The Best Shampoos For Goldendoodles


The Best Shampoos For Goldendoodles

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You know how good you feel after someone washes and cares for your hair. Your Goldendoodle feels the same way after a luxurious bath. When you look through the many different types of dog shampoos available, though, you might wonder which is the best one to buy. I know I felt that way!

So, for the sake of science and to bring you a list of the best shampoo for your Goldendoodle, I decided to try some out on my dog. I tried fur-care products with all types of features, and also conditioners and creme rinses. The end result is the following list of excellent products.

Our Top Choice For Goldendoodle Shampoo:

Our TOP Choice
PET CARE Sciences Dog Shampoo

This shampoo is perfect for Goldendoodles who don’t want to stand still while you use multiple products. It removes any “doggy odor” and replaces it with a light, pleasant smell. It will also work well whether your ‘doodle has flat, straight, wavy, or curly fur. The ingredients are largely natural and several of them are soothing, so they should not irritate your pup’s skin.

This shampoo will work if your dog’s fur is damaged or dry, too, as it contains conditioners and moisturizers that will continue softening the fur after the shampoo is over. It contains no sulfates, phosphates, or parabens. The manufacturer stands behind the product and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Pet Care Sciences Dog Shampoo stood heads and tails above the rest and earned the top spot on my list. It’s a five-in-one product, as it cleans, conditions, deodorizes, moisturizes, and detangles your Goldendoodle’s fur. It can even work with all fur types, since all Doodles don’t have the same fur texture. If your pup doesn’t want to stand still for several different treatments (or if you simply don’t want to buy a bunch of products), then this is the one I recommend.

Need a specialized shampoo option? Find our runner-ups and best options for special Goldendoodles below!

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goldendoodle shampoo

Best Shampoo With Goldendoodles With Long Fur

Best for Long Haired Doodles
TropiClean PerfectFur Long Haired Coat Shampoo for Dogs

If your Goldendoodle has long hair”, then you will want to get a shampoo that is made specifically for that hair type to minimize tangling. TropiClean PerfectFur Long Haired Coat was the best one in this category. It reduces that tangling and matting that can be common in long coats. The shampoo shields hair cuticle and restores elasticity to help prevent breakage as soon as you put it on!

Another benefit to this particular shampoo is that it can reduce your dog’s drying time. Since long fur tends to hold onto water, a shampoo that breaks the water tension (like this one does) can help your dog feel more dry more quickly. This also minimizes the “wet dog” smell that tends to stick around after bath time until the dog is dry. The shampoo has a nice citrusy smell to help your dog smell great.

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Best Hypoallergenic Shampoo for Goldendoodles

Best Hypoallergenic Shampoo
Vet's Best Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo for Dogs

If your Goldendoodle has sensitive skin or allergies, you might need Vet’s Best Hypoallergenic Shampoo for Dogs. This is a shampoo that is perfect for dogs who react to other shampoos that contain potentially bothersome ingredients. If your pup has food allergies or tends to scratch a lot during pollen season in your area, those are clues that he might need a hypoallergenic shampoo for more comfort after his bath.

This shampoo has gentle, plant-based ingredients to clean your dog’s skin and fur without irritation. It also contains aloe and vitamin E, both of which are soothing and anti-inflammatory. It has a very light, fresh fragrance that smells like herbs. The smell is not overpowering at all and fades fairly quickly.

Several users commented that their allergic dogs seemed much more comfortable and less itchy after their baths with this product. It will wash away grass residue, pollen, and other irritants. One also commented on the consistency of the shampoo: It is more liquid than some other shampoos, so be aware of that when you go to wash your dog.

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Best Organic Goldendoodle Shampoo

Best Organic Shampoo
4-Legger Organic Hypoallergenic Shampoo

Is using organic products important to you? If so, organic fur-care might be what you are looking for to use on your Goldendoodle. In this category, 4-Legger Organic Dog Shampoo came out on top. There is nothing unnatural or artificial in this shampoo; it is unscented and great for dogs with sensitivities and allergies

Just using a little will go a long way. Rub it in (it lathers up nicely despite the consistency being thinner than many other shampoos) and rinse it away to remove dirt, oil, and doggie odors. The shampoo is non-toxic and cruelty-free. It will moisturize your dog’s skin and soften his fur, so it’s safe to use on dogs with dry skin.

