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This is for you if your dog is barking, growling and lunging

Never be ashamed or scared of your dog’s behavior again!

Reactivity affects 1 out of 3 dogs. In this course we teach you the skills needed to never be embarrassed by your reactive dog again.

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Living with a reactive dog can be a nightmare

“My dog is 5 yrs old and unbelievably reactive to other dogs on leash; she looks and sounds like she wants to eat them and this happens all of the time.”

“The problem started when he turned 1. When our country’s 6 months lockdown was lifted, Meeko became anxious in the park.Going to the shops became very stressful for the family as he got defensive and reactive to people and dogs that came near him.”

“I have a rescue Minnie Aussie that lived on the street before I adopted her. She barks at everything and is afraid of everyone and everything.”

Owning a reactive dog can rule your life

Doing your best to keep everyone safe, help your dog work on the reactivity and still have some fun downtime can be a challenge for everyone.

It can be a very frustrating feeling when your dog suddenly goes from calm to barking and pulling their leash when you least expect it. 

The reality is that when you have a dog with a reactivity problem, your life together becomes all about managing the freak-outs and meltdowns, not to mention always feeling like you’re not doing enough to help them.

We cannot cure this discomfort by scolding our dog. In fact, scolding him for showing his stress through barking, lunging or growling is only going to make him more anxious. In his mind, if you scold him, then the situation probably is really critical.

Owning a reactive dog can rule your life

Introducing the SpiritDog Tackling Reactivity Course, the easy-to-follow online training program that helps dog owners just like you with the right skills to calm down and accommodate your reactive dog.

Here’s how this course helps you and your dog:

Reactivity is not a voluntary behavior. With this course you understand why your dog reacts in a certain way, how to identify what triggers him, and what you can do as an owner to calm him down and create a safe space for your dog – to just be a dog.

Understand why your dog is acting up and be able to prevent it. Which means you’ll be able to keep calm and help your dog calm down the next time it happens

Know how to counter his reactive responses so that he does not have meltdowns again. So you can go on walks without worries and frustration

Live a happier, more joyful life together with your dog without frustration, stress or fear. And finally go back to having fun with your dog, instead of dreading it

“I learned more about my dog's reactivity in the first two lessons than I did in multiple sessions with a private dog trainer.” - Inge Blythe

Many dog owners take their dogs to courses, hire trainers and purchase books and online courses, spending a lot of time and money to get to the bottom of dog reactivity behaviour. Some trainers charge 100s of dollars for such a program and most dogs will not see any improvement!

After working with thousands of in-person and online students, and struggling with this herself, our head trainer Steffi Trott created the SpiritDog Tackling Reactivity course to help owners who need results in a reasonable time frame, without having to spend hours training every day. 

From frenzy to calm, as easy as 1-2-3

With no corrective collars, leash pops, harsh words or bribes

Step 1: Sign up for the course and receive instant access to your online classroom, where you can find over 118 lessons, plus an ebook and podcasts.

Step 2: Watch the videos in your own pace, and practice for at least 5 to 10 minutes a day to see results FAST

Step 3: Ask any question, any time – our pro trainers are here and ready to help you succeed

Here’s What Kind Of Improvements You Can Have With 10 Minutes Of Daily Practice

This is based on analyzing the results of our typical student, where 10 minute of practice per day is the average.

Day #1: Ability to calm your dog through sniffing exercises

Sniffing will let him feel more informed and therefore confident about his environment. It also is a naturally calming activity – one that in fact dogs often seek out by themselves to diffuse potentially tricky situations!

Day #3: Successfully managing triggers and preventing further reactivity

Different dogs can have a different number of triggers. They might be reactive towards people AND dogs. Or reactive towards people AND certain sounds AND trucks. With this training program you learn to identify, manage and prioritize which trigger to work on first to give you and your dog relief now.

Day #7: Brilliant sessions of keeping the dog under his threshold around triggers

A threshold is the point of “no return” at which your dog seems to lose it all. As a dog owner you need to learn how to give your dog relief from triggers before he loses it, as well as increase that threshold through proper training. 

