Listening Bundle

Listening Bundle

If you have a dog who ignores your cues …

How I Trained My Very Excited Dog To Listen In 6 Weeks
With Just 10 Minutes A Day (And How You Can Too)

Watch The Video Below For Proof

Get the exact roadmap for your dog to:

✅ Listen while distracted

✅ Listen to cues at a distance

✅ Listen in different places

✅ Listen in daily life situations

Start today for $531 $99

“I have taken my dogs to many courses over the years, hired trainers and purchased other online courses, and this is absolutely the best.”

– Valerie Chang ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

You’re protected with a 60-day money-back guarantee
+ lifetime access to feedback from our trainers

Time and time again I have students telling me things like this …

Situation #1:

My Dog suddenly ignores me and stops listening

My dog listens fine in some situations  – but then he checks out. 

He sees other dogs or people or just wants to smell the bushes. He refuses to come back to me (even with his favorite treats).

Situation #2:

My dog has “selective hearing”

My dog seems to choose which cues to respond to and which to ignore. 

Even when I feel like I taught her well, she might surprise me by suddenly walking away like she never heard the cue before 🙁

Situation #3:

Dog seems to not even care what we say

My dog is just looking to do things on his own time or when he feels like it. 

From our perspective, it seems like the dog doesn’t care about what we’re saying.

Situations like this can be frustrating and annoying …

And sometimes even embarrassing - especially when other people watch us …

You know what?

I actually have an embarrassing story to tell as well …

Many trainers might not share the following with you because it was not a “pretty” training moment.

But I want you to see that even a trainer’s dog is not perfect all the time and that we can work through mistakes!

I want you to know that listening problems happen … and there is a way to move forward.


My dog Shine is, like most Golden Retrievers, extremely people-loving. Anyone is his friend and it’s really hard for him to NOT go and say Hi to every person and dog he sees!

When he was 16 months old (after a lot of practice) I took him to his first agility trial.

My friends were watching Shine from the bleachers.

I was excited to have them video what I expected to be an amazing run!

But as soon as he took the first jump, he IMMEDIATELY ran over to the people outside the ring.

He tried jumping up on them.

He tried getting attention from them.

I called his name but he totally ignored me.

Here’s a short video that shows you what happened:

It was not my finest moment.

Of course, I know that mistakes can happen, but still …

I was so embarrassed.

We had trained together for many months and I had prepared him for the distractions as well as I could. 

But not quite well enough to set him up for success!

I went home and reflected on the incident …

Right away I knew that this moment (even though I didn’t particularly like it) was one I wanted to share with my online students.

I want them to know that no dog is perfect!

EVERY dog will have distracted moments, including mine.

What matters is what we do after those situations moving forward. 

If we can analyze and understand what went wrong, we will be able to train specifically what our dog needs and what will let them succeed!

So after analyzing what happened I made a plan:

  • We practiced in many different places to train his tolerance to various distractions, in places ideally similar to the agility venue.
  • He would get tons and tons of rewards (treats, food, toys, play, etc.)  for even the easiest correct behaviors so we could build up a reinforcement history for listening

Roughly SIX weeks later, he performed so MUCH better …

We went back to the same arena, once more with many people in the bleachers.

Even though there were more people (and more dogs) outside the rings …

Just take a look at his performance!

I was just thrilled that we had been able to work through these distractions.

Shine was able to focus on me despite the fact that people were chattering around and dogs were barking outside the ring.

In just SIX weeks, he had gotten such positive results. That was just one and a half months - which was not very long. 

For your reference, I definitely did NOT train for HOURS every day.

If someone tells you that you need to train for this long … don’t listen 😉

Train smart, not hard.

A well-planned, and well-executed five-minute training session will bring much better results than a poor 30-minute training session!

And it’s not just me … look at what our students say about our training methodology:

As you can see, I had a few students tell me exactly that already …

Brief, highly successful sessions actually work.

So how do you train your dog to drastically improve their listening skills and be able to ignore any distractions?

I documented all of it in a course bundle for you.

Introducing the Listening Bundle

Teach Your Dog To Listen To Everything You Say

Whether He’s In Front Of You Or 30 Feet Away

With this Bundle you can teach your dog these important listening skills:

Let’s make sure your dog thoroughly understands basic skills.

With a positive, step-by-step process we will teach them how to sit, down, stay, go to bed … and more!

We begin by teaching these skills inside and gradually advance them in difficulty and location.

