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Ultimate Puppy Program

Ultimate Puppy Program

Attention Is For Everywhere

If your puppy can sit for treats and attention inside, let’s move it outside!

This is a great 2 minute exercise you can do in the mornings before going to work. Squeeze in a little bit of training as your coffee is brewing and your puppy’s focus will be a lot better within just a few days.

The mornings are generally a great time to train as this is when puppies are wide awake, ready to go and want to have fun!

So why not use that time to show them that all this fun can come through you 🙂

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  1. Richelle Wescott

    Can this work if you want to encourage and older dog to give you better attention as well?

    1. Steffi Trott

      Yes, absolutely! None of the methods I am using is age-specific, they work with an 8 week old puppy or a 12 year old senior dog jus the same 🙂

      1. Richelle Wescott


  2. Andrea Duvall

    Do you use any verbal ques at this time? (When the puppy gets distracted, do you only use the food reward to try and get them to re-focus, or do you make a sound to try and re-focus?)

    1. Steffi Trott

      I have a lesson further down on verbal cues where I go into detail on that. I don’t use cues in the sense of telling the puppy “Watch me!” or “Eyes!” etc. because he doesn’t know those yet. Usually the food speaks for itself, you can try to pair it with the “kissy noise sound” where you smack your lips together, that usually works well to attract a puppy’s attention.

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