Day #25: Having the dog at a close distance to his triggers while calm and focused

Now it’s time to put the theory into practice. The course gives you all the information, practice and support to go from overwhelmed and confused to feeling confident about training your dog every single day so he can work through his reactivity.

Melissa Friedman Marrerorecommends SpiritDog Training.
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I am using the Tackling Reactivity program, and in less than 2 weeks we are achieving small, but very notable improvements.
The course provides clear instruction and the opportunity to learn from reading & submitting comments/questions. With no previous experience training a reactive rescue dog (unknown history), I am learning and feeling more confident with every lesson.
The tools provided to plan training, keep track of progress, and learn more about my dog have been great for her growth as well as my own.
I would definitely recommend this course if you are committed to giving you & your reactive dog a happier and more enjoyable life together.
Emily Palmquist
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While I have felt like we are just getting started, taking it slow focusing on the calming and cup-filling techniques before really jumping into triggers...I am already noticing a difference!!
Just the calmness and lower energy levels around the house are a delight,
not to mention the unplanned exposure to other dogs or exciting events due to living in a more urban environment. Both dogs either don't react as they have in the past, or are less quick to react and have a much easier recovery time.
It feels wonderful to have a better understanding of their psychology and thus more compassion for their experience and how best to assist them.
I was describing these lessons to my boyfriend as almost obvious and very intuitive, and he said, "well, that's how you know something is good." It's so true! I feel like I have finally found an approach that resonates!

Imagine feeling calm knowing that you’ve got the right skills to accommodate your reactive dog

Happiness instead of frustration

Calmness instead of frenzy

Teamwork instead of struggle!

With this training method, you can make reactivity a thing of the past!

From this:

Your dog is reactive to dogs

Your dog is reactive to people

Your dog is fearful of sounds

Your dog is difficult on a leash

To this:

Your dog is calm and comfortable around other dogs. He knows that nobody will bother him and you will keep him safe.

Your dog is calm, focused and responsive. You don’t have to be on guard every time you leave the house or have visitors over!

Your dog knows what to do the next time a thunder, the vacuum or other sounds make him anxious (and it’s not crying, scratching, cowering, digging etc.)

Your dog is calm and safe while you can feel in control when you’re out enjoying a walk together

Meet your instructor

Steffi Trott is the head trainer at SpiritDog Training. Steffi specializes in dog cognition and behavior and she’s been teaching dog training to thousands of clients both locally and through online lessons, since 2013. She studied dog training with European trainers such as multi-world champions in agility and European Open winners Silvia Trkman, Polona Bonac, Martina Klimesova and Anna Hinze as well as US trainers like Kim Terrill and Daisy Peel.

SpiritDog Training is the premier resource for online dog training. We have been featured in:

Here’s what can happen when you train your reactivity dog with the help of this course

But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at this.

More than 50,000 dog owners have mastered reactive behavior with this course. Here’s how this course changed these dog owners’ lives:

We know how stressful reactivity is.
And we can help you stop it.

With no corrective collars, leash pops, harsh words or bribes.
For a limited time you can get the SpiritDog Tackling Reactivity Course for a fraction of the regular price.
$564 $49
60 days unconditional money back guarantee. Instant access. Personal trainer support.
Caroline Yarndleyrecommends SpiritDog Training.
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I really found the Tackling Reactivity course very helpful with my dog.
Steffi explains counter conditioning extremely well and gives a step by step process to implement it. It's really great that you can ask questions and that these are answered promptly.
I can absolutely recommend this course.

With this course, you also get treats! Eight bonuses worth $414 to help you succeed live a happy, healthy life together with your dog

These bonuses are available only on this page.

Bonus #1 Training Habits & Rewards Mini-Course  (value $27)  – FREE

Treats, play, praise, or pets? What type of reward should you use when training your dog? This course helps you
find your dog’s favorite reward and the ideal training schedules!

Bonus #2 Attention Booster Mini-Course  (value $27)  – FREE

Struggling to get your dog’s attention? It can be frustrating and concerning when your dog ignores you. With this course you will learn how to get your dog to pay attention to you.

