Ready for fun and games? SpiritDog Parkour lets you explore the world in a whole new way with your pup. Bond, teach tricks and increase your dog's focus and confidence!

SpiritDog Parkour

SpiritDog Parkour

SpiritDog Parkour

Ready for unlimited fun and bonding?

Dive into the world of SpiritDog PARKOUR!

We bring to you a dog sport that dogs of any age, breed and physical condition can participate in.

With unlimited possibilities for playing and training, this will never let your dog be bored again!

This course contains:

What our clients say about SpiritDog PARKOUR:

Andy is very athletic and enjoys the parkour so much. We use it on our walks and hikes in the forest now, as he does it naturally anyway.
Such great engagement between him and us! Such fun learning and training Andy.
I think your trainings are great!
Pam D.
Andy's mom

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1/2 the price of a single session with an in-person trainer ...

... will get you lifetime access to an incredibly fun and rewarding new dog sport.

Because playing and training with our dogs is the best part of the day.

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If you don't like it, just drop us a note and we will give you a full refund.

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Steffi is the founder of SpiritDog Training. Starting out just training her own Border Collies, she gradually expanded to local classes and seminars, now she travels as far as Europe and teaches students all over the world on how to train their dogs in a positive, bonding, game-based way. She is known for her clear, step-by-step training that lets beginners and advanced dog trainers see lasting results very quickly.
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Instructor Steffi Trott
Duration Lifetime access
Lectures 36
Enrolled 4904 students