Having more than 2 dogs that don't want to wait their turn? Let's change that.

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Taking Turns

Taking Turns

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    Ellinor Forsström

    Hi! I have a gundog who is breed for hunting and that is also what I’m aiming to do with him. However, that also means that in his blood the most fantastic thing he can do is to fetch and search and so on. It is much more valuable than any treats I can offer him (even cheese or marrowbone). He is now 8 months old and goes completely crazy if he can join while the other dogs are working. He barks excessively, laches and jumps in his leach and is desperate to join. Will the method used in the video work for us do you think? If I understand it correctly, it focuses on getting a dog wait and relax while another dogs dose some training and then get a treat – in other words another dog getting a treat is the biggest distraction he should ignore. But in our case, while the actual training (fetching dummies and ducks) is the big value treat – is it possible to get him to relax and wait as his reward is a much lover valued treat – just a normal foodtreat. I’m very thankful for your thoughts

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      Steffi Trott

      Did you see the videos later on in the course? There you will train outside, and also while the other dog is doing something exciting such as playing with a toy (and eventually of course also fetching real ducks). But we need to start easy – with treats – and work our way up to harder distractions 🙂

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