Bonus #3 Hyperactivity Helper Mini-Course  (value $27)  – FREE

Is your dog never calm? Does he never settle down, even when you’re in a familiar place? Does he keep you up at night, always wanting to play, explore and go out? With this course you will learn where this high energy comes from, and what you can do to help your hyperactive dog relax and settle down.

Bonus #4 Stop Jumping Mini-Course (value $27)  – FREE

Jumping on people is a natural behavior for your dog, but it can be annoying for you and it can scare others. With this mini course, you learn why dogs jump, what it means to them and how to use some simple, but effective strategies to manage this behavior.

Bonus #5 Separation Anxiety Solutions Mini-Course  (value $27)  – FREE

Is your dog crying when you leave him alone? Does he start to pace, whine, or tremble when he realizes you’re about to walk out the door? With this course, you can learn how to help him be happy and stay calm during your absence.

But wait, there’s more.
You also get this:

Bonus #6 Exclusive eBook “14 Days For Better Focus”
(value $39)  – FREE

The only instructions you will need to teach your dog perfect attention from the first day – and for the rest of his life!

Bonus #7 Audio training “How to manage your reactive dog in your daily life” (value $90)  – FREE

In this brand new course you get extra insights on how to deal with feelings of failure or guilt around owning a reactive dog, and effective strategies to manage your reactive dog in your daily life.

Bonus #8 Personal feedback from our trainer (value $150)  – FREE

Training your reactive dog can be an emotional and overwhelming journey. It’s why we’re determined to give you all the tools to succeed, and this bonus is one of our most valued resources. With this you can get answers to all the questions you have, so you can stop feeling alone or guess working your way through helping your dog through reactivity.

We could easily charge $564 for all of this.

But we won’t. Because it is our mission to make high quality and effective dog training affordable to the millions of owners struggling with reactivity behavior.

So, for a limited time you can get the SpiritDog Tackling Reactivity Course for only $49

60 days unconditional money back guarantee. Instant access. Personal trainer support.

This Special Discount Offer Is Only Available From This Page

As soon as you order, you get instant access to everything. HOWEVER… this offer is super-limited. So when the timer on the page hits “zero”, the page will expire. So act on this now before it goes away.

This is the only opportunity available to get the Reactivity course and all the bonuses for $49. More than 33.000 dog owners, just like you have used this course to help their dog overcome reactivity and gain the confidence to go out with their dog without fear or guilt. 

The offer goes away soon so act now before it’s too late!

You are protected with our Love it - or get your money back 100% unconditional guarantee

This Reactivity course comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

If you do not like the course, if you do not see results, please email our friendly support desk and we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

Let’s sum this up:

Tackling Reactivity Online Course

Lifetime access to proven methods
$ 49
  • Tackling Reactivity Online Course
  • Bonus 1 Training Habits & Rewards Mini-Course (value $27) - FREE
  • Bonus 2 Attention Booster Mini-Course (value $27) - FREE
  • Bonus 3 Hyperactivity Helper Mini-Course (value $27) - FREE
  • Bonus 4 Stop Jumping Mini-Course (value $27) - FREE
  • Bonus 5 Separation Anxiety Solutions Mini-Course (value $27) - FREE
  • Bonus 6 Exclusive Ebook "14 Days For Better Focus" (value $39) - FREE
  • Bonus 7 Audio training “How to manage your reactive dog in your daily life” (value $90) - FREE
  • Bonus 8 Personal feedback from our trainer (value $150) - FREE
  • Dozens of PDFs for tracking your progress
  • Quizzes to test what your dog has learned
  • Certificates upon course completion
  • 100% unconditional money-back guarantee valid for 60 days

Normally $564

Get everything right now for only $49
60 days unconditional money back guarantee. Instant access. Personal trainer support.

One time charge of $49

Instant Access. No Hidden Fees. No risk. 60-Days Money Back Guarantee

Lifetime Access

Join now, own it for life and repeat as often as you want.

Limited Time Discount

You can join today for a special discount over regular pricing.

“I have tried other trainings before, how is this different?”

And answers to other big questions

Question #1: “I have tried other trainings before, how is this different?”

