Podcast: Don’t Push My Buttons – Living With A Spirited Dog


Podcast: Don’t Push My Buttons – Living With A Spirited Dog

This podcast was inspired by Kix and her relatives. She is an amazing dog and my best friend.

Youre the best dad ever

She also is crazy, obnoxious, relentless and always looking for ways to make her life more fun, more wild, more of a party.

(I was going to register her as “Kixen Freibier Party Dog”  – Freibier means “free beer” in German – That didn’t work out. I know she would have loved that name.) It can be challenging to live with a dog that has strong opinions on what she wants out of life. I realized early on that the only way to make it work was to try and show her that we could always work towards her goal (for example running like crazy) while incorporating my ideas (waiting until I release her and always coming back when called) along the way.

Here is an episode on pushy dogs, on how to train them and how baby Kix made my friend stand on top of the couch for several hours one night.

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