Dog Agility @ Home

Dog Agility @ Home

Dog Agility @ Home

ready to have tons of fun?

Every dog can enjoy agility training in your very own backyard!

From building your own hurdles over teaching your dog to jump to running courses, we have all online instructions needed to start out in agility.

What our clients say about Agility @ Home

Pepe the Poodle has a LOT of energy. We struggle with leash pulling, barking, jumping ... adding a daily agility practice into our schedule made him calmer and much happier.
He sleeps for hours after our training. I made 5 jumps and set them up in the backyard. He now can do 6 different courses already and we continue learning more!

Kathrine T.

We always wanted to try agility with our Terrier, he is crazy and loves to run and jump. This course is so much fun. We made the PVC jump and set them up in the backyard. Now our dog runs to the gate every morning to do his little course!

Bob T.

This course contains:

Learn from the best

We have a lot to offer.

1/2th the price of a single session with an in-person trainer ...

... will get you lifetime access to over a hundred agility lessons!
Because you and your dog will have so much fun playing agility together.

agility training cost-2

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Because we want you to love what you get, we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee.

If you don't like it, just drop us a note and we will give you a full refund.

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Steffi is the founder of SpiritDog Training. Starting out just training her own Border Collies, she gradually expanded to local classes and seminars, now she travels as far as Europe and teaches students all over the world on how to train their dogs in a positive, bonding, game-based way. She is known for her clear, step-by-step training that lets beginners and advanced dog trainers see lasting results very quickly.
Price $199.00
Instructor Steffi Trott
Duration Lifetime access
Lectures 103
Enrolled 1165 students