Most trainers use inefficient methods when working with reactivity, which results in poor outcomes.
Our course however teaches a unique method combining counterconditioning and sniffing. In this process we change how your dog feels about his triggers. As a result, he will be calm, relaxed and focused.
Because we help you change your dog’s behavior at the root, the training will transform him.

Question #2: “What happens if I get stuck and need extra guidance?”

Every dog is an individual and every situation is unique! With that comes the need for personal feedback during training.

Our course includes unlimited feedback from our professional trainer. Ask as many questions as you like – we are happy to help and want to watch you succeed!

Question #3: “What if this course doesn’t work for my dog?

Our purchases are risk-free! We have a 100% money-back guarantee and will gladly refund your money within the first 60 days if you are unhappy for any reason.

Question #4: “I don’t want to punish or correct my dog. Does this course use these methods?”

We do not utilize or recommend any kind of physical or verbal corrections.

This course does not make use of corrective collars, leash pops, harsh words or other means of intimidation or punishment.

Question #5: “My dog is not food-driven, will this still work?”

Every animal is food-driven – if they were not, they would be dead.

The reasons many dogs refuse treats are either that they are too stressed to eat or that we have not yet found the treats they REALLY love.

In this class, we discuss in detail how to address both possible causes. We teach you about how to find the right treats for your dog, as well as how to react if your dog refuses treats during training.

So far every single student has succeeded in getting their dog to take treats!

Question #6: “I don’t want to just bribe my dog with treats to behave!”

Good – because we also don’t want you to do that!

In this course, we use treats to change the dog’s “CER” (conditioned emotional response). In the beginning you will use many treats, but over time the dog’s actual feelings about his triggers change and you can fade the treats – your dog will still behave.

Question #7: “My dog is reactive towards people that come to our house, does the course address this?”

Yes, we talk in detail about how to manage reactivity towards visitors.

Dogs that are barking, growling and lunging towards visitors actually often show signs of reactivity already outside the home (in the driveway, near the front door etc.). We start out working with the dog there before moving inside the home.

Houses are tight spaces (from a dog’s perspective) and they can make them be “extra on edge”. This is why we need to first take the edge off outside before moving on to training inside.

Question #8: “My dog has been reactive for a long time - can he still improve?”


The beauty of properly applied behavior modification is that it works for every dog – no matter the age, breed, and previous experience.

You need to keep in mind that you will have to un-train a lot of behaviors your dog has rehearsed for a long time. If your dog has been reactive for the last 7 years, he will not suddenly be completely fine after one single training session.

However, every dog – no matter the background – can become better with consistent training!

Help your dog get better today

Reactivity doesn’t get better by itself

As a dog owner it is in your power to get the skills to help your reactive dog find calm. Reactivity is never fun. Remember that no person or dog enjoys being scared. If you can show your dog a way to be happier and more relaxed, he will gladly accept it.

The Reactivity course has helped more than 33.000 dog owners just like you understand what causes reactivity, what to do about it and how to deal with aggressive behaviour with confidence and patience.

Give this course a try and help your dog overcome their anxiety.

