Follow our trainer raising her own puppy.

10 weeks
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Ultimate Puppy Program

Ultimate Puppy Program

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  1. Gloria Oh

    Hi Steffi,
    We leave him in his play pen after playing/training and we are doing what you are saying in the video but he can see us the whole time as we live in a one bedder apartment. When he can see us, he literally have no interest in anything else but us. He just sits there watching us and whining. We leave his favourite toy and treats in the pen with him yet he has no interest in that. Toys don’t seem to really gain his interest :(. We are at wits end about leaving him in his pen without his whining when we are home.

    1. Steffi Trott

      How long will he whine for? If you give him a Kong with eg some spray cheese, even non-frozen but just room temperature, will he not eat that when he can see you? Does he eventually settle, or how does he take his naps?

  2. Morgan Mendel

    Hi Steffi – I can get our pup Milo (13 weeks) to stay in his pen with a chew toy / kong but as soon as he is finished he will start to cry or bark. And our main concern is at night. If he stays in the bed with us he is OK the whole night from 11pm – 8am, but in the crate he will fall asleep and then wake up between 2-4 hours later and cry and bark. We have been going down in the middle of the night to let him out for a bathroom break but it feels unnecessary if he can stay in our bed all night without this. Should we simply ignore the cries all night? Or is there a better method to teach him where to sleep?

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