Tackling Reactivity Bundle

Tackling Reactivity Bundle

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This is for you if your dog is barking,
growling and lunging

How To Tame Your
Reactive Dog WITHOUT
Spending Thousands
On In-Person Training

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Reactivity affects 1 out of 3 dogs. In this course we teach you the skills needed to never be embarrassed by your reactive dog again.

Living With A Reactive
Dog Can Be A Nightmare

My dog is 5 yrs old and unbelievably reactive to other dogs on leash; she
looks and sounds like she wants to eat them and this happens all of the time.

The problem started when he turned 1. When our country’s 6 months lockdown was lifted, Meeko became anxious in the park.Going to the shops became very stressful for the family as he got defensive and reactive to people and dogs that came near him.

I have a rescue Minnie Aussie that lived on the street before I adopted her. She barks at everything and is afraid of everyone and everything.

Does your dog's barking drive you insane?

Owning A Reactive Dog
Can Rule Your Life

Are calm walks impossible because of his barking and lunging?

Have you tried to work on his reactivity before without much improvement?

You’re always prepared for your dog’s next meltdown
You’re embarrassed to walk
your dog
or have visitors over
It’s been a long time since
you could just relax with your pup
You maybe wasted a lot of money on unsuccessful courses and in-person training before

Doing your best to keep everyone safe, help your dog work on the reactivity and still have some fun downtime can be a challenge for everyone.

The reality is that when you have a dog with a reactivity problem, your life together becomes all about managing the freak-outs and meltdowns, not to mention always feeling like you’re not doing enough to help them.

It can be a very frustrating feeling when your dog suddenly goes from calm to barking and pulling their leash when you least expect it.

We cannot cure this discomfort by scolding our dog. In fact, scolding him for showing his stress through barking, lunging or growling is only going to make him more anxious. In his mind, if you scold him, then the situation probably is really critical.

Owning A Reactive Dog
Can Rule Your Life

Introducing the SpiritDog Tackling Reactivity Course, the easy-to-follow online training program that helps dog owners just like you with the right skills to calm down and accommodate your reactive dog.

Here’s How This Course
Helps You And Your Dog:

Reactivity is not a voluntary behavior. With this course you understand why your dog
reacts in a certain way, how to identify what triggers him, and what you can do as an
owner to calm him down and create a safe space for your dog – to just be a dog.

Understand why your dog is acting up and be able to prevent it. Which means you’ll be able to keep calm and help your dog calm down the next time it happens

Know how to counter his reactive responses so that he does not have meltdowns again. So you can go on walks without worries and frustration

Live a happier, more joyful life together with your dog without frustration, stress or fear. And finally go back to having fun with your dog, instead of dreading it

“I learned more about my dog's reactivity in the first two lessons
than I did in multiple sessions with a private dog trainer.”
Inge Blythe

Many dog owners take their dogs to courses, hire trainers and purchase books and online courses, spending a lot of time and money to get to the bottom of dog reactivity behaviour. Some trainers charge 100s of dollars for such a program and most dogs will not see any improvement!

After working with thousands of in-person and online students, and struggling with this herself, our head trainer Steffi Trott created the SpiritDog Tackling Reactivity course to help owners who need results in a reasonable time frame, without having to spend hours training every day.

Get immediate access to world-class training instructions

View our videos anytime, anywhere – on mobile phones, tablets or your computer!

Print dozens of instructional PDFs to take along when you are training

Take quizzes to test your progress

Listen to audio segments

Ask our trainers any questions that come up in the process!

From Frenzy To Calm,
As Easy As 1-2-3

With no corrective collars, leash pops, harsh words or bribes

Step 1

Sign up for the course and receive instant access to your online classroom, with over 118 lessons plus podcasts and an eBook.  

Step 2

Watch the videos at your own pace. See FAST results by practicing for at least 5 to 10 minutes a day!  

Step 3

Ask any question, any time – our pro trainer is available for you and ready to help you succeed.

Here’s What Kind Of Improvements
You Can Have With 10 Minutes Of Daily

Day #1

Ability to calm your dog through sniffing exercises Sniffing will let him feel more informed and therefore confident about his environment. It also is a naturally calming activity - one that in fact dogs often seek out by themselves to diffuse potentially tricky situations!

Day #3

Successfully managing triggers and preventing further reactivity Different dogs can have a different number of triggers. They might be reactive towards people AND dogs. Or reactive towards people AND certain sounds AND trucks. With this training program you learn to identify, manage and prioritize which trigger to work on first to give you and your dog relief now.

Day #7

Brilliant sessions of keeping the dog under his threshold around triggers A threshold is the point of "no return" at which your dog seems to lose it all. As a dog owner you need to learn how to give your dog relief from triggers before he loses it, as well as increase that threshold through proper training.