Start today for only $49

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Inge Blytherecommends SpiritDog Training.
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I am SO happy we signed up for this course! I learned more about my dog's reactivity in the first two lessons than I did in multiple sessions with a private dog trainer. My dog Moka and I are about halfway through the course and not only do I now understand her reactivity better, we are also seeing slow but sure results!! Steffi is amazing not only in how she presents her material, but also in the fact that she responds personally to every single individual who might have specific questions about their dog, which is pretty unheard of especially in an online class where thousands of people take it. She is truly dedicated to helping us and I am so grateful. I'm looking forward to trying some of the other classes when we finish this one. I know I will be coming back to the information over and over again. Thank you Steffi 🙏🙏🙏
Sarah Wisniewskirecommends SpiritDog Training.
Read More
I am currently in the reactivity course and it’s amazing! It is so educational and so motivating. Not only is the course very extensive and thorough, but you are able to read and leave questions that get answered the next day at the latest! It helps you get your training moving quickly and at a great pace! Very very happy with it!
Renee Bolz via facebook comments
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Recently completed this online course and found it so informative – has helped so much with my reactive dog! We continue with our training daily but now I feel like I know what to do and understand her behavior!!
Tiffany Ashton Bakerrecommends SpiritDog Training.
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I am absolutely loving this course! I have learned so much already and cant wait to put it all into practice. My dog is calmer and I know how to avoid situations that would cause her to become reactive and more importantly how to handle those situations when they may arrive. I am thrilled to have found this course and recommend it 100%.
Rebecca Adelmanrecommends SpiritDog Training.
Read More
Wow! we've seen such drastic improvements with our reactive dog by just implementing some of the suggestions in the first couple of lessons. I can't wait to see how far we will come after finishing all the lessons with our girl! Thank you Steffi for these amazing classes and helping us tackle our dog's reactive behavior! I wish we would have found you sooner!
Mar Sto
Read More
I just started the Tacking Reactivity and it has provided the missing piece and I'm already seeing amazing results with my rescue dog! I previously spent hundreds of dollars on private training lessons, group Reactivity classes and other online courses. The suggestions here are so much easier to follow and having the videos is so helpful. I'm finally feeling hopeful that someday we will be able to go on a "normal" dog walk without him going ballistic at the sight of another dog.
nathalie demeurie
Read More
I was a little suspicious about online training, I have to admit, but SprititDog blew me away. First, the content is positive, science based, takes into account your dog as an individual and the methods just work! Steffi has some really incredible ideas. Second, I had never had things explained to me so well before. The lessons are so well thought out and everything is structured and presented in a way that's both really smart and easy to follow. Third, customer service is incredible. You can ask questions and you get help and answers quickly, and you can just feel how passionate they are about helping us help our dogs. I found a few hours here already more helpful than any trainer I've ever hired in person. I really wish I had found SpiritDog years ago!
Erika Miller
Read More
Training a pup is not an easy task, it takes time, consistency, patience and the right people leading the way. After my first few lessons I have already seen a huge change in my pup. The course, Steffi, and Elise are amazing. I truly enjoy logging in to learn how to help my pup. The lessons are extremely informational and the feedback to questions is like having a trainer right here with us! I am not even half-way through the course and can't wait to see what the rest of it brings!! Thank you all for helping me learn how to help my are amazing!!!
Katja Žmitekrecommends SpiritDog Training.
Read More
I finished Tackling reactivity course and I am very happy I took it. My dog is reactive towards dog, and we are following Steffi’s advice for about 10 days now and doing much much better. Our walks in past few days looked very unreactive🤗 We still have a long way, but it is much easier as I understand everything better now and therefore also my handling got better. Big thank you!
Teresa Beaudin Zabarauskasrecommends SpiritDog Training.
Read More
I highly recommend Spirit Dog Training. My rescue was anxious about dogs, strangers, car horns and car drives. We successfully completed the online Reactivity course and he is a completely changed dog. I really liked the format of the course, with it's text, videos, quizzes and especially the interactive component where Steffi answered my specific questions. Before, I dreaded walking my dog anywhere because of his reactivity to other dogs. Now he goes everywhere with us including the dog park and is fine with visitors too. Whenever I see others struggling with reactive dogs, I tell them about SpiritDog Training.
Alice Verityrecommends SpiritDog Training.
Read More
