Does your dog run the other way when called? We give you the skills to teach a perfect recall!

Coming When Called And Outdoor Focus

Coming When Called And Outdoor Focus

Coming When Called And Outdoor Focus

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Of daily training is all you need for a great recall!

does your dog refuse to come when called?

We know how frustrating and dangerous it can be! And we know how to change it.

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1/2 the price of a single session with an in-person trainer ...

... will get a complete training guidance - from the first steps in recall training to advanced calling away from food and toys.

Because your dog can learn to come whenever you call him- and we will help you.


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Because we want you to love what you get, we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee.

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Tonight was rainy and dark, I had let the dogs out in the fenced in yard.
My cell phone rang, it was my neighbor, who never calls! “Quick, Aidan is outside, down by the road….” I was horrified, our sprinkler maintenance crew was here, and left a gate open. I ran outside, he was down by the busy road, and I called. He hesitated, but then came RUNNING up because I am the most fun, and he is always rewarded for coming to me! It literally saved his life. Thank you soooooooo much!
with Collie Aidan


Here's what they've said:

“Watching the reactive dog series. learning to identify the behaviors I see. Since we got our boy at 9 weeks, I wondered if he could see. I would Throw a treat and he could not find it. He does not know how to sniff. I have learned more in this video series in a few hours than from 4 trainers. It all makes sense now. Very excited and optimistic for our future❤️ can’t wait to continue the learning tomorrow. A+++, five stars, best money I ever spent for my dogs.”
Alisha E.
"Steffi is incredible. There is nothing better than to play with your dog teaching him/her new tricks and, more importantly, good manners. Her training is fun, in-depth, and results oriented. Her training does NOT include reprimands, time outs, etc. We only focus on positive which is so important if you want your dog/puppy to really bond with you. I highly recommend Steffi. No one better."
Stephanie C.
Doing Slow Down right now and love your short, simple, easy to follow teaching! The videos even load pretty quick for my slow internet which I sooo appreciate. I can watch without be frustrated knowing if it’s loading
Janet S.
We have made a lot of progress and this class gave me the tools I was lacking. We’ve hit the road.
Martin M.
Dara has come so far in just two weeks! We are also learning to walk loose leash. It's so helpful how you break it down into little chunks and appreciate your mindful approach too. Excuse all the messages - my mind is so blown by what Dara is capable of and how it actually wasn't so hard!
Mary G.

Susan L.

We are truly starting all over! I’m enjoying the steps and love your approach.

Edward O.

Went for our first walk and it was a lot better than expected! So much nicer than my arm being ripped off for the entire walk and I’m sure it’ll even keep getting more and more fun. Thank you!


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Steffi is the founder of SpiritDog Training. Starting out just training her own Border Collies, she gradually expanded to local classes and seminars, now she travels as far as Europe and teaches students all over the world on how to train their dogs in a positive, bonding, game-based way. She is known for her clear, step-by-step training that lets beginners and advanced dog trainers see lasting results very quickly.
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