If your dog listens well when it’s just the two of you, but struggles when another person is there, or hears a new sound, sees a bird or a dog, he becomes distracted.

Distractions will happen. We cannot change that. What we can change is whether we’re prepared or not.

So it’s important to learn how to actively train your dog to listen to you in situations when they get distracted by family members, other dogs, people they don’t know or traffic.

The goal is to teach your dog that choosing to focus on the distraction won’t pay off. Stop & Redo will become your key to training your dog to listen under distractions.

If your dog struggles to listen to you when he’s at a distance, he could be at risk. 

For instance, if he crosses a busy street and you tell him to stop from far away, he should stop and wait. When he doesn’t, he risks injury or getting lost.

He needs to know how to perform cues like “down” and “sit” from a distance and with distractions, like people going by, cars honking and amazing new smells to track.

Many dogs do great in the comfort of their home. They already know how everything smells and looks so they can pay attention to you.

But as soon as the setting changes, they become unruly. 

Teaching your dog to focus on you in different places is an essential skill if you want him to listen to you in public, at the dog park, when traveling or simply going out for a walk.

A dog needs to master listening skills in every situation, whether it’s asking him to leave your sandwich alone, walk around a big mud puddle, or get off the couch when you have people over.

If you want to transform your dog into a well-behaved companion, then it is important for you to take things into your hands and understand how dogs think, what gets their attention and what can alter their behavior.

Teach your dog to listen every single time

Unlock the SpiritDog Listening Bundle for a one-time payment of $531 $99 and get access to everything you need to teach your dog perfect listening skills.

“I have tried everything, and this is the first method that really seems to be working, and very quickly!”

– Jill Dagostino ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

You’re protected with a 60-day money-back guarantee
+ lifetime access to feedback from our trainers

But wait, why do we need to teach our dogs to listen?

Everything I mentioned so far evolved around frustration, annoyance and embarrassment (like Shine ignoring me).

But that was not a “life and death” situation.

So we can put off solving the issue, right?


What if there’s a danger and your dog MUST listen to you?

What if …

  • Your dog dashes out the door in a busy neighborhood with a lot of cars and bikes?
  • Your dog ventures off the trail on a hike without a leash?
  • Your dog runs off when he sees a squirrel on the other side of the road?

These are day-to-day situations that might happen anytime, anywhere.

We need to keep our dogs safe, and listening skills are an integral part of this.

That’s why we REALLY want to solve the listening problem.

Just spend a minute and think about this …

What will happen when the listening problem is GONE?

  • You have the confidence that your dog will listen even at a distance
  • Your dog is able to explore off-leash in permitted areas
  • You have peace of mind when you’re hanging out with your dog

How does that sound to you?

That is completely doable when you’re committed to making it happen.

Now you can …

Build fantastic responses to your cues in just 10 minutes per day

With the SpiritDog Listening Bundle you get instant access to a proven dog training method that works for tens of thousands of dog owners worldwide in just 10 minutes of daily practice.

View our videos anytime, anywhere – on mobile phones, tablets or your computer!

Print dozens of instructional PDFs to take along when you are training

Take quizzes to test your progress

Ask our trainers any questions that come up in the process!

Teach your dog to listen every single time without yelling, bribing or overwhelming frustration

Unlock the SpiritDog Listening Bundle for a one-time payment of $531 $99 and get access to everything you need to teach your dog perfect listening skills.

“I am a veterinarian and I recommend these programs to my clients as well.”

– Brenna Forde ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

You’re protected with a 60-day money-back guarantee
+ lifetime access to feedback from our trainers

Here are some examples from super students who have used our method.

Watch how well their dogs listen!

Teach your dog to listen every single time

Start today for $531 $99

“I found a few hours here already more helpful than any trainer I’ve ever hired in person. I really wish I had found SpiritDog years ago!”

– Nathalie Demeurie ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

You’re protected with a 60-day money-back guarantee
+ lifetime access to feedback from our trainers

Get the keys to trusting your dog every single time you give him a cue

Go from this

To this

Meet Your Instructors

Steffi Trott is the head trainer at SpiritDog Training. Steffi specializes in dog cognition and behavior and she’s been teaching dog training to thousands of clients both locally and through online lessons, since 2013.
She studied dog training with European trainers such as multi-world champions in agility and European Open winners Silvia Trkman, Polona Bonac, Martina Klimesova and Anna Hinze as well as US trainers like Kim Terrill and Daisy Peel.

