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Origin and History of the Mini Goldendoodle

The Mini Goldendoodle is type of Doodle and the little cousin of the highly popular Goldendoodle. Just like Goldendoodles, they are a cross of a Golden Retriever and Poodle.

For the Miniature Goldendoodle, the Poodle parent is a Miniature or Toy Poodle, resulting in small offspring. Many breeders only recently started to breed smaller and smaller Goldendoodles – this breed is very new, albeit already very sought-after. An especially popular variation is the F1b Mini Goldendoodle.

Mini Goldendoodles have become very popular due to their low-shedding coat, their outgoing temperament, social intelligence and adorable looks. Let’s look at the Mini Goldendoodle’s parents to learn more about the origin if this breed!

brown mini poodle

Miniature Poodles

Poodles were originally bred as water dogs in Germany.

When we hear the term Poodle we tend to think of the large Standard Poodle that we often see at dogs shows. The breed however has two smaller versions as well: The Miniature and the Toy Poodle. These are much smaller than the Standard Poodle who can stand as tall as 24 inches at the shoulder.

Miniature Poodles are only around 12 inches tall and weight 10-20 lbs. Toy Poodles are even smaller at only around 10 inches tall. 

Don’t make the mistake to think that they are sleepy lap dogs though – Mini and Toy Poodles are high energy dogs that require exercise and training. They can be quite hyper at times and absolutely need a daily outlet for all their energy.

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are the classic family dog nowadays. However, just like the Poodle these water dogs were originally bred to retrieve water fowl for hunters. They have a strong drive to please their owners and love to be active.

Because their retrieving instinct is very strong, Golden Retrievers are known to be very mouthy dogs long past their puppy years and can be destructive on furniture, shoes and even walls. They require daily exercise and training. They are exuberant and love to be around people and other dogs.

Golden Retrievers are often underestimated in the amount of mental and physical exercise they need. Their ancestors were working dogs and as such even the modern “family Golden” will have to go on walks, get trained and socialized – ideally every day!

golden retriever running
miniature golden doodle in the fall

Appearance of the Mini Goldendoodle

As a cross-breed, Mini Goldendoodle’s appearance is varied and can be quite different between litters or even puppies in the same litter!

Mini Goldendoodles are between 13 and 20 inches tall, weighing in at 15-40 lbs. Yes – this is quite a range! How big exactly your Mini Goldendoodle will be depends a lot on the size of both parents as well as just luck in the genetic lottery. 

All dogs’ fur will have some shade of brown or red, ranging from a very light (and highly desired!) cream color to a rich auburn red. They can have small white markings on their chest.

Miniature Goldendoodle’s fur is wavy or curly and will grow very long if not cut regularly. Their floppy ears give their face a teddybear look. But don’t be fooled – underneath the adorable appearance is a high-energy dog!

Temperament of the Mini Goldendoodle

Miniature Goldendoodles are extremely outgoing and social. They are no dogs for introverts!

Every owner can attest to their love of all people and dogs on the planet. You will not be able to go for “just a walk” with a Goldendoodle – he will want to turn it into a meet and greet with everyone you come across!

Mini Goldendoodles are very energetic and active dogs. They are highly intelligent and require mental and physical exercise every day. As all dogs with working parents, they can and will become destructive if they are not challenged enough. It is crucial that you offer your Mini Goldendoodle plenty of chew and enrichment toys.

Due to their high energy, Mini Goldendoodles can be nervy and have short attention spans. They need very positive and consistent training. If you are not patient or give up quickly, this is not the right breed for you.

Mini Goldendoodles tend to get along very well with any other dog breed and often also with cat. However, in order to keep everyone safe you always want to supervise them around smaller animals.

mini golden doodle running happily
mini goldendoodle in the snow

Do Mini Goldendoodles bark a lot?

Mini Goldendoodles can be very loud dogs. They bark when they are happy, when they are excited (which they are a lot of the time!), when they are bored, when they hear an unusual noise … if you have close neighbors or you do not like dogs that bark, the Mini Goldedoodle is not for you!

