Ultimate Puppy Bundle Online Course

Ultimate Puppy Bundle Online Course

How to Raise Your Puppy Without Getting Bitten In Just 10 Minutes A Day

Effective puppy training makes you free from a life of struggle with your dog’s bad behaviors

The ONLY Puppy Program With Lifetime Personal Support & 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

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It has worked for thousands of frustrated dog owners

It has worked for thousands of frustrated dog owners

We got this program from friends as a gift for our 10 week old Goldendoodle Gigi. The tips on puppy biting helped instantly with her incessant nibbling and chewing. Within a week she was only chewing on her toys and not on our arms anymore – PHEW!

Gigi is 8 months now and we still refer back to the course. Recently we worked on loose leash walking and socialization. We feel that Gigi got a great start because of this class – thank you!

Gigi is a Goldendoodle and owned and loved by Dan and Linda T.

Thank you for this class. Before buying it, I was regretting getting a puppy!! Enni was a lot to handle and being retired, we didn’t think we had the energy to raise a

German Shepherd mix puppy! The enrichment games were especially helpful to keep her smart brain occupied and keep her out of trouble. We play them every day.

Ana and Timothy are the proud owners of Enni. Enni is now 11 months old and grow up to be a wonderful companion dog!

Our approach to training puppies will be life-changing

And you can do it from home, on your own schedule, without paying hundreds of dollars to an in-person trainer.

Clear step-by-step instructions help owners and puppies excel

Does he bite your hands and run away when called?

Do you feel lost when it comes to training obedience and manners?

The first year in a dog's life is a critical period - you need to get it right

Dog trainers know that over 60% of all problem behaviors originate during puppyhood.

Mistakes during puppy raising will have lifelong consequences:

Socialization done wrong can lead to reactivity, aggression and anxiety

Potty training done wrong can result in lifelong accidents inside

Behaviors such as chewing furniture and shoes don't go away by themselves

Puppy biting can become an ingrained habit - with adult dogs still biting!

Not starting with training the right way will make any future obedience training harder and more time-consuming

More than 9,000 dog owners have raised their perfect puppy with this course

What you’ll get

Get lifetime access to our course materials

Follow along as our trainer raises her own Golden Retriever puppy

Master all important puppy behaviors

Ask unlimited questions to our trainer

Satisfaction guaranteed or you get your money back

After working with thousands of in-person and online students, our head trainer Steffi Trott knows:

Most problem behaviors start during the first 10 months of a dog's life

A lot of "puppy training wisdom" you can find on the internet and in books is outdated and harmful

Using the right approach for puppy training will set you and your dog up for success throughout his life!

Clear step-by-step instructions help owners and puppies excel

And that’s exactly why she developed this online course for you.

Our online course is extremely easy to use:

Get immediate access to world-class training instructions

View our videos anytime, anywhere – on mobile phones, tablets or your computer!

Take quizzes to test your progress

Ask our trainers any questions that come up in the process!

Here's how it works

Easy as 1-2-3

As soon as you sign up, we send you a login to your online classroom

You get immediate access to over 70 lessons PLUS our ebook

Watch a video, practice for 5-10 minutes a day and see results FAST

Ask any question, any time - our pro trainers are here and ready to help you succeed

See results soon

Our students typically report the following improvements if practicing for just 10 min daily:

Day #1:

Instant attention and focus from their puppy

Day #3:

Success in potty training and beginning obedience

Day #7:

Puppy no longer chews on furniture or bites hands

Day #25:

Puppy is focused on owner even around distractions, and has learned 5-10 behaviors and tricks

After joining you will:

Immediately dive in with training your puppy

You won't waste any precious time - the earlier you train your pup, the better!

Learn how to work on puppy biting, potty training and chewing

So that you won't be frustrated by those puppy behaviors ever again!

Live a happy and joyful life together without frustration, stress and fear

Look forward to spending time with your perfect puppy every day!

But that's not all: Because we really want to see you succeed, we throw in these 7 bonus courses for free!

That’s an additional 92 lessons valued at $178, but you get them completely free!
These bonuses are exclusive to this offer and not available on the website.

But there is still more...

You also get our exclusive Ebook

The only instructions you will need to teach your puppy perfect attention from the first day – and for the rest of his life!

14 Days for better focus

Let's sum this up ...


Ultimate Puppy Program

Our core curriculum of videos and explanations for giving your puppy the best possible start in life


Training Habits & Rewards Mini-Course

Learn all about finding your dog’s favorite reward and the ideal training schedules!


Attention Booster Mini-Course

Struggling to get your dog’s attention? You won’t anymore after working through this course!


Hyperactivity Helper

Is your dog never calm? We will help him relax and settle down!


Stop Jumping Mini-Course

Annoyed by your dog jumping up on you and others? Let’s stop this.


Separation Anxiety Solutions Mini-Course

Is your crying when you leave him alone? We can make him be happy during your absence.


Mastering Potty Training

Every dog can learn how to potty outside. We have helped hundreds of owners fix their dogs’ house training issues.


Breed-Specific Puppy Raising

Different breeds will need slightly different approaches to puppy raising. We help you succeed with your dog and his specific instincts!


