Shaving a Double Coated Dog

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Shaving a Double Coated Dog


I shave my Border Collie Fusion in the summer. In late May/early June he becomes what Border Collie people call a “smoothie” – a smooth coated dog, just like Kix. I have done so every summer of his life, and his coat has regrown beautifully in the winters (of course this is only anecdotal evidence – your mileage may vary).

Shaving is an intensely debated topic among dog owners. Some are all for it, some are very much against. Wild debates can be found on social media as the opinions are strong and the discussion gets heated quickly.

While there are several arguments to consider, one has been making the rounds on the internet that is plain wrong.

You can find it here: Shaving Double Coated Dogs


The argument presented is that by shaving, we remove the hair that would otherwise trap coolness close to the skin and the dog will overheat. That does not make sense – by taking away insulation we will make the dog hotter?

Here is a video explaining in detail why this is a faulty thought process:

Shaving or not shaving is an individual decision that needs to be made considering the dog, his living situation and grooming needs. But however you decide, be assured that shaving will definitely not make your dog overheat.

Stay cool!

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