While dogs can be trained to have impulse control and to bark a bit less, it is impossible to get a verbal dog to completely stop barking. If you are looking for a dog that is guaranteed to be quiet, then do not choose a Mini Goldendoodle. These goofy fluffballs can and will be loud!

Do Mini Goldendoodles like to cuddle?

Yes, Mini Goldendoodles love to cuddle! No matter if you get a 15 lbs. or a 40 lbs. dog, they will happily snuggle up with you every night. They love to be petted, brushed and cuddled. Their soft coat makes snuggling extra fun!

Mini Goldendoodles enjoy the company of all people, especially kids. They will thrive when they can be in the middle of a group of children. Many Mini Goldendoodles go on to become therapy dogs because of their love for people and snuggles.

Most dogs will need some exercise before they are happy to settle down however – do not expect your pup to be happy with a whole weekend of just Netflix and chill! He will need physical and mental enrichment in order to really enjoy the snuggly downtime as well.

cuddling mini goldendoodle
fluffy brown dog

Grooming Miniature Goldendoodles

It’s extremely important to keep on top of your Mini Doodle’s grooming. While they do not shed as much as double-coated dogs, their curly coat can easily mat if not maintained properly.

You should brush your Mini at least once or twice a week. Don’t go for many weeks without brushing or your dog will mat badly. 

The coat of many Doodles will become very long unless it is clipped. Most owners opt for an easy-to-care-for cut for their dogs. Your local groomer can recommend the best look for your dog that will be adorable and easy to maintain.

Depending on how much your Doodle plays outside, he will also need regular baths. If you do not bathe your Mini when he is muddy, the dirt and locks will become an unmanageable mess.

Do Mini Goldendoodles shed?

They promise of non-shedding qualities is what entices many owners to get any kind of Doodle breed.

It needs to be noted that while it is likely that your Miniature Goldendoodle will not shed much, there is no guarantee.

If you or a member of your family has a dog allergy, you need to spend time around a Goldendoodle before committing to buying a puppy. Every individual’s reaction to the dogs’ coat will be slightly different and there is no way to predict how exactly the coat type will turn out.

If you want a Mini Goldendoodle in order to minimize hair around your house, then you are in luck: They do indeed shed much less than double coated dog breeds such as the King Shepherd or Australian Shepherd.

Shedding less than most other dogs however does not mean that the Mini Goldendoodle does not require any grooming! In fact, their curly hair will need attention and care:

red puppy sleeping on the floor
doodle in the bathtub

Do Mini Goldendoodles smell?

Mini Goldendoodles do not have a distinct “doggy odor”. They can be nearly scent-free and will not offend even sensitive noses.

However, this is only the case if you keep up with your dog’s grooming schedule. If you do not brush your dog and bathe him, dirt particles and old skin cells will get caught in his coat and start to stink. This however is the case with any dog breed – you need to devote time to grooming your dog.

Think of it like human hair – if brushed and washed regularly, it has no scent. If one was to however not wash or brush their hair for months, the smell would certainly be offensive!

Like any dog, your Mini Goldendoodle will probably smell a bit if he has gotten wet, such as during a rainy day walk or after swimming. If you dry him properly and brush him out however, he will be good to go and smelling nicely.

Are Mini Goldendoodles good dogs?

Mini Goldendoodles can be amazing companions if their needs are met. An owner who has time to devote to training and exercising their Mini Goldendoodle every day will have a wonderful and loyal by his side. Their high intelligence, outgoing nature and social skills makes them fantastic pets.

If a Mini Goldendoodle however ends up with a family that cannot meet his needs, he is likely to develop behavioral issues. Your Mini Goldendoodle might start to be destructive, bark incessantly or show reactive behaviors

If not properly socialized, Mini Goldendoodles also can become too boisterous around other dogs and start escalations. It is crucial that you take a lot of time to teach appropriate public and play skills to your dog.

mini goldendoodle looking at camera
light brown pup

What health problems do Mini Goldendoodles have?

As in any dog breed, unfortunately there are a number of health conditions that tend to pop up in Mini Goldendoodles. When you are selecting a breeder, you need to make sure to check with them about the parents’ health and genetic clearances. Luckily, there are a number of tests available with which breeders can check if the parents of a litter are likely to pass conditions onto their offspring.

