Podcast: Doggy Fitness Training With Kim Fuqua


Podcast: Doggy Fitness Training With Kim Fuqua

In this episode I sat down with Kim Fuqua who is a certified canine fitness instructor as well as an accomplished agility competitor.

Kim is teaching our Canine Conditioning Online Course and shares her personal story in doggy fitness with us. She started out with fitness while living in the Middle East with no options to exercise her dogs outside and has since been on a journey of sharing her knowledge with as many dog owners as possible.

As you will hear in the interview, canine fitness is not just for agility dogs – adding a fitness program into your dog’s life will make him healthier, help him live longer and strengthen your bond and communication.

Kim also shares an exercise everyone can try out with their dogs right away at home. If you enjoy listening, you can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you get your podcast!

And now, enjoy listening!

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