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Ultimate Puppy Program

Ultimate Puppy Program

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  1. Megan Bye-Jahn

    I always hear that puppy tummies are sensitive to any changes, so with that in mind, do you use the same treats all the time, or do you change them up a bit? I realize it varies a bit by the puppy, but how sensitive are their stomachs really? Will the amount of treats they will receive upset their stomachs if changed from time to time? Or if you start with, for example, the pre-made raw diet treats, is that the only thing you should stick with?

    1. Steffi Trott

      It really is highly individual and puppies’ tummies also get a lot more “resilient” just from 8-12 weeks (so, an 8 week old puppy will have a much more sensitive tummy than a 12 week old one). I wouldn’t use a new treat in big volume in every single training session, but a bit of variety is no problem. The remade raw diet is usually a safe bet, and you can try out other treats in small quantities in addition.
      But again – it is super individual. I have two clients who have trained with me since their dogs were young puppies (they are adult dogs now), and they have such a sensitive stomach that they *still* cannot handle new treats in bigger quantities. Other puppies can eat everything and be just fine 😀 So how sensitive a stomach really is will depend very much on the puppy and breed. You usually get a good feeling for your puppy quickly in this respect 🙂

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