Podcast: Breath Of Wild Air – About Van Life With Your Dog


Podcast: Breath Of Wild Air – About Van Life With Your Dog

I have been thinking about introducing a new podcast format. On my drives to clients – that can take a while since we are living fairly remote – I like to listen to interview style podcasts on climbing and mountaineering. It’s always interesting and fun to hear which lifestyles others choose and how they merge their hobbies with the way they’re living.

There doesn’t seem to exist a similar format for dogs yet – interviews with people that are on all kinds of different journeys. So here is my try to start filling this gap. And there was no better person to start out with than Emily Abrahams.

Emily used to live a rather “normal” life – being a school teacher in Australia, married, having 3 dogs and training in agility in her spare time. Nowadays she lives in a van and travels all over Europe, competing in agility, writing books and her blog, doing photography and enjoying life with her Border Collie Loki.

In part 1 of her interview we discuss how she got to where she is now, her initial struggles, her growth as a person and in her relationship to Loki, and why we both have a strange obsession involving supermarkets.

Check out her blog Breath Of Wild Air to read about her last year and marvel at lots of pictures of her journey.

This is a how editing podcasts with a puppy works – cannot complain about this work environment:


Here is the recording – as always, move your cursor onto the picture below, scroll down and press play.
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(Part II of our conversation can be found here: Dog Agility and Van Life)

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