Just started the Reactivity Course and am so pleased with each section so far. Lots of detail and good, rational explanations about triggers, threshold, equipment, safety, etc. The fact I can not only go over each lesson as many times as I want but also learn from all the posted questions and answers is such a confidence builder! Highly recommend to anyone who wants a humane, scientific and non-confrontational method of addressing reactivity.
Pernille Joost Highly reccomend! Great course and trainer!
Read More
We are about 1/2 through the course - and already loving it! Everything is very simply explained - From the theory behind, the practical stuff, preparation, what to expect and the actual training. I love that it has text, illustrations, videos, comments and answers and short quizzes. Steffi (the trainer) seems very empathetic and conveys great patience and understanding of the struggles and frustrations that come with having a reactive dog. We've only just started, but I've seen changes, and my whole attitude to working with my boys reactivity has changed - I feel confident, optimistic and in safe hands with this course and trainer! I highly recommend this course for anyone struggling with a reactive dog - and who does not wish to use aversive methods 🙂
Ellen Grol Tackling Reactivity Course really helpful
Read More
The Tackling Reactivity Course of Spirit Dog Training really has given me exactly what I needed to not only understand why my dog behaves like she does, it also offers very helpful tools for counterconditioning and training. Since I was able to discuss particular problems with a professional dog trainer I could personalise the training for my specific situation. My dog and I still have a way to go but this course already absolutely exceeds my expectations.
Morgan Macintosh via facebook comments
Read More
This was probably the best online program I've come across for reactive dogs! She covers all different forms of reactivity, educates the reader on some common terms (counter conditioning, classical conditioning, desensitization etc), gives step by step instructions in a video and written form on how to prevent the reactivity but also what to do if it happens.
I also liked that you cover the dog as a whole in the form of talking about physical and mental exercise. (Hierarchy of dog needs)
Honestly covers everything a reactive dog owner should know but in the simplest comprehensible way.
For reactive dog owners I would recommend this package then her other packages later on specifically targeting obedience behaviours like walking on leash, recall and extras such as the brain game package. So many reactive dog owners jump right into obedience programs such as how to walk good on leash etc when they actually need a different form of training to target the emotion behind the unwanted behaviour. Classical conditioning THEN counter conditioning.
Terry Harmon Neffvia facebook comments
Read More
I am so pleased with myself for moving forward with training and taking the Spiritdog training reactivity course. I never expected immediate miracles but after 2mos I can definitely see a calmer dog (2.5 yo rescue dog I adopted at 10mos old) in most situations that were over and above him prior to your guidance. Every email and message you post takes me to a another level of knowing how to best train. This retired senior from north of Boston 'thanks you' every day.
Deborah Gabbertrecommends SpiritDog Training.
Read More
As a professional dog trainer, I am constantly learning from other trainers to improve my art and skill. I also like to review on line training programs to recommend to clients to enhance the learning process since I do not have such content of my own. I have been reviewing Spirit Dog's Tackling Reactivity course and am delighted. Steffi is extremely knowledgeable and her program is thorough and detailed. She provides students with great clarity on essential topics and phenomenal support with 24/7 answers to questions and terrific email reminders and teaching tidbits. I have already recommended this course to others and I look forward to reviewing more Spirit Dog courses!
Natalie via email
Read More
Excellent video. I started your course 14 days ago and in the first lesson you do talk about 'prevention' first and foremost. My puppy was reacting to trucks and tractors on our road; chasing and barking along our fence. He is 9 months old and this behaviour just started. When I did lesson one, I immediately ordered a black screen for our fence. It arrived in 2 days and we put it up. I also started supervising his time outside (brought him in when I heard a truck or tractor coming) and began our counter conditioning training. I have been walking him daily slowly letting the trucks and tractors get closer (with an escape route planned of course). We have made HUGE improvements. Today lots of tractors and trucks went by when he was loose in his yard. He can see shadows through the fence and of course hear them loudly. Only glances towards the road but NO reactions!!! Woooo hoo Steffi your course is wonderful! Photo attached of Casper. Thank you
Augusta Schmidtrecommends SpiritDog Training.
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I started the reactivity course a couple weeks ago for my adolescent Toy Aussie. He is very dog-leash reactive. I’ve seen a huge improvement in his behavior!! He’s way less reactive when we’re out on walks, or working on training in the front yard. Even my husband has noticed that walking Skippy is less embarrassing, and he never notices anything. 😅😁
Nel Broers
Read More
