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Ultimate Puppy Program

Ultimate Puppy Program

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  1. Jeremy Waanders

    Hi – overall our potty training is going very well. We have a 10 week old golden retriever. The past few mornings we have woken up and he has gone to the toilet over night on the dog bed (he looks to prefer sleeping on the floor near the bed anyway). I’m wondering if we should make the puppy pen smaller? Or perhaps we need to get up a bit earlier to let him go to the toilet? He is only 10 weeks old so I guess we can’t expect him to hold it for 6+ hours overnight!

    1. Steffi Trott

      It really depends on the individual puppy at that age … some dogs can hold it for longer at 10 weeks, but most do need shorter intervals 🙂 Both – making the pen smaller and taking him out earlier – sound good. Try a combination and see if that helps!
      Btw – when you say he went potty, I guess you mean pee? Or does he poop in his pen as well?

  2. Amy Schroeder

    My 15 month old lab/cocker mix does really well until dinner time and then has numerous accidents. She’s smart, but just doesn’t seem to get it. I feed her at 5 and her water is restricted, I get her outside after 15-20 minutes and she pees and poops and then we come back in and she has numerous accidents over the next 2 hours. I try to catch her in the act and if I do, we go through the routine–ring the bell, head outside, go potty, get a treat, come back in…. but inevitably she pees in the house a few times during that period of the day. Help!

    1. Steffi Trott

      So in these 2 hours that she has the accidents, do you take her out at all? The evening time is actually often an accident time. It occurs with the dog’s “evening craziness” combined with the effects of eating and drinking.
      If you notice that she has accidents say every 30 minutes during this time, I would take her out well before that – maybe every 15-20 minutes. Is she restricted to one area or does she go wherever she likes? I would also make sure she does not wander too far from you – have her be in the same room, maybe even a pen in the same room during this difficult time. Essentially, treat her during the “problem potty time” like you would treat a much younger puppy.

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