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Best Service Dog in Training Vests

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Where can I buy a service dog in training vest?

Of course – on the internet. We got the best service dog training vests here for you – only a click away. Within a few days these will be shipped to you and you can start training.

Our Top Choice: Doggie Stylz Service Dog in Training Vest

Our TOP Choice
Doggie Stylz Service Dog in Training Vest

This service dog in training vest is our clear winner. With its well-visible signage, nylon handle for control, reflective strips for visibility at night and easy-snap buckle it is not only sturdy but very safe, too.

The reflective patch reading "service dog in training" can be removed, so your dog can wear this harness after work hours as well!

The quick-release buckle is very large at 2 inches, making this harness easy to put on and take off for all handlers.

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Wearing this harness will make training in public much easier! Everybody gives a dog in a training harness space to work and concentrate.

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Service dogs need a lot of training. They have to learn how to walk perfectly on leash, settle under tables in restaurants, perform tasks to assist their owner and most of all to never lose their focus! It can be pretty hard to teach a dog to do all these things when strangers are constantly coming up to you to pet your pup. By having him wear a Service Dog in Training vest, you can make sure that nobody disturbs you while working!

We reviewed a dozen service dog in training vests and found our favorites, which we will share with you today. Let’s find the perfect service dog vest for your pup!

If you are looking for a specialized vest, we tested several others and found our favorite patterned vest, chest-plate vest and budget alternative as well!

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Our Runner-Ups

Let’s have a look at our specialized service dog in training options:

Best Vest & Leash Combo

Best Vest & Harness Combo
Industrial Service Dog Vest + Leash

If you don't only want a harness that says "service dog" but a leash to go along with it, look no further. This product brings you two-in-one, and in three color choices to boot.

The handle of the well-visible leash is padded for comfortable walking, no matter how many errands you run with your service dog.

Even though this harness is sturdy, it is surprisingly light-weight, making it a great training vest for puppies.

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Best Emotional Support Animal Harness

Best ESA Vest
voopet Emotional Support Dog Vest

If you are using your dog as an emotional support animal (ESA), this is the perfect vest for you. With wide straps that are easily adjusted, reflective stripes so you can be seen at night and different color choices, the vest delivers what it promises.

It is important to pick the right signage depending on whether your dog is an ESA or a trained service animal, so make sure to select the fitting harness for him!

Available in a wide range of colors you can pick the one that fits your dog's personality the most.

This harness distributes any leash pressure evenly across the chest and shoulders of your dog, so it won't choke him if he was to suddenly pull - especially important for puppies in training!

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Best Camouflage Service Dog Vest

Best Vest for Stylish Dogs
Dihapet Dog Harness

Wanting to show your dog is a service dog or in training, but not make any compromises for style? This camouflage service dog vest lets you show off your pup's cool side while still making clear he is a service dog that needs his space!

This vest comes with replaceable ID patches that can say either "service dog" or "in training". The sturdy handle lets you easily grab your dog and is rubberized for an easy grib.

The breathable mesh will keep your pup nice and cool even when working for long hours or in hot climates.

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Best Budget Option

Best Budget Option
Vovodog Service Dog Harness

This harness gets you a lot of bang for your buck. With a very sturdy handle, easy-to-read signage and adjustable straps it comes with everything your service dog in training vest needs.

The adjustable straps on the dog's shoulders let you adjust this harness very well, even for dogs with wide chests.

The handle is rubber-coated to allow you a steady grip on it, even if it is rainy or your hands are sweaty.

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FAQ about service dogs in training

Got questions about working with your service dog in training? We got answers.

Can you take a service dog in training anywhere?

No. Under the ADA, the dog needs to have had training before going to public places

However, if your dog is well-behaved and not disruptive, chances are that many places will welcome a service dog in training.

Where do I start training my service dog?

Ideally you should start working with him at home. Teach your puppy to walk by your side, stop when you stop, lie down on a mat, greet people politely and not be distracted.

Only once your dog shows you that he can do these behaviors well at home, take him to a park or walking trail to practice there. 

If your dog does great at a park, it is time to take him to more and more difficult locations! 

Can I take my emotional support dog to stores?

Under the ADA, ESA (emotional support animals) are defined as pets that were not trained to perform specific tasks to assist their owner.

Stores, restaurants or apartment buildings may not allow ESAs on their premises. In general, the better behaved and trained your ESA is, the higher the chance that he will be allowed to accompany you.

If your ESA is wildly pulling on leash, barking and lunging reactively – you should put in some (actually, a lot!) more training before attempting to take him to places.

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