Some of the ingredients are coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba, aloe, and rosemary extract. All ingredients are USDA certified the same way that organic human food ingredients are certified. Users raved about this shampoo, calling it, “the best shampoo I have ever used,” and “fantastic shampoo.”

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Best Flea-Control Shampoo for Goldendoodles

Best Flea & Tick Shampoo
Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo with Precor

Has your dog gotten himself into an itchy situation with a flea infestation? Don’t panic: Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo is up for the job of removing fleas and ticks and also leaving your dog’s fur soft and smelling nice. It kills fleas at all phases of the life cycle, from eggs and larvae to adult fleas and lice. It will also kill ticks that your dog might pick up after a jog through the woods or an overgrown lot.

This flea and tick shampoo is safe to use on dogs and puppies over the age of 12 weeks. If you have a younger dog with fleas, this is not the right shampoo for you; in that case, contact your veterinarian to find out which option would be safest. Another benefit is that this shampoo can also be used safely on cats and kittens over 12 weeks of age. If one of your pets has fleas, then chances are good that your other pets will also have fleas.

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Best Cream Rinse

Best Creme Rinse
Furtastic Crème Rinse Blueberry Muffin

Goldendoodles have varying fur types, and some are more in need of a conditioner or creme rinse than others. If your dog has coarse, long, or curly fur, then Furtastic Creme Rinse might be just what you need to keep it detangled and soft. You would use this product after washing your pup with a shampoo.

One of the first things you’ll notice is that the conditioner smells like blueberry muffins, making your dog smell irresistible. It provides deep conditioning, leaving your dog with soft, silky fur. This is particularly important in ‘doodles with long or curly fur, as it can be difficult to comb them after a bath if you don’t use a detangling product.

Amazon customers have described the scent as delicious but not very long-lasting; it tends to stay on doggie fur for only a few days. They also talk about how soft and silky their puppers’ fur feels. If shampoos alone are leaving your Goldendoodle’s fur less than silky, then you’ll want to give this a try.

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Goldendoodle Shampoo Buying Guide

If you need to purchase shampoo for your Goldendoodle, I have some tips for you to keep in mind.

First, check out your dog’s coat and determine what type it is. Goldendoodles can have fur that resembles that of a Golden Retriever or that of a Poodle or something in between. The four types of fur that they might have are straight, curly, wavy, or flat like a Golden Retriever. Dogs that have curly or long fur often need extra conditioning unless you are using a shampoo specifically for long or curly fur. 

Next, think about whether your dog has any allergies or sensitivities. During the spring, does he get itchy spots on his feet that might be from grass pollen? Have you had to avoid giving him certain foods because they don’t agree with him or because they cause itching? These are signs that you might need a hypoallergenic shampoo. Another sign would be if you have used a regular dog shampoo in the past and it made him scratch, lose some fur, or otherwise become uncomfortable.

If your dog has fleas or ticks, you’ll need a medicated shampoo that can treat this issue. While you are at it, you’ll need to treat the other pets in your home as well as your furniture and carpeting. This can be a big job, but with the help of some borax powder and a vacuum cleaner, you should be able to rid your home of fleas. Be aware that it can take a few shampoos to completely rid your dog of fleas, so follow the directions on the bottle carefully.

Another important consideration is how the shampoo smells. You might prefer an unscented product (particularly if you or your dog has allergies) or you might like one of the scented shampoos out there. If you know that you hate the smell of lavender, for example, be sure to check the ingredients of the shampoo just in case! 

Finally, if you prefer organic or all-natural ingredients, then be sure to look for a product that meets your specifications! There’s no need to give up on your ideals or values when it comes to buying products to care for your dog. There are plenty of organic shampoos out there, and I reviewed one up above.

The Bottom Line

In the end, the best shampoo for a Goldendoodle that I found is the Pet Care Sciences Dog Shampoo. I loved having the all-in-one product that would allow me to wash my dog relatively quickly, since getting a bath is not her favorite activity. The smell is also light and not overpowering, but it does take care of the “wet dog” smell that tends to show up while a dog is air-drying after a bath. 

If you want to buy one of the shampoos I reviewed for your Goldendoodle, please go to and order. Shipping is free on most of these if you have Prime, and if you do not, you usually need to spend $35 or more to get free shipping. Also, some products might have one-day shipping where you live, making it super fast and easy to get the shampoo you need to make your ‘doodle soft and stink-free!

Of course, all shampoos reviewed will also be suitable for Goldendoodle variations – such as the Mini Goldendoodle or f1b Mini Goldendoodle!