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Ultimate Puppy Program

Ultimate Puppy Program

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  1. Megan Bye-Jahn

    I’m curious as to what your feeding schedule is with Shine, and what type of diet/feed you feed him and the rest of your dogs.
    Do you do the “people eat first, then the dogs eat after” type thing/method?

    1. Steffi Trott

      So since I work from home 90% of the time and a big part of my day is training my own dogs or making training videos with them 🙂 they all get fed several small meals throughout the day during the training (they actually all never eat out of a food bowl). Like I said in a different lesson, I always carry food around for the puppy. So there is no “real” feeding schedule, it will depend entirely on what we encounter. E.g. we might do some morning training at 8am but it happens to be trash day and the garbage truck comes at 9am, then I would absolutely take him outside and feed him a second breakfast while watching the truck and maybe even doing some easy tricks there. Or we might do some recalls with his lunch at noon, and in the afternoon at 2pm I take him along to my friend’s house to train my adult dogs on the agility field, then he would get another meal there for paying attention to me, some crate games, the puppy tricks etc. even though his last meal was just 2 hours ago.

      My dogs all eat quite a bit of the premade raw food in training, plus their individual favorite treats. For Party, since he is so little, this is pretty much all the food he can have in a day or he will become a big ball 😉 😉 Whereas the Border Collies and Shine need some more calories, so they get a high-quality kibble (mostly with some grains), plus whatever is in their frozen Kongs (most of the time some mixture of pumpkin/chicken/yoghurt/little bit of peanut butter).

      They do not have set feeding times (I also don’t have set mealtimes for myself! So that would make it hard to always plan their meals in relation to mine, haha). If anything, I probably always eat after them, because we are outside walking/playing/training and then when we come in I am hungry, too 😉 The big dogs usually also eat more than 2 meals a day just due to our schedule of making many videos and training a lot.

      Does this answer your question?

      1. Megan Bye-Jahn

        Yep! Thank you.
        Do you have a brand of premade raw food that you like?
        I do want to switch our puppy (he’s a rescued German Wirehair Pointer and Black Lab mix, we think) to a raw diet, but needing to research a bit more first on the best (and most affordable) way to do that is. I have heard there are some good premade raw food brands out there, but again, just starting to look, so if you have recommendations, on brands/kinds you like, (and for kibble too!) that would be great!

        1. Steffi Trott

          So I personally use the Freshpet food. However, if you are about to feed such a large dog with premade raw (it sounds like he will be a big boy), it’s not going to be very affordable I am afraid :/ Premade raw is very convenient, but not the most inexpensive way. I use it because it is sooooo easy to train with, comes in perfect sizes, different flavors and is universally liked by all dogs. But as a stand-alone food it will become pricey. One of my clients is feeding her large GDS only premade raw and it is about $250-300/month. So it might be worth to look into making your own, and then using the premade to train.

          As far as kibble, basically every good brand will work. The general problem with dog food is that there has not been a lot of research done as far as what is actually healthy etc. There is only a little bit of data from recent years about grainfree diets, and otherwise we need to just assume that what applies to human food probably applies to dog food: little fillers and no sugar is best.
          Some good kibble brands are Fromm, Orijen, Merrick, Nuolo …
          Some people swear by Purina, others don’t like it at all. Shine actually was raised on Purina by the breeder so I got a bag of exactly what he was eating for a slow transition. My red merle boy Fusion had also been raised on Purina by the breeder and I had gotten a “transition bag”, otherwise I had not fed it to my dogs before.

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