The Best Collars for Mastiffs

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Having been exposed to the problems of finding a collar for mastiffs, I embarked on a serious research mission, testing ten different products in search of the best collar for mastiffs. Making a final selection was difficult, and Bully’s Pit Bull collar only just won, piping Buckle-Down’s Vintage US Flag collar at the post. 

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Our Top Choice Mastiff Collar:

Best All-Round Mastiff Collar
Bully’s PitBull Collar

Made of heavy-duty nylon, this collar is built with durability in mind, rather than fashion. Still, its simple design looks good with its robust appearance and chunky buckle.

This extra-wide collar is also comfortable, so your mastiff can wear it all day without any rubbing or chafing.

Although this collar is a little more expensive than the other products we found, if you’re looking for a durable collar that will last for years, it's well worth the investment. If your Mastiff is still growing, however, it might be better to look at a cheaper brand for now and then invest in this superior-quality version once he’s a bit older. 

Available in a variety of sizes and six different colors, you can find the perfect fit while color coordinating your dog’s collar with your own walking gear. 

This versatile collar is one of the few that will accommodate a 30” neck, with its largest size measuring 33” in length that is big enough for a dog with a 31” neck, so it even gives Storm a little room to grow. 

This heavy-duty collar also won the top spot in our best collars for Pit Bulls, which is proof of its durability and strength.

The simple design and tactical-grade materials make it both comfortable and long-lasting. The stainless steel buckle is as sturdy as the collar itself and won’t rust or pop open unexpectedly.

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Mini Reviews

Need a more refined pick? Here are options for different needs – from the best leather collar for Mastiffs over the best budget option to the best Mastiff harness.

A little tip on the side: You should always measure your dog’s neck circumference before buying a collar online. Even if you believe you know what size he needs, the sizing of different manufacturers varies significantly. Avoid having to send a wrong size back by taking a measurement of your Mastiff’s neck before ordering.

If you own a growing puppy, you should of course be prepared to go through multiple collars as he or she is gaining weight and height!

The Runner Up
Buckle-Down Seatbelt Buckle Dog Collar

This durable, polyester collar with its distressed vintage US flag design will add a little style to any type of mastiff, be it the long-haired Tibetan variation or the short-coated Bull Mastiff. 

All Buckle-Down’s collars feature its innovative seat belt buckle design, making it easy to clip on and off. While the Bully’s collar, with its robust double-prong buckle, is probably better for wearing all day, this one is more suited to dogs who only wear a collar when out and about.

A great collar for a mastiff, the Buckle-Down is suited to dogs with a neck diameter of up to 32” and durable enough to withstand outdoor adventures.

An affordable price tag makes this product excellent value for money, which is why it was very nearly our number one pick for the best mastiff collars. The only thing that let it down is the fact that the seat belt buckle clip could let another dog undo the collar.

Given how laidback most mastiffs are, however, that won’t be a problem for most owners who probably put more pressure on the collar trying to haul their gentle giant off the sofa than their dog will ever put on it during play.

The Best Leather Collar for Mastiffs
Adityna Leather Dog Collar

For dogs that are allergic to nylon and owners who prefer the elegance of a leather collar, Adityna makes some classic designs that are big enough to fit most mastiffs.

This leather collar is designed to fit dogs with neck sizes of up to 30 inches and is well-padded for comfort. The double buckle clasp will ensure it stays on your mastiff!

This handmade collar is perfect for dogs with sensitive skin and is strong enough to last a lifetime. While Adityna has another similar product available in brown, this one is only available in pink, which makes it perfect for Storm, but possibly not ideal for a butch, male mastiff.

Made of thick leather, this top collar for mastiffs remains flexible "and easy on the neck and throat area," so won’t hurt your dog even if she lunges or tries to pull away.

This elegant yet robust collar is surprisingly affordable but certainly not a budget item.