Exclusive Ebook

For perfect attention from your dog: anytime, anywhere

Stop Jumping Mini-Course

Answers to all the questions you have!

Limited Time

The Ultimate Puppy Program

Lifetime access to proven methods

$416 $4900

Puppy Core Curriculum

6 Bonus Mini Courses for FREE

"14 Days For Better Focus" Ebook

Quizzes to test what your dog has learned

Personal feedback from our trainer

Certificates upon course completion

100% money-back guarantee

Love it - or get your money back.

If you aren’t happy, we also aren’t happy

Our online courses come with a full 60-day money back guarantee. If you do not like the course for any reason, we will refund your money.

We want happy customers and happy dogs!

Only you can guarantee that your puppy will grow up to be a wonderful companion. Let's start today.

Don’t delay getting started with puppy training.

If a puppy is not raised correctly …

Potty training issues can become ingrained and result in lifelong pee and poop accidents inside.

Bad habits such as chewing furniture or biting hands are very difficult to undo later

Behavioral issues such as reactivity, resource guarding, aggression or separation anxiety can develop and become severe problems

Teaching obedience, manners and listening skills will be much harder later on

You can either spend hundreds of dollars on in-person lessons … or you can get our program with complete training guidance for the price of only 1/2 of a single in-person session!

Frequently asked questions

No – please do not put off getting started with training! 

You see, the thing is that no dog goes from being perfect to being bad in one day. Undesired habits get ingrained over time, and when the owner finally realizes that the dog needs to be trained – it will take a lot of time and effort to undo all the poor behavior that’s been rehearsed!

A puppy is a blank slate. It is MUCH EASIER to train your puppy right now than to try and undo behavioral issues later in life. 

You will thank yourself for starting training early!

If your puppy is struggling with puppy-specific issues, such as play biting, chewing furniture, being distracted in public, having accidents, bothering other dogs of the household etc. – then this is the right program for you!

If you didn’t start training your puppy at 2 months old, this is no problem – but you should definitely not put training off any longer and start today.

Every dog is an individual and every situation is unique! With that comes the need for personal feedback during training.

Our course includes unlimited feedback from our professional trainer. Ask as many questions as you like – we are happy to help and want to watch you succeed!

Our purchases are risk-free! We have a 100% money-back guarantee and will gladly refund your money within the first 60 days if you are unhappy for any reason.

Every animal is food-driven – if they were not, they would be dead. The reasons many dogs refuse treats are either that they are too stressed to eat or that we have not yet found the treats they REALLY love. In this class, we discuss in detail how to address both possible causes. We teach you about how to find the right treats for your dog, as well as how to react if your dog refuses treats during training. So far every single students has succeeded in getting their dog to take treats!

Good – because we also don’t want you to do that! In this course, we use treats to change the dog’s “CER” (conditioned emotional response). In the beginning you will use many treats, but over time the dog’s actual feelings about his triggers change and you can fade the treats – your dog will still behave.

We do not utilize or recommend any kind of physical or verbal corrections. This course does not make use of corrective collars, leash pops, harsh words or other means of intimidation or punishment.

But don't take our word for it, this is what our students have to say.

dog (1) 1
Morgan Macintosh
Recommends SpiritDog Training.


THE BEST! This is an incredibly clear, detailed and valuable resource place and trainer! We worked only online, and I still got so much out of it that I will always be grateful. Steffi is simply amazing, hard to describe if one hasn't met her. She just always knows what to do – and does it effectively. What is especially good and important is that she has a great ability to transfer knowledge and experience; her communication, techniques and approach are very clear and understandable. I also love that she truly listens to the client and attends to me, my dog and our issues – she doesn't beat around the bush. All the problems are directly addressed. It also really shows how she truly understands dogs and their perspective, but she also understands people and knows how to teach BOTH people and dogs, to the benefit of both. I am thrilled how high spirited and fun working with her is, yet effective and simple to grasp. Every session is uplifting! Thank you Steffi for such a valuable experience. I'm always coming back.
samoyed 1
Bente Helen
Recommends SpiritDog Training.


I have a two year old Border Collie, which has been a pleasure to raise from the start. But this summer, just before she turned two, she suddenly started to react on every thing and nothing, barking at everything and notthing. Like she sees gosts or hear something that we do not hear. And she is also very reactiv in a happy way when visitors turns up at our door. I would say crazy. I am determined that my second border collie would be a very tranquille dog, but now she is far from that. After following a few courses we already see changes in her mind and behavier, and I am so pleased to see that we do not need to work very hard on her to calm her down, just by using the sniffing trix. I am very happy that I bought the course. 🙂 My name is Bente and we live in Norway by the way.
Ellipse 21
Morgan Macintosh
Recommends SpiritDog Training.


Loving this training! I have three rescue dogs.. all different ages and breeds, some with the same issues and completely different. One is deaf. These trainings are interchangeable, positive, and help you build a management plan and counter conditioning. Also, I've received support for specific problems a long the way. I have felt supported and engaged in training. Looking forward to sitting at an outdoor restaurant for brunch with the youngest... crossed fingers soon

The Ultimate Puppy Program

+ All 9 Bonuses

Only $49

Deal protected with 60-day money back guarantee!