Rescue Dog Bundle

Rescue Dog Bundle

When Love is Not Enough: Helping Rescue Dogs Thrive After Adoption

This positive, science-based online course will help your rescue dog overcome past trauma, acquire all crucial training skills and become the companion of your dreams

đź’ˇ Understand why your rescue dog is struggling

✅   Implement our easy, convenient training sessions in as little as three minutes a day

đź’› Build an unbreakable bond with your adopted best friend

You love your rescue dog. But you don’t always love their behavior.

Is lack of training keeping you from enjoying life with your new best friend?

You want nothing more than to make your dog feel comfortable.

You know they experienced trauma, but you don’t know how to help them overcome it.

You feel hopeless or frustrated when your dog is reactive, rambunctious, or skittish.

You want to leave the training troubles behind you and enjoy the time with your dog to the fullest.

You don’t want others to view your dog as a “bad dog.”

With positive, smart training approaches, we can turn your rescue dog into the companion of your dreams.

Our Rescue Online Course Bundle empowers you to train your adopted dog the right way.


Good training doesn’t take hours. Our pre-recorded lessons show you how to train your dog in sessions as brief as 3 minutes from the comfort of your own home. You can have a well-trained dog, even with a busy schedule!


Rescue dogs had a troubled past. What they need above all is trust. Our positive, game-based lessons let you develop a strong bond with your companion. Once your dog understands that they can rely on you, your team will be unstoppable.


Canine behavior can seem erratic and confusing. Our online courses give in-depth explanations that help you truly understand why your dog is behaves a certain way. By understanding your rescue dog, you can train without conflict.

What can you achieve through training with us?

Our professional trainers have decades of experience working with rescue dogs. We can help your dog, too.

Peaceful Home Life

Life will be much easier once your rescue is calm and relaxed at home! No more barking at the doorbell, guarding resources, or jumping on visitors. You can enjoy the comfort of your home with a well-mannered pup.

Effortless Communication

We help your rescue dog learn all important obedience commands. Having a dog who listens means relying on their skills and never worrying about how they may act.

Unlimited Opportunities

The right training approach enables you to bring your dog along in public. Be proud and confident when they show off their fantastic skills and behaviors. The freedom to take them along is priceless!

Only $149 with a 60-day money back guarantee

It has worked for these students:

Andrea S.

Amazing courses! Best training for my adopted dog & me! Just be patient and follow the will have a lovely relation with you doggie without loud words and strictness. Thanks to Steffi and her team!!!

Krystal E.

SpiritDogs Training offers a simple approach to training dogs that gets results quickly. The advent games she is offering via the newsletter have been a great way to engage with my dog on days that it's too cold to be outside. My girl LOVES playing games and is very receptive to them, and Steffi's instruction is easy to follow. She offers great courses for all levels of owners, and they are well worth the price.

Yana S.

I love the positive and inspiring advice to build a good relationship with my dog. Steffi and the trainers have so many great tips to manage challenging situations, and their response time to questions exceeded my expectations. I always look forward to the weekly emails where Steffi shares important lessons from her life experiences or has a new suggestion. The format of the courses are easy to understand and it’s great that you can use pdf charts/worksheets in addition to the video and audio lessons

Irene H.

Excellent course. As a first-time dog owner it's really helped me find my feet with my new pup. I've especially appreciated the quick responses to my questions which have helped me troubleshoot the challenges particular to my own situation.

Gemma L.

I love the short videos it really helps the information stay fresh in my mind. You have helped me so much already I can't wait to learn more!


Their games are super fun and engaging! They explain things very clearly and so it is very easy to understand. Positive dog training really is the way to go if you want a happy pup and and fun training them!

Kate P.

In the current environment of sensationalized and viral trainers on social media, it can be hard to find someone whose values are in line with your own and whose persona is genuine. I have absolutely found that through SpiritDog. I can tell that they really feel compassion toward other creatures and are dedicated to serving them in the best, most approachable ways. I have learned so much from them about training my dog and about dog behavior in general! Highly recommend working with SpiritDog Training.

Only $149 with a 60-day money back guarantee

Here is how we make it happen:

You receive access to all course materials in your online library as soon as you sign up. You can start watching videos immediately and put them into action with your dog! Our platform is easy to navigate and makes online learning a breeze.

Our Game Plan For Helping Rescue Dogs Thrive

Establish Obedience Foundations

Teaching foundational obedience to your rescue dog is crucial for their safety, well-being, and harmonious integration into your home. (singular) It empowers them with the ability to understand and follow cues, fostering a strong bond with you and ensuring a happier, more fulfilling life together.

Address Reactivity & Stress Responses

Many rescue dogs struggle with intense reactions to triggers. By patiently working through reactivity, rescue dogs can experience a remarkable transformation, becoming more relaxed, adaptable, and happier!

