Stop Resource Guarding

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Struggling with having “Drop It”?

Let’s make resource guarding a thing of the past.

10 Minutes of daily training is enough to teach your dog trust around resources!

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Stop Resource Guarding (usually retails at $149) - 243 students - 42 lessons

Leave the days of stealing items and playing keep-away behind you!

"My dog just doesn't want to Drop It"

"My dog loves to play keep-away"

"She steals underwear and runs around"

"I tried to offer a treat as a trade but my dog still won't give up what he got"

Do any of these sound familiar?

Resource Guarding and refusing to drop items is one of the most frustrating issues dog owners face.
But the good news are that we can resolve it with the right approach.

Throughout my years of in-person training I developed the unique technique of “long trading“. 

Long Trading allows you to:

  • Make your dog feel safe with you around their resources
  • Teach a solid and reliable Drop It
  • Take your dog’s stress level into account and react appropriately every step of the way

The course includes “long trading” videos of my own trained dog, as well as a completely untrained client’s dog.

Over 33,000 dog owners are using the SpiritDog training method!

“These are fantastic courses and really do address the problems we all face with our dogs. The ability to ask questions and have them answered promptly is fantastic. These guys are so helpful. I highly recommend them to anyone who's looking to train their dog.” - Alex McCarthy

And personalized feedback from our dog trainers

Personal & LIFETIME feedback from our trainers (value priceless)  

Training a dog can be an emotional and overwhelming journey. It’s why we’re determined to give you all the tools to succeed, and this bonus is one of our most valued resources. 

With this you can get answers to all the questions you have, so you can stop feeling alone or guess working your way through helping your pup acquire new skills and manners.

Kathrine T.via email
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Pepe the Poodle has a LOT of energy. We struggle with leash pulling, barking, jumping ... adding a daily agility practice into our schedule made him calmer and much happier.
He sleeps for hours after our training. I made S jumps and set them up in the backyard. He now can do 6 different courses already and we continue learning more!
via email
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The games are so fun and easy to start! I watch a video, get my dog and get training. I come home late and feel guilty for not spending a lot of time with my dog during the day, but playing at night makes up for it! Mira gets giddy as soon as I get the treat bowl.
Stacey C.via facebook comments
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Enjoying the online trick training class very much! Training methods are geared to the dog's comfort and takes the process of learning into consideration. It's not just about the tricks, it's about the relationship with the dog, communicating clearly, and having fun!
Pam D.via email
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Andy is very athletic and enjoys the parkour so much. We use it on our walks and hikes in the forest now, as he does it naturally anyway. Such great engagement between him and us! Such fun learning and training Andy. I think your trainings are great!
via facebook comments
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“I wanted to thank you for teaching such an amazing class. I will continue to work on many activities with my dogs long after the class is competed. Even more that the exercises, activities and courses you have provided, I wanted to thank you for giving me the CONFIDENCE and “permission” to do what I feel is best for my dogs.”
Bob T. via email
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We always wanted to try agility with our Terrier, he is crazy and loves to run and jump. This course is so much fun. We made the PVC jump and set them up in the backyard. Now our dog runs to the gate every morning to do his little course!
via email
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The instructions are so clear that my kids can do the games with our Diddy. It gives me some peace - and them a great time playing with our dog. Thank you so much for giving us new play ideas! 2 Food Bowl Game is Diddy's favorite!

 $149 $49

You’re protected with 60-day money back guarantee

Meet your instructor

Steffi Trott is the head trainer at SpiritDog Training. She specializes in dog cognition and behavior, having been teaching dog training to thousands of clients both locally and through online lessons, since 2013.

She studied dog training with European trainers such as multi-world champions in agility and European Open winners Silvia Trkman, Polona Bonac, Martina Klimesova and Anna Hinze as well as US trainers like Kim Terrill and Daisy Peel.

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If you do not like the course, if you do not see results, please email our friendly support desk and we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

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Understanding Resources
Mistake #1 Just Taking
Mistake #2 Trading
Nature vs Nurture
Understanding Values
Progression Timeline
Resource Guarding Quiz I
Understanding Stress Signals
Medical Factors?
Training Drop It & "Proper" Trading
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Value Hierarchy
Trust Around Dropped Treats
Resource Guarding Quiz II
Drop It I
Drop It II – The Fake
Drop-It III – More Treats
Drop It IV – Generalization
Drop-It V – Taking
Resource Guarding Quiz III
Long Trading
Trading Example
From Long Trading to Short Trading
Timelines & Expectations
Drop It/Get It
Drop It Lifestyle
Resource Guarding Quiz IV
Managing Several Dogs & Resources
Read More
Understanding Our Approach
What’s Normal … And What’s Not
Small Space Issues
Guarding Food I
Guarding Food II
Guarding Food III
Managing Toys
Guarding Dog Beds
Guarding Couches/Human Beds
Managing Guarding Of People
Summary – Changes to your Setup
Relaxing Management?
Audio Files
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Dog-to-Dog Resource Guarding
Resource Guarding Towards Humans

 $149 $49

You’re protected with 60-day money back guarantee

This course is not suitable for dogs with a bite history.
Resource guarding dogs can escalate.
It is your responsibility to read your dog’s stress signals and react appropriately.

If you have any doubts about your dog’s behavior or your ability to work with them, work with an experienced in-person trainer through hands-on help.

We cannot provide legal advice for dangerous dogs.

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