Podcast: Owning a highly reactive dog


Podcast: Owning a highly reactive dog

If you have checked out our Tackling Reactivity Online Class, you will know the dog who starred in most of the videos: my friend’s herding mix Brodie.

(We are not entirely sure what kind of breed Brodie is, but we assume some sort of Heeler/Border Collie/etc. mix).

Brodie was one of the most reactive dogs I have worked with in-person. When we first started training, he would cross his threshold when he was as far as 300 feet away from another dog.

Yes, that is right – we started training on opposite ends of a huge parking lot, with his owner Beverly and me communicating via text message!

As Brodie improved, Beverly let me film his training . Eventually these videos became my Tackling Reactivity Online Class – and Brodie became so much less reactive that he is now able to live with another dog (something I would not have thought possible when we first started training – which just goes to show how much a dedicated owner, consistent training and never giving up can achieve).

In this podcast, I interviewed Brodie’s owner – about his reactivity, about living with a reactive dog, about Ups and Downs and about how Brodie taught her so much about dogs, training and life.

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