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Ultimate Puppy Program

Ultimate Puppy Program

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  1. Chikae

    Hello! Just wondering what the best way to put the collar/ harness on is? I have a border collie puppy. I have been using treats to put on his collar but not sure I am doing it right as he still runs away initially when I show him the collar and it takes him a long time each time to finally feel comfortable with the collar and then when I try to buckle the collar or adjust the size/put his hands through the straps, he nips or wriggles away. What is the best practice to ensure that he loves his collar/harness? Thanks so much.

    1. Steffi Trott

      So a little bit of wiggling is expected – not many puppies like to hold still and I wouldn’t worry about some wiggliness. However, it does sound like he is really not a big fan of having it put on!
      Did you watch the lesson on grooming yet? There I show how you can get a puppy used to being brushed calmly. Use a similar setup for little collar sessions: already bit tired dog, something great to chew, and then go at his speed and make it a relaxed and comfortable session.
      When you are putting it on, are you bending over him? I talk in the lesson about Left and Right about how puppies really dislike that. Try to sit on the ground with your puppy or have him on the couch next to you, and buckle the collar underneath his neck instead of on the top (again, to prevent towering over him).

      1. Chikae

        Thanks for your response! 🙂 I do try and sit at his level but then he gets overexcited. I will definitely try all the steps you outline. That makes sense. I haven’t reached the grooming yet. 🙂 Thanks so much.

  2. Alina Pavlova

    Hello! I wasn’t sure if you mentioned it somewhere before, but what was the harness brand name that you use with your puppy? Thanks!

    1. Steffi Trott

      This is a brand called Hurtta from Finnland. Coming from Europe myself, I really like that brand 🙂 But you can find many similar ones made in the US or other countries as well.
      Here is a link to Amazon for this particular type: Hurtta Y-Harness

  3. Barb

    My 7 month old plays a game of chase when I try to grab her collar. I have to leave a leash on her in order to be able to grab her. How do I practice grab the collar when she runs away?

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