Mini Goldendoodles show health issues that occur in both parent dogs, the Golden Retriever and the Miniature or Toy Poodle. Most common are:

  • Patellar Luxation
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Von Willebrand’s Disease
  • Bloat

How Long Do Mini Golden Doodles Live?

On average, mini Goldendoodles have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. The lifespan can vary depending on factors such as genetics, overall health, diet, exercise, and the level of veterinary care they receive throughout their lives. Providing a balanced diet, regular exercise, routine veterinary check-ups, and a loving home environment can contribute to a longer and healthier life for your mini Goldendoodle.

It’s worth noting that smaller dog breeds, including mini Goldendoodles, often tend to have longer lifespans compared to larger breeds. Responsible breeding practices, including genetic testing and screening for hereditary health issues, can also play a role in the overall health and longevity of the breed.

While these are general guidelines, individual dogs may have variations in lifespan based on their unique circumstances and genetic makeup. Regular veterinary care and attention to the specific needs of your mini Goldendoodle can contribute to a happy and fulfilling life for your furry companion.

Mini Golden Doodle

How Much Does a Mini Goldendoodle Cost?

The cost of a mini Goldendoodle can vary significantly depending on various factors such as the breeder’s reputation, the dog’s lineage, location, and the demand for the breed. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000 for a mini Goldendoodle.

Reputable breeders who prioritize the health, temperament, and genetic testing of their breeding dogs may charge higher prices. Additionally, factors such as the coat color, generation (F1, F1B, etc.), and specific traits of the individual dog may also influence the price.

It’s important to note that while the initial cost of purchasing a mini Goldendoodle is a significant consideration, there are also ongoing expenses associated with owning a dog, including veterinary care, food, grooming, and other supplies.

If you’re considering adding a mini Goldendoodle to your family, it’s advisable to research and choose a responsible breeder who prioritizes the well-being of the dogs. Additionally, rescue organizations and shelters may have mini Goldendoodles available for adoption at a lower cost, providing a loving home to a dog in need.

In Summary 

Mini Goldendoodles are a delightful and increasingly popular hybrid dog breed recognized for their intelligence, friendly demeanor, and low shedding qualities. A crossbreed between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle, these charming canines blend the intelligence of the Poodle with the affable nature of the Golden Retriever.

One of the standout features of Mini Goldendoodles is their low shedding coat, making them possibly an excellent choice for individuals with allergies. The Poodle’s curly or wavy coat significantly reduces shedding and dander, minimizing the risk of triggering allergic reactions. This characteristic, coupled with their friendly and sociable nature, has contributed to the breed’s popularity among families and individuals seeking a furry companion without the hassle of excessive grooming or allergy concerns.

Beyond their low shedding coat, Mini Goldendoodles are admired for their intelligence and trainability. Poodles are renowned for their smarts, and when mixed with the Golden Retriever’s eager-to-please attitude, Goldendoodles become quick learners. This trait makes them excellent candidates for various roles, including therapy and assistance dogs. Their versatility extends to various activities, such as agility training, obedience competitions, and even water-related sports—a nod to the Golden Retriever’s love for water.

Social and affectionate, Mini Goldendoodles thrive on companionship and are known for forming strong bonds with their human family members. They are generally good with children and other pets, making them an ideal choice for households seeking a well-rounded and amiable pet. Their friendly disposition also makes them suitable for various living environments, from suburban homes to urban apartments.

However, like any breed, Mini Goldendoodles require consistent training, socialization, and exercise to ensure they grow into well-behaved and balanced adults. Regular walks, playtime, and mental stimulation are essential to keep them happy and healthy. While they are generally healthy dogs, like all breeds, they may be prone to certain genetic health issues, so regular veterinary check-ups are crucial.

In conclusion, Mini Goldendoodles are a wonderful blend of intelligence, affection, and low shedding qualities. Their adaptable size, friendly nature, and trainability make them well-suited for a variety of households. Whether you’re seeking a playful companion for an active family or a loving therapy dog, the Goldendoodle is likely to steal your heart with its charming personality and fluffy coat.