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Ultimate Puppy Program

Ultimate Puppy Program

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  1. Chikae

    What should I do when my pup lies down? He is a border collie pup and I have been told that this is a herding instinct and usually when something moving passes he gets back up. What should I do in this instance?

    1. Steffi Trott

      When he does it whenever he sees motion and gets back up when it’s passed I would leave it at that. Depending on the lines their herding instinct can be VERY strong so many Border Collie owners actually deal with a lot of motion sensitivity, chase instinct etc. If your puppy “deals” with the instincts by lying down (rather than barking, lunging, chasing) that’s as good as it gets at this age! It can be quite tricky to train them to completely ignore and disengage from motion. This will be a more long-time project as the puppy is maturing. For now, I think it’s all good πŸ™‚

      1. Chikae

        Hey Steffi! That’s super good to know, his barking isn’t that bad as he sits or lies down when there is motion so that’s great to know. He does come from a long line of herding working sheepdogs so I’m sure it’s in his bones! πŸ™‚ I wrote in a different comment in the daily schedule more about some of the things I am overwhelmed with since I feel as though I am doing my best but since I struggle with putting his harness on at this point I cannot implement a daily walking schedule and feel lost. (more on this in the daily schedule comment) πŸ™‚

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