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Ultimate Puppy Program

Ultimate Puppy Program

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  1. Tammie Barta

    Hi!!! I’m working with my almost 9 month old cattle dog mix. I purchased the Masterclass set so have all the lessons, but am starting with the Ultimate Puppy Program. Some of the lessons I’m skipping over because he already knows some things. One of the biggest issues I have with him is pulling on walks. Should I be trying the “By My Side”, “Spoon Heeling”, etc techniques in this module, or move on to the “Loose Leash Walking” module since he has 5 months of bad habits we need to retrain? πŸ™‚ Thank you!!!

    1. Steffi Trott

      Both the By My Side and Spoon Heeling lessons are used in the Loose Leash Walking class and in the Focus in Public class (this one might be a good one to look at, too for a teenage age puppy). Since he has has a bit of history in pulling on leash already, I would move to the Loose Leash Walking class as this covers the issue of pulling more in-depth yes πŸ™‚

  2. Tara Fears

    Is it important to be consistent with a specific side to have my puppy be on?

    1. Steffi Trott

      Unless there is a reason why you would like your puppy to only walk on one side, I prefer to each both sides. I have e.g. had clients with reduced vision in one eye, so they always kept their dog on the other side with better vision. But if there is no objective reason why to only teach one side – teach both πŸ™‚

  3. Kelly Corl

    Do you treat on the side that the dog is on – dog is on left side; treat with left hand so that the dog does not cross in front of you if you use the opposite hand from the side the dog is on? Gosh – hope that makes sense!

    1. Steffi Trott

      Makes perfect sense πŸ™‚ Yes, if that works for you then treating with the hand the dog stands next to works great. Some owners are very much right or left-handed and it is tricky for them to use the left hand if they are right handed for example … in that case you could also quickly reach over. But often, as you said that will encourage the dog to cross in front of you. So if you can use both hands then definitely do that πŸ™‚

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