Elise has been training dog for many years. Her first dog, a little terrier mix inspired her love for trick training and dog sports spending many years competing in agility together.
In 2014, Elise followed her passion by traveling across Canada to attend a Professional dog training school: Good Dog Academy. She’s been training dogs professionally ever since and enjoying agility, obedience and herding with her own dogs. This year’s goal is to get her Aussie’s OTCH in obedience.

As seen on the TV show the World’s Greatest, season 16 episode 330

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Inge Blythe

I am SO happy we signed up for this course! I learned more about my dog's reactivity in the first two lessons than I did in multiple sessions with a private dog trainer. My dog Moka and I are about halfway through the course and not only do I now understand her reactivity better, we are also seeing slow but sure results!! Steffi is amazing not only in how she presents her material, but also in the fact that she responds personally to every single individual who might have specific questions about their dog, which is pretty unheard of especially in an online class where thousands of people take it. She is truly dedicated to helping us and I am so grateful. I'm looking forward to trying some of the other classes when we finish this one. I know I will be coming back to the information over and over again. Thank you Steffi 🙏🙏🙏

Sarah Wisniewski

I am currently in the reactivity course and it’s amazing! It is so educational and so motivating. Not only is the course very extensive and thorough, but you are able to read and leave questions that get answered the next day at the latest! It helps you get your training moving quickly and at a great pace! Very very happy with it!

Morgan Macintosh

This was probably the best online program I've come across for reactive dogs! She covers all different forms of reactivity, educates the reader on some common terms (counter conditioning, classical conditioning, desensitization etc), gives step by step instructions in a video and written form on how to prevent the reactivity but also what to do if it happens.
I also liked that you cover the dog as a whole in the form of talking about physical and mental exercise. (Hierarchy of dog needs)
Honestly covers everything a reactive dog owner should know but in the simplest comprehensible way.
For reactive dog owners I would recommend this package then her other packages later on specifically targeting obedience behaviours like walking on leash, recall and extras such as the brain game package. So many reactive dog owners jump right into obedience programs such as how to walk good on leash etc when they actually need a different form of training to target the emotion behind the unwanted behaviour. Classical conditioning THEN counter conditioning.

nathalie demeurie

I was a little suspicious about online training, I have to admit, but SprititDog blew me away. First, the content is positive, science based, takes into account your dog as an individual and the methods just work! Steffi has some really incredible ideas. Second, I had never had things explained to me so well before. The lessons are so well thought out and everything is structured and presented in a way that's both really smart and easy to follow. Third, customer service is incredible. You can ask questions and you get help and answers quickly, and you can just feel how passionate they are about helping us help our dogs. I found a few hours here already more helpful than any trainer I've ever hired in person. I really wish I had found SpiritDog years ago!

Derry Bunting

Hi Steffi Just a few days in and I would already highly recommend your Tackling Reactivity Program to anyone with a highly reactive dog! Thor (our Jack Russell) & I have been practicing the sniffing exercise using scattered treats for several days now and have progressed to doing this in longer lawn grass on our outdoor walks morning and night. Thor is very reactive to other dogs and nothing has helped but this evening when we encountered 2 other dogs at different times he began to get agitated but when I tossed his treats in the grass he was more interested in sniffing for his treats than leaping on his leash and barking at the other dogs! A very promising start! Thanks! Derry Bunting and Thor Ragnarock

Heather Stewart

I am really enjoying this course, Tackling Reactivity. The explanations and supporting videos are very clear. I like Steffi's no-nonsense and straightforward way of describing what she means. We are only beginners at the reactivity training but I feel I have enough confidence to succeed. I have also tried other trainers' methods but find this one precise and without lots of "hype". Access to other users' comments is very useful and seeing SpiritDog's responses is informative.

Ellen Grol

The Tackling Reactivity Course of Spirit Dog Training really has given me exactly what I needed to not only understand why my dog behaves like she does, it also offers very helpful tools for counterconditioning and training. Since I was able to discuss particular problems with a professional dog trainer I could personalise the training for my specific situation. My dog and I still have a way to go but this course already absolutely exceeds my expectations.

Terry Harmon Neff

I am so pleased with myself for moving forward with training and taking the Spiritdog training reactivity course. I never expected immediate miracles but after 2mos I can definitely see a calmer dog (2.5 yo rescue dog I adopted at 10mos old) in most situations that were over and above him prior to your guidance. Every email and message you post takes me to a another level of knowing how to best train. This retired senior from north of Boston 'thanks you' every day.