Best Mastiff Collar for a Tight Budget
Dog Karma American Flag Collar

This versatile collar comes in so many different sizes it's as suitable for a Yorkie as it is a mastiff! The extra-large size will fit dogs measuring up to 32” around the neck and is one-and-a-half inches wide so remain visible, even on a Neapolitan Mastiff.

Made of polyester, this collar from Dog Karma isn’t quite as heavy-duty as Bully’s Pit Bull collar, but it is nevertheless good quality, “sturdy and durable.” It has a plastic rather than stainless steel clasp that, again, makes it a little less durable and has caused issues for some owners. 

On the plus side, it’s big enough to fit a mastiff and has smooth edges that should prevent any irritation.

Best Harness for Mastiffs
Winsee Dog Harness

Collars are all well and good, but when your dog weighs more than you do, you might need a little more hardware to maintain control. Not that mastiffs are particularly boisterous, but they can be stubborn, especially if they find an intriguing scent!

This Winsee harness is fully adjustable and can be extended to fit a 33-inch neck and 49-inch girth. In other words, it should be big enough for all but the very largest English Mastiff. The extra-large harness is equipped with thicker straps to make it more durable and more comfortable.

Snap-in fasteners make it quick and easy to take on and off, while the reinforced metal D-rings are almost impossible to pull off. It has breathable mesh and sponge padding to make it more comfortable for your dog and a sturdy handle on the back to give you greater control. It’s even got reflective straps that will make your dog more visible at night.

Costing only a few dollars more than our budget option, the Winsee dog harness is great value-for-money and will not only fit your mastiff but will give him room to grow.

Best Collar For a Mastiff Puppy
Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Dog Collar

As we mentioned earlier, Mastiffs have a long puppy phase, lasting up to three years, so having a collar that you can adjust to accommodate him during his growth spurts is crucial. 

This collar from Tuff Pupper is made from ballistic nylon - the same material as some flak jackets - which makes it extremely durable and more than capable of coping with some rough puppy antics. 

The inside is lined with neoprene, so it's soft against your dog’s skin. It also has a mesh lining for increased breathability. 

The handle at the top is similar to those found on tactical dog collars but is made from bungee cord to make it more comfortable to hold and more secure.   

While not big enough for most adult English Mastiffs, this fully adjustable collar will fit a small Bull Mastiff and is great for mastiff puppies of all kinds.

This popular collar is heavy-duty in every respect but costs less than our best budget option, so is well worth a look.

How To Choose The Best Collar for a Mastiff

I started looking into the best collars for mastiffs for a friend whose two-year-old English Mastiff just outgrew yet another collar. This problem is a common one for mastiff owners as these large-breed dogs have a longer puppy phase than most other breeds, often not reaching “their final physical and mental maturity until they are three years old.”

My friend’s English Mastiff, Storm, is as gentle as the day is long and should stop growing soon, we hope! She is already outgrown a large-sized Black Rhino Padded Dog Collar, and trying to find something to accommodate her 30” neck has proved challenging.

After much research, however, I came up with a few different choices for my friend and her gentle giant, including a robust-looking harness, a great budget option, and a couple more besides. The choice is a lot more limited than it is for the best collars for Pit Bulls. It took a lot of searching, but, eventually, we did manage to find five options that are big enough and durable enough to suit a mastiff of any kind – from the smaller Bull Mastiff to the 100+ pound English colossus.  

Mastiffs might look intimidating to the initiated, but their owners will be well aware of their teddy-bear-like tendencies. If you own a mastiff, you’re probably not looking for a robust training collar to stop him from running off, but something that’s going to look smart and give you control when and if you need it. 

Although mastiffs are usually very gentle and obedient, they have strong protective instincts that can make them aggressive towards strangers. Being able to keep your dog under control is vital when he’s as large as a mastiff!

Collars are also useful to identify your dog, should he decide to leave the comfort of his home and go exploring that, with a mastiff, is unlikely. A high-quality collar, like the Adityna, will also make your mastiff stand out, boosting his confidence and earning him the respect of every dog on the street.

