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Ultimate Puppy Program

Ultimate Puppy Program

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  1. Gloria Oh

    Hi Steffi,

    We live in a high rise apartment and don’t have many grass areas outside that aren’t public dog parks and my puppy has yet to have had his full set of vaccinations. He does get to go outside but we take the potty pad with him because we don’t know what dogs have been on the grass areas (I live in urban Sydney and there are MANY dogs around!).

    1. How do we train him indoors whilst he is in his quarantining stages? (At the moment, our play pen has his soft crate, his toilet inside the play pet, but should we have the toilet outside and take him out proactively onto the toilet (as if we are taking him outside?)

    2. Should we be closing the door on his cate during the night so he learns how to hold his bladder?

    We actually have ordered a real grass patch so that he gets used to peeing on grass (it hasn’t arrived yet) but worried that he’ll get into the habit of doing his business indoors. We find that he’s always pooed and peed overnight when we get up at 6:30am!

    Thank you!

    1. Steffi Trott

      So first of all I think it is VERY smart to not let him be in the grassy areas where all the other unknown dogs go! I agree that it is the main priority to keep the puppy safe at this age, and of course next priority is to master potty training 🙂

      1. If you have the time to do it, having the toilet outside the playpen would be best, yes. That way you can remind him of the original knowledge that pottying is for outside the playing/living/sleeping area. Maybe you can have the pee pad in a walk-in closet/end of a hallway/laundry room etc. where it is not really a part of your immediate living area?

      2. At this age, it is not always realistic for a puppy to hold the bladder throughout the night. When my puppy in the videos was 10 weeks old I definitely took him outside during the night. (Actually, last night – he is now 12 weeks old – was the first time he slept through the night without needing to go!) Depending on your specific puppy, it might take some more weeks or even 1-2 months until he can sleep through the night without needing to potty. Dogs generally do not want to potty in their crate (sometimes we see puppies that were raised in really bad conditions which made them just not care about pottying in the crate or not, and … some puppies just don’t care regardless of their upbringing).
      If you closed the door on his crate, chances are he would probably wake you up by some whining or scratching (if not, you can also try to make the crate space smaller – if you have a big crate and little puppy). If you are ok with interrupted sleep like this (hopefully it would just be once or twice a night), then in my opinion it is the best way to let him wake you up, take him to his (indoor) potty spot, then take him back to his crate to sleep.

      However – if the interrupted sleep is difficult for you or he ends up waking you up 5-10 times a night it will also probably not be a very big issue to just let him potty on his pad overnight and try again in a few weeks. Their ability to sleep through the night without needing to go to the bathroom grows rapidly within the first weeks at home, so if closing the crate door doesn’t work for now, just try again in a week or two and it might already go a lot better 🙂

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