There's so much to love about the SpiritDog training! After having read many books, followed many courses and sought help of in-person trainers, we were still struggling with behavioral issues of our canine companion. The clear, extensive online course and very responsive staff of SpiritDog, has been most supportive to us and our reactive dog of everything we have tried thus far. Thank you!
Ariel Jeffcoat
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value
Read More
I purchased the Reactivity Bundle after hitting a wall with our training and it was the best thing I could have done, it was informative, easy to understand and gave a great foundation for at home, then applying it outdoors as well, and my dog has made so much progress with me just having the extra bit of knowledge. I highly recommend
Heather Stewart
Read More
I am really enjoying this course, Tackling Reactivity. The explanations and supporting videos are very clear. I like Steffi's no-nonsense and straightforward way of describing what she means. We are only beginners at the reactivity training but I feel I have enough confidence to succeed. I have also tried other trainers' methods but find this one precise and without lots of "hype". Access to other users' comments is very useful and seeing SpiritDog's responses is informative.
Jon Sanford
Read More
I’ve already learned so much from just a few days of the online Tackling Reactivity course. I can’t wait to keep working my way through the course!
Lauren Keirarecommends SpiritDog Training.
Read More
While only half way through the Reactivity course, it has been SO helpful already with our meximutt rescue! We've worked with a trainer for some basics, but SpiritDog has had some great tips that I hadn't seen elsewhere, and are really helping our dog be more comfortable when meeting people and passing dogs on walks. It's great to work through the courses at our own pace, and being able to ask questions throughout to get specifics for our situation has been so useful! Definitely recommend!
Ang Pickeringrecommends SpiritDog Training.
Read More
The content is great. It is easy to follow, and understand. So far I'm enjoying the Tackling Reactivity course. It's been a slow journey with my dog, but I highly recommend this course for anyone who needs help with a reactive dog.
Kelly MacleodI am currently doing this course & it’s…
Read More
I am currently doing this course & it’s so much better than I expected. So much great advice & it’s given me loads more tools to help dogs. Extremely professional, so responsive & dedicated. If you’re thinking of doing this course, do it. You will seriously love it & there’s heaps of additional info that is just so awesome. I’m delighted with it & will definitely be doing more. Results have been fantastic 🙏🏼🐾♥️
OznurGreat course
Read More
I really like this course. I am taking the reactivity course. It is very simple, yet so effective! I had given up hope, after having done 2 months of professional training and still having a reactive dog. However this course gave me hope again! I especially appreciate the quick responses and feedback from the trainers when you have a question.
Julia Hoffmannvia facebook comments
Read More
I love the positivity of Spirit Dog Training! The fun and free December games are a great way to bond and work with my pup. With so many people out there training with punishment and shock collars, it is refreshing to have trainers who really want to help you love everything about your dog and teach you to have your dog love working with you and not afraid of being punished! Thanks, Spirit for providing free content as well as low cost classes that anyone can do.
Zaidee and Sophie via email
Read More
Hi Steffi I just wanted to share with you a little celebration. I started the reactive dog program back earlier this summer. My, now 18 month old border collie was very reactive to other dogs and some people. And while we are not entirely through this behavior yet, she can keep herself composed enough to pass the AKC canine good citizen test. This includes meeting another person with their dog and walking on a loose leash (which I learned how to help her with from your blog about loose leash walking). Without going into lots of details…because as you know there are always little triggers everywhere… Sophie was able to be in an arena full of other dogs and people she didn’t know and stay focused on me while still being able to look at and sniff in the direction of other dogs. It was amazing. I’m so happy. So thank you for your offerings. You make things simple and no big deal which is perfect for her breed and my temperament, too! Here’s Sophie with her ribbon (she also passed her trick novice and intermediate tests that day!) 🙏
Valerie Changvia facebook comments
Read More
We’re working our way through the Tackling Reactivity course, and it’s great. I have taken my dogs to many courses over the years, hired trainers and purchased other online courses, and this is absolutely the best. Thank you!
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My dog is 5 yrs old and unbelievably reactive to other dogs on leash; she looks and sounds like she wants to eat them and this happens all of the time. She is a rescue, and after having puppies on the street I though this behaviour was absolutely engrained and was just something i would have to accept. We are just a couple of weeks into the reactivity course and I am seeing small changes in her attention toward me when facing her triggers. This in itself has been a huge step as we've been to group classes and had a personal trainer at home, both of which were not effective in their methods. The lessons are very informative and easy to follow. They give us a great foundation of understanding why our dogs react the way they do, then small steps to make the training effective. It's taking a lot of consistency on my part but absolutely worth it when seeing gradual changes. The trainers are very attentive to the students and are there through the process, promptly answering questions as I'm facing new challenges. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone with a reactive dog; we're both learning so much together!