Resolve Resource Guarding Issues

Resource guarding is common among rescue dogs due to their troubled past and broken trust. By following our detailed, positive training plan, you can eliminate resource guarding and build a strong foundation of trust with your dog.

Take Your Companion Everywhere

Let’s teach your dog all the skills needed to take them everywhere with you! Well-behaved rescue dogs in public showcase their training and potential for adoption and inspire others to consider rescue dogs as loving and well-adjusted companions, ultimately increasing their chances of finding forever homes.

Only $149 with a 60-day money back guarantee

The Rescue Bundle contains these extensive courses

Mask group(8)

Basic Obedience Course

Having lived in a shelter or been bounced from home to home, your dog may not have learned foundational obedience skills, including how to listen. This course teaches basic manners and emphasizes the power of positive reinforcement, so training is fun and bonding for you and your dog.

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Focus in Public Course

Rescue dogs often lack training and socialization before arriving at your home. Your dog may be easily distracted, overly excited, or may pull on the leash a lot. This course will equip you with the skills to feel comfortable when taking your dog to public places.

Mask group(10)

Tackling Reactivity Course

This course helps you understand and prevent reactive behaviors such as barking, growling, and lunging. Through management and counterconditioning, we will stop reactivity and establish new and calm behaviors in your dog.

Mask group(11)

Stop Resource Guarding Course

Rescue dogs often never learned to trust humans around their resources. They might growl when you walk by, and they’re chewing a bone or be uncomfortable eating while you’re in the same room. With this course, you can teach your rescue dog that they are safe near you and there’s no reason for resource guarding.

Eight bonus mini-courses valued at over $250

Free with your Rescue Dog Training Bundle.

Bonus #1 ($9 value) FREE

Potty Training Course

Every dog can learn to only potty outside. With our step-by-step approach, we will help you to understand the causes of potty problems, how to tap into the “instinctual cleanliness” every dog has, how to make sure your dog potties ONLY outside, training good potty habits – for puppies and adults and set your dog up for long-term potty success.

Bonus #2 ($29 value) FREE

Stop Jumping Mini-Course

Jumping on people is a natural behavior for your dog, but it can be annoying for you, and it can scare others. With this mini-course, you learn why dogs jump, what it means to them, and how to use simple but effective strategies to manage this behavior.

Bonus #3 ($29 value) FREE

Crate Training Course

Crates can be a fantastic way to keep our dogs calm and safe. Many rescue dogs are scared of being confined and must be slowly be introduced to crating. This mini-course lets you build positive associations with the crate without scaring your dog.

Bonus #4 ($29 value) FREE

Separation Anxiety Solutions Mini-Course

Is your dog crying when you leave them alone? Do they start to pace, whine, or tremble when they realize you’re about to walk out the door? With this course, you can learn how to help them be happy and stay calm during your absence.

Bonus #5 ($29 value) FREE

Sibling Struggles Mini-Course

Is your rescue dog struggling to get along with other dogs in the household? Adding a new family member can be challenging for your resident dog. This course will teach you how to get everyone off to a great start and establish a calm and peaceful household.

Bonus #6 ($29 value) FREE

Long Line Lessons Mini-Course 

Worried that your dog will take off as soon as you unclip the leash? Long lines are a fantastic way to practice off-leash skills with a safety net. This course will teach you how to utilize this training tool to strengthen your dog’s obedience and listening skills.

Bonus #7 ($39 value) FREE

Treat Ebook

Do you have a picky dog who just doesn’t want to work for treats? This ebook will give you plenty of ideas for healthy and motivational food rewards!

Bonus #8 ($39 value) FREE

14 Days to Better Focus Ebook

Struggling to have your dog pay attention to you? This ebook teaches you how to develop a solid foundation for focus in various situations.

Wait! There's even more …

SpiritDog Community

You’ll gain access to our SpiritDog Community, where you can connect with SpiritDog trainers, current students, and alumni to ensure you are not alone in your challenges and to help you celebrate your wins. We are excited to have you join our pack!

Here are just a few of the benefits:  

Exclusive to the Rescue Bundle

Weekly Q&A Zoom Calls With Our Trainers

Plus, you will receive exclusive lifetime access to the pro trainers behind SpiritDog Training. This is the only one of our training bundles that includes this unique benefit!   

During these weekly LIVE Zoom Q&A calls you can:  

Spiritdog Training will donate $5

for each bundle sold to give back to organizations with a mission of helping dogs find their forever homes. We’ve partnered with Animal Humane New Mexico to give back to our own local community and to make a difference in the lives of New Mexico’s dogs.

Meet Paige

Lead Rescue Dog Trainer

From a young age Paige always had a love for animals. Her childhood dog was very reactive, and through attending classes, Paige quickly realized she had a passion and natural talent for dog training and over time decided to pursue a career in the training field.