Of course, the color and style of a collar aren’t the most important features. In addition to finding a good-quality collar made with durable materials, it’s vital your find one that fits your mastiff comfortably. 

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What Size Collar Do I Need For An Adult Mastiff?

English Mastiffs have the thickest necks of any of the mastiff breeds, measuring between 28 to 38”. This makes them particularly difficult to fit as many large and extra-large collars only go up to 26”. 

The Bull Mastiffs are slightly smaller, so you may find a large size fits, but it does vary from brand to brand. The Dog Karma American Flag Collar, for example, has a large size that is suitable for dogs with a neck of 26” to 30”, while the large Adityna leather collar only goes up to 23”.

What Size Collar Is Best For A Mastiff Puppy?

For the first 2-3 years of his life, your mastiff puppy will keep growing – both upwards and outwards! Unless you want to spend more time shopping for collars than you do playing with your pup, you need to find a fully adjustable collar that gives him plenty of growing room. For instance, if your puppy’s neck measures 26” now, and he’s only six months old, you need to try and find something like the large Dog Karma collar which will give him another four inches to grow into.

Should I Consider A Prong Collar for My Mastiff?

Prong collars are controversial at the best of times but, with a sensitive dog like the mastiff, they can be disastrous. 

Using negative reinforcement of this nature during training may be “ineffective” with a “lazy” mastiff and “detrimental for your relationship” with him. They can also damage the sensitive skin around his neck, causing him pain and irritation.

Instead of a prong collar, why not try the Winsee Dog Harness instead and use clicker training to get positive results, rather than frightening your gentle giant into obedience?


Mastiffs are gentle but gigantic which makes finding a collar that’s both big enough and that won’t disappear into the folds of their skin quite a challenge. 

The best collars for mastiffs are comfortable enough to be worn for long periods but robust enough to give you, the owner, the control you need when you need it. 

The two-inch-wide, durable Pit Bull collar from Bully’s is simple yet effective. It has a double-pronged, stainless steel buckle that no dog will be able to undo and is made with strong, high-grade nylon that will last for years. 

Mastiffs that are sensitive to nylon will be more comfortable in a leather collar, like those from Adityna. Stylish and elegant, these are particularly good for female dogs, especially if you opt for the vibrant pink one.


Polyester may not sound particularly hard-wearing, but Buckle-Down’s polyester collar is surprisingly durable, and its largest size will fit a dog with a 32” neck. While the seatbelt clip is great if your dog gets stuck and needs to be released quickly, it’s not ideal when it comes to roughhousing. Its design makes it all too easy for other dogs to accidentally loosen.

For owners who need a little more help controlling their massive mastiff, the Winsee dog harness is a great choice. Not only is it affordable, but it’s also fully adjustable and extremely hard-wearing.

Looking for a cheaper option while your mastiff’s still growing? Dog Karma has your back! Their American Flag collars are affordable, robust, and fully adjustable. If your mastiff is still a puppy, however, we recommend the Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Dog Collar. Easy to adjust and lined for comfort, it’s one of the cheapest yet most heavy-duty mastiff collars on the market. 

Save yourself a lot of time and effort searching around for a large enough collar to fit your mastiff and get one of our recommendations. 

Not only will your Mastiff look good, but he’ll feel good too.

Author: Nicky Hoseck

Author: Nicky Hoseck

Nicky lives on a small-holding on South Africa’s Wild Coast with a selection of animals, a husband, and five dogs. She spends all her waking hours with her Australian Cattle Dog, Koala, either walking, horse-riding, running, or just hanging out.

Originally from the UK, Nicky been living with dogs for over 40 years and is a passionate dog-owner.

With a Masters Degree from the University of London under her belt, Nicky has had a diverse career, training and riding horses, running safari lodges, and hosting volunteers. She’s now a full-time writer.