Private Dog Training

Private Dog Training


Ready to become a team with your dog?


Private one-on-one dog training is the most effective and fastest way for improving your dog’s behavior. 


Having a dog living in your house that just does not follow your cues, chews up furniture, barks incessantly, has potty accidents inside, fights with other dogs of the household or pulls on leash like a maniac can be frustrating and very negatively impact your family life. It is tiring and annoying to have disagreements with your own dog every single day, and over time the stress accumulates for owner and dog.

The good news is that most problems are solved quite quickly with the right approach.


I will help you achieve a joyful bond and companionship with your dog.



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Training, Tailored To Your Needs

I will always strive to develop a training plan tailored to you and your dog.

I will not offer you a cookie cutter approach. Instead, I am taking into account factors such as your dog’s breed, activity level and history; other household members, prior training experience, your time frame for training etc.

This makes our private trainings highly individualized. I keep notes on the progress of every client and will collect a lot of information about your dog over time, allowing me to make training decisions based on his specific personality. Just as no two people are the same, no two dogs are the same and will respond the best to a type of training that considers the individual in front of it. I will be teaching the owner how to best train their dogs based on these very individual factors.


You give me your training goals, and I’ll help you make them happen.



If you want to see a case study of a dog who trained with me on leash manners including before and after videos, check it out here:

From Chaos To Calm



How does private training work? Do I have to go to a specific place to train?

Not at all! The convenience of private dog training lies in its flexibility.

I will travel to your house in the Albuquerque area (additional driving fees may apply to clients in Bernalillo, Los Lunas, Laguna etc.) for the lessons. We will then work with your dog together in an environment that is safe and familiar to him.

In many cases, it is useful or even necessary for the trainer to be able to observe the dog’s home environment. Many issues are easily fixed by implementing small management or set-up changes. This applies for example to potty training issues – often just modifying the access of the dog to different rooms of the house as well as starting a potty training schedule will solve the problem quickly.

Having an adult dog with behavior problems can be daunting. Again, our one-on-one approach lets us address any issue directly. Our training programs are reward-based and utilize positive reinforcement to show your dog how he should behave.

If you have a dog who is not ready to attend training classes, private dog training can help you get there. While some dog trainers allow reactive or anxious dogs in their group classes, this can actually be detrimental to the dog’s behavior without the right “ground work”. If your dog struggles around other dogs or people, we can help him in a setting that is not too stimulating and will enable him to learn as quickly as possible.

What if my dogs needs to be trained at a different location?

For some issues it is useful for me to guide your training process in different places. If your dog has troubles behaving in public, we will visit different public places in Albuquerque to help him focus and not be distracted.

We will generally start out with “easy” locations – such as parks that are not busy, less frequented walk-ways etc. Then, as your dog progresses over time we can meet at busier places such as Home Depot, Uptown or the airport.

Again, this is your time individualized for you and your dog. 

I will always strive to develop a plan that will help your dog progress quickly and fix his behavior issues as fast as possible

My dog doesn’t have behavior problems — can we take private lessons for tricks and agility?


Often owners discover the joy of training and connecting with their dog and don’t want to stop after their dog has completed his basic training.
If you are interested in an individualized training plan that will guide you through continuing training, you are at the right place!

Depending on your goals and your dog’s strengths, we can explore a variety of training together. I offer lessons in clicker and tricks training, dog agility as well as man trailing (the sport of having our dogs find hidden people).

Dogs are able to learn incredible amounts of different behaviors over time with consistent training. If you live in the Albuquerque area, I can provide this on-going one-on-one training for you!