, and thinking of new game ideas with your dogs may not be on the top of your mind. It’s dark and cold at night, there’s too much to do to take any in-person classes and the dogs are becoming quite bored!

I decided to do a little training/playing advent calendar for this reason – 25 little games and ideas to keep you and your dogs happy and entertained during the Holiday time.
The games are of varying difficulty, so choose one that works best for where you and your dog are at in training. You can modify them to fit your dog’s interests and preferences of course, using toys rather than treats, making them easier or harder etc.

I play these games with my own dogs often, and am always inventing new ways for them to play and learn – they are so smart and we should make use of it 🙂

Click on each individual image to see the game!

(The next batch can be found here: Dog Training Advent Calendar Part II)

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