Day #25

Having the dog at a close distance to his triggers while calm and focused Now it's time to put the theory into practice. The course gives you all the information, practice and support to go from overwhelmed and confused to feeling confident about training your dog every single day so he can work through his reactivity.

Imagine Feeling Calm Knowing
That You’ve Got The Right Skills To
Accommodate Your Reactive Dog

instead of

instead of

instead of

With this training method, you can
make reactivity a thing of the past!

From this:

Your dog is reactive to dogs

Your dog is reactive to people

Your dog is difficult on a leash

To this:

Your dog is calm and comfortable around other dogs. He knows that nobody will bother him and you will keep him safe.

Your dog is calm, focused and responsive. You don’t have to be on guard every time you leave the house or have visitors over!

Your dog is calm and safe while you can feel in control when you’re out enjoying a walk together

Meet Your Instructor

Steffi Trott is the head trainer at SpiritDog Training. Steffi specializes in dog cognition and behavior and she’s been teaching dog training to thousands of clients both locally and through online lessons, since 2013. She studied dog training with European trainers such as multi-world champions in agility and European Open winners Silvia Trkman, Polona Bonac, Martina Klimesova and Anna Hinze as well as US trainers like Kim Terrill and Daisy Peel.

SpiritDog Training is the premier resource for online dog training. We have been featured in:

Here’s What Can Happen When You
Train Your Reactivity Dog With The
Help Of This Course

Feeling safe and confident as the human handling the reactive dogs, is just as important as actually training the reactive dogs

Give your dog instant relief when various triggers activate his anxiety, fear, or survival instincts

Experience significant improvement in your dog’s behavior thanks to easy to follow suggestions and training based on empathy & science

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It.
Take A Look At This.

More than 80,000 dog owners have mastered reactive
behavior with this course.
Here’s how this course changed these dog owners’ lives:

We Know How Stressful Reactivity Is.
And We Can Help You Stop It.

With no corrective collars, leash pops, harsh words or bribes.

For a limited time you can get the SpiritDog Tackling
Reactivity Course for a fraction of the regular price.

I really found the Tackling Reactivity course very helpful with my dog. Steffi explains counter conditioning extremely well and gives a step by step process to implement it. It’s really great that you can ask questions and that these are answered promptly. I can absolutely recommend this course.

Caroline Yarndley

recommends SpiritDog Training.

With This Course, You Also Get
Treats! Eight Bonuses Worth $564
To Help You Succeed Live A Happy,
Healthy Life Together With Your Dog

These bonuses are available only on this page.

Bonus #1 Training Habits & Rewards Mini-Course

(value $27) | FREE Treats, play, praise, or pets? What type of reward should you use when training your dog? This course helps you find your dog's favorite reward and the ideal training schedules!

Bonus #2 Attention Booster Mini-Course

(value $27) | FREE Struggling to get your dog's attention? It can be frustrating and concerning when your dog ignores you. With this course you will learn how to get your dog to pay attention to you.

Bonus #3 Hyperactivity Helper Mini-Course

(value $27) | FREE Is your dog never calm? Does he never settle down, even when you're in a familiar place? Does he keep you up at night, always wanting to play, explore and go out? With this course you will learn where this high energy comes from, and what you can do to help your hyperactive dog relax and settle down.

Bonus #4 Stop Jumping Mini-Course

(value $27) | FREE Jumping on people is a natural behavior for your dog, but it can be annoying for you and it can scare others. With this mini course, you learn why dogs jump, what it means to them and how to use some simple, but effective strategies to manage this behavior.

Bonus #5 Separation Anxiety Solutions Mini- Course

(value $27) | FREE Is your dog crying when you leave him alone? Does he start to pace, whine, or tremble when he realizes you're about to walk out the door? With this course, you can learn how to help him be happy and stay calm during your absence.

Bonus #6 Exclusive eBook "14 Days For Better Focus"

(value $39) | FREE The only instructions you will need to teach your dog perfect attention from the first day - and for the rest of his life!

Bonus #7 Audio training "How to manage your reactive dog in your daily life"

(value $90) | FREE In this brand new course you get extra insights on how to deal with feelings of failure or guilt around owning a reactive dog, and effective strategies to manage your reactive dog in your daily life.

Bonus #8 Personal feedback from our trainer

(value $150) | FREE Training your reactive dog can be an emotional and overwhelming journey. It's why we're determined to give you all the tools to succeed, and this bonus is one of our most valued resources. With this you can get answers to all the questions you have, so you can stop feeling alone or guess working your way through helping your dog through reactivity.

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