Paige shares her home with her German Shepherd, Murdock and her rescued Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Charlie. Upon adopting Charlie, she realized he struggled with many behavior issues at just one year old. She didn’t give up on Charlie, and through training and a lot of patience, he is still Paige’s constant shadow a decade later. Paige learned so much through Charlie, and credits him strongly for helping her to become the trainer she is today. She believes a happy and well-trained dog is best achieved through fun, positive training and hopes to help you enjoy each and every day with your canine companions. She has dabbled in many sports such as flyball, agility, rally and obedience, disc, sprinters, barn hunt, dock diving, and trick training. Paige's true passion however became canine scent work. She is a judge for two different scent work organizations and has competed in varying levels across multiple venues of the sport with her German Shepherd, Murdock, earning 35 titles and counting in the sport with him, as well as placing in many of his qualifying scores. This passion took her even further, and Paige attended a program in Florida to become a detection dog handler and went on to work as a bedbug detection dog handler for four and a half years with her Beagle, Seeker.

Since Paige graduated from her dog trainer program in 2014, she has continued to grow her experience and knowledge sporting a full resume she is always wanting to expand:

✓ Owner & Operator of her own dog training and walking company (1 year)

✓ Working for 4 years as a kennel manager and working with daycare/board and trains for a variety of issues

✓ Worked for a local municipal animal shelter and boarding kennel caring for a wide variety of animals (1 1/2 years)

✓ Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT, PCTIA Certified, Good Dog Academy)

✓ DOGSAFE Canine First Aid Level 1 & 2 Certified

✓ Graduate of Holly and Hugo Academy's Animal Psychology, Pet Adoption, Pet Nutrition, Animal Training and Pet Sitting, and Dog Grooming courses

Read more ...

Skeptical about online training?
We understand.

Here’s how we turn your online training experience into success:

From In-Person to Online Excellence

Our trainers boast a combined total of decades of hands-on training experience, having worked with a diverse range of dogs over the years. They all participate in competitive dog sports as well. Their expertise and deep understanding of canine behavior enable them to effectively address a wide spectrum of training issues, providing valuable guidance and support to our online students.

Clarity at Your Fingertips

We truly want to show you every single step of teaching your rescue dog the skills needed to thrive. With a collection of 20 different breeds showcased, you’ll witness firsthand how the training is applied to various ages and breeds. No more guesswork! If you follow our approach, your rescue dog will improve drastically; or we will refund your money

Embracing a Positive Path

We prioritize kindness and compassion in every aspect. Our training methods utilize positive reinforcement to build reliable behaviors skillfully. We do not use punishments or corrections in any of our courses.

Your Training Partner for Life

Our dedicated professional trainers are here to guide you at every step, providing ongoing support and personalized feedback. All students’ questions are answered by a professional dog trainer within 24 hrs Monday-Friday. With lifetime access to this feature, you can embark on your training journey with confidence, knowing that expert guidance and assistance will be available to you whenever you need it, for as long as you need it.

Only $149 with a 60-day money back guarantee

Our dedicated professional trainers are here to guide you at every step, providing ongoing support and personalized feedback. A professional dog trainer answers all students' questions within 24 hrs Monday-Friday. With lifetime access to this feature, you can confidently embark on your training journey, knowing that expert guidance and assistance will be available whenever you need it, for as long as you need it.
"We are confident in the effectiveness of our online rescue class, and we want you and your dog to feel absolutely thrilled with the results. That's why we offer you our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your experience or the progress you and your dog are making, just let us know within 60 days of enrollment, and we'll gladly refund your investment.
Your satisfaction and your dog's progress are our top priorities, and we stand by our commitment to delivering a valuable and rewarding training experience. So enroll with peace of mind, and let's embark on this journey together!"

Below are answers to commonly asked questions:

The Rescue Dog Bundle is a view-on-demand online course library specifically designed for the unique challenges and needs of rescue dogs. It features a variety of courses that address every important aspect of training, such as reactivity, resource guarding, over-excitement, leash-pulling and foundation obedience skills.

This bundle is for everyone who wants to improve the training of, and relationship with their rescue dog. It is suitable for first-time dog owners and experienced dog owners alike. Whether you recently adopted a dog or you have been living with your rescue dog for a while, this bundle is for you!

Each class inside the bundle contains video lessons. The video lessons showcase a variety of different dogs. We show you a detailed step-by-step process for training each skill. In addition, the classes contain written texts, PDFs for download, quizzes to test what you learned and a comment section to ask questions to our pro trainer team.

All videos are pre-recorded and available to you at any time. 

Our Rescue Dog Bundle comes with lifetime access, so you can train without time constraints. You can always revisit lessons and pick up training, even if life got busy.

We are always here to help! Our trainer team answers any questions Monday-Friday in the courses. In addition, you get to attend weekly LIVE Zoom calls where you can discuss any training issue you need assistance with.

Only $149 with a 60-day money back guarantee

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