Ups and Downs

Anxious Dogs

Ups and Downs

Today marks two weeks since Stella moved in with us.
She has learned to take food from my hand, go outside to use the bathroom and come back without me hiding, done some clicker training and worked on her recalls (to my surprise, recalls are the exercise she seems to enjoy and excel at the most).
When I enter the room she (mostly) doesn’t bark or seem startled, and she plays a little bit with toys.

She is still very noise-sensitive and will cover and run away at any kind of sudden, unexpected noise – this can be as much as one of my other dogs jumping onto the couch. We are still far away from her allowing me to touch – I am working on this issue through multiple, different approaches.
She has a lot of sensory issues regarding surfaces, and is very afraid of most people who are not me.

She needs routine one-on-one interaction, as was apparent this weekend when I did not feel well and we skipped three of our usual twice-daily training sessions. Less interaction immediately means her retracting back into fearful, feral dog mode.
Luckily, this is easily reversible and after picking up our schedule again, she could (mentally) continue where we had left of.

Here are some impressions from week 2:

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