Derry Bunting
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Hi Steffi Just a few days in and I would already highly recommend your Tackling Reactivity Program to anyone with a highly reactive dog! Thor (our Jack Russell) & I have been practicing the sniffing exercise using scattered treats for several days now and have progressed to doing this in longer lawn grass on our outdoor walks morning and night. Thor is very reactive to other dogs and nothing has helped but this evening when we encountered 2 other dogs at different times he began to get agitated but when I tossed his treats in the grass he was more interested in sniffing for his treats than leaping on his leash and barking at the other dogs! A very promising start! Thanks! Derry Bunting and Thor Ragnarock
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I have recently enrolled in the Tackling Reactivity course. I must say prior to enrolment i was quite skeptical especially when the course was delivered online without a face to face trainer to help problem solve. I have a 15 month old Toy Moodle- he is a Covid puppy. Being a first pet owner I have no idea how important socialisation is for Meeko. I thought as long as we bring him out for a walk and play in the park he should be ok. When he was growing up we have a few visitors that came over to the house and played with him without any issues. The problem started when he turned 1. When our country's 6 months lockdown was lifted, Meeko became anxious in the park.Going to the shops became very stressful for the family as he got defensive and reactive to people and dogs that came near him. This went on for a few months until i stumbled across Spirit Dog Training. This course was carefully prepared from the science behind the "Why" dogs are reactive to "How" we can manage and then "Train" to overcome that behaviour. It was eye opening for me even before the actual training began. What really struck me most was to understand how my dog's constant "Rehearsal" of his reactivity can ultimately be deeply ingrained into him and if that is not resolved, it will be even harder to untrain that behaviour. Steffi taught us to constantly be aware of the "triggers" that will set him off and help train him to associate that trigger to something positive. The other thing that i found very useful was how clear Steffi was in her teaching of the training "Mechanics". I realised my previous training methods had flaws hence the progress was slow. Steffi and her team is very prompt with their response to any comments or questions you have with any training issues. It's like having a real trainer next to you except you learn way more than when you are in a class setting. I am super happy with this course. My dog is already learning to focus on me more . I am slowly getting Meeko to be a little more accepting of people and dogs in public at a distance. I have to keep reminding myself that there is no quick fix for the Reactivity problem. I have to protect Meeko's confidence so that the training will not go in vain. Highly Recommend ! Give it a go !!
Karen Astlerecommends SpiritDog Training.
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Recently purchased the reactive dog course and was very pleasantly surprised. Great layout, easy to understand course. The best part though is the customer service and feedback. Access to trainers that actually respond quickly to any questions or concerns. LOVE IT. Keep up the good work
Terry Harmon Neffrecommends SpiritDog Training.
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only wish I had signed up a year ago. Instead we opted to have a trainer come to our house. It was costly and while it launched our learning experience it was totally lacking for additional questions we had. There weren’t any videos or reference material and no opportunity to read how others were handling the course. I enjoy the comments and all the suggestions offered for this online class. I become energized with Steffi’s approach to knowing how reactive training should be approached. I’m totally looking forward to making it through the complete reactivity training session and bringing my rescue dog, Jake into a lifestyle where he feels more confident and secure. thank you for all the hard work you’ve incorporated into the reactivity course.

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Please note: Management is the #1 priority when owning reactive or aggressive dogs. You should never rely on training alone. It is your responsibility to keep your dog on a leash, in a securely fenced yard etc.
Every dog is different, and different training systems will work for different dogs.

Dogs will show different speed and levels of improvement based on how reactive they are, how ingrained this behavior is and how well they are managed around their triggers. Breed-specific tendencies will contribute to the outcomes.

This course is not intended to cure dogs with a bite history. We cannot provide legal advice on dangerous dogs. If you struggle to manage your dog around his triggers (for example because he can pull you over, or he is aggressive towards members of the household), you should always consult an in-person trainer for advice.