Deborah Gabbert

As a professional dog trainer, I am constantly learning from other trainers to improve my art and skill. I also like to review on line training programs to recommend to clients to enhance the learning process since I do not have such content of my own. I have been reviewing Spirit Dog's Tackling Reactivity course and am delighted. Steffi is extremely knowledgeable and her program is thorough and detailed. She provides students with great clarity on essential topics and phenomenal support with 24/7 answers to questions and terrific email reminders and teaching tidbits. I have already recommended this course to others and I look forward to reviewing more Spirit Dog courses!

Julia Hoffmann

I love the positivity of Spirit Dog Training! The fun and free December games are a great way to bond and work with my pup. With so many people out there training with punishment and shock collars, it is refreshing to have trainers who really want to help you love everything about your dog and teach you to have your dog love working with you and not afraid of being punished! Thanks, Spirit for providing free content as well as low cost classes that anyone can do.

Mar Sto

I just started the Tacking Reactivity and it has provided the missing piece and I'm already seeing amazing results with my rescue dog! I previously spent hundreds of dollars on private training lessons, group Reactivity classes and other online courses. The suggestions here are so much easier to follow and having the videos is so helpful. I'm finally feeling hopeful that someday we will be able to go on a "normal" dog walk without him going ballistic at the sight of another dog.

Nel Broers

There's so much to love about the SpiritDog training! After having read many books, followed many courses and sought help of in-person trainers, we were still struggling with behavioral issues of our canine companion. The clear, extensive online course and very responsive staff of SpiritDog, has been most supportive to us and our reactive dog of everything we have tried thus far. Thank you!

Erika Miller

Training a pup is not an easy task, it takes time, consistency, patience and the right people leading the way. After my first few lessons I have already seen a huge change in my pup. The course, Steffi, and Elise are amazing. I truly enjoy logging in to learn how to help my pup. The lessons are extremely informational and the feedback to questions is like having a trainer right here with us! I am not even half-way through the course and can't wait to see what the rest of it brings!! Thank you all for helping me learn how to help my are amazing!!!

Jon Sanford

I’ve already learned so much from just a few days of the online Tackling Reactivity course. I can’t wait to keep working my way through the course!

Pernille Joost

We are about 1/2 through the course - and already loving it! Everything is very simply explained - From the theory behind, the practical stuff, preparation, what to expect and the actual training. I love that it has text, illustrations, videos, comments and answers and short quizzes. Steffi (the trainer) seems very empathetic and conveys great patience and understanding of the struggles and frustrations that come with having a reactive dog. We've only just started, but I've seen changes, and my whole attitude to working with my boys reactivity has changed - I feel confident, optimistic and in safe hands with this course and trainer! I highly recommend this course for anyone struggling with a reactive dog - and who does not wish to use aversive methods 🙂


 I really like this course. I am taking the reactivity course. It is very simple, yet so effective! I had given up hope, after having done 2 months of professional training and still having a reactive dog. However this course gave me hope again! I especially appreciate the quick responses and feedback from the trainers when you have a question.

Tiffany Ashton Baker

I am absolutely loving this course! I have learned so much already and cant wait to put it all into practice. My dog is calmer and I know how to avoid situations that would cause her to become reactive and more importantly how to handle those situations when they may arrive. I am thrilled to have found this course and recommend it 100%.

Renee Bolz

Recently completed this online course and found it so informative – has helped so much with my reactive dog! We continue with our training daily but now I feel like I know what to do and understand her behavior!!

Valerie Chang

We’re working our way through the Tackling Reactivity course, and it’s great. I have taken my dogs to many courses over the years, hired trainers and purchased other online courses, and this is absolutely the best. Thank you!

Rebecca Adelman

Wow! we've seen such drastic improvements with our reactive dog by just implementing some of the suggestions in the first couple of lessons. I can't wait to see how far we will come after finishing all the lessons with our girl! Thank you Steffi for these amazing classes and helping us tackle our dog's reactive behavior! I wish we would have found you sooner!


My dog is 5 yrs old and unbelievably reactive to other dogs on leash; she looks and sounds like she wants to eat them and this happens all of the time. She is a rescue, and after having puppies on the street I though this behaviour was absolutely engrained and was just something i would have to accept. We are just a couple of weeks into the reactivity course and I am seeing small changes in her attention toward me when facing her triggers. This in itself has been a huge step as we've been to group classes and had a personