Follow our trainer raising her own puppy.

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Ultimate Puppy Program

Ultimate Puppy Program

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  1. Cathie

    how do you recommend puppy traveling in a car?

    1. Steffi Trott

      A crate is the safest option, so if you can fit a crate of the right size into your car, that would work best. If you cannot fit a crate, use some way of restraining the puppy – a seatbelt harness for example – so that the puppy doesn’t climb all over. Some dogs make a habit out of it and it’s rather unsafe.

  2. Maya Hendin

    What if you need to focus more on the reactivity, I have jack russell and she has pretty good focus but will bark or growl at people or cars (not as much dogs) walking around her.

    1. Steffi Trott

      What is the distance at which she will growl at people and cars? Does she do it with all of them or specific ones? And at what age did this begin?

      1. Maya Hendin

        she has gotten much better with cars but with people she doesnt know she will growl or bark at them from far when she can see them, especially if they approach her verbally or physically.

        1. Steffi Trott

          I would try scattering some treats for her so she can sniff for them – that is very relaxing to dogs. I would also try to take her to locations where people usually mind their own business and don’t approach – parking lots of supermarkets, banks, etc. are great because people usually have a mission there and are less likely to hang around and try to pet puppies – like they would for example at a park. Try to have her around people as often as possible – but people who will not make an effort to come close (because this can just confirm for the puppy “Yep, they are out to get me!”)

          1. Maya Hendin

            okay, i will try the sniffing and will make an effort to bring her to places where people wont approach her. Thank you!

  3. Zinni

    Hello, I puppy is already 4 months old. He loves people, and wished we would have had your videos when he was younger as he barks at people and pulls on the leash to see people. He will stop barking once people greed him…not exactly an ideal situation. He is currently 20 pounds so a bit more difficult to pick him up. Any suggestions to resolve the barking and pulling to see otters people/dogs?

    1. Steffi Trott

      I would make sure that the majority of the time he spends around people and dogs is not followed by a greeting. That way he will learn as a “fact of life” that not everyone will say hi to him. It can be tricky with puppies as they are so cute and everyone wants to greet them 🙂 but you want to be insistent even when people come up to you. I just tell them “We are training right now!” or “He doesn’t want to say hi today!”
      Train at a distance at which your puppy can still focus on you and take treats. In the beginning, that might be a bigger distance. Parking lots of stores are usually really good for this as people are busy and less likely to want to greet your puppy, and you can bring enough distance between you and them to let your puppy be successful.

      1. Zinni

        Thank you. I also wanted to mention how much appreciate your reply to every question I have posted. I very much enjoy your courses and have seen a lot of progress in my puppy.

        1. Steffi Trott

          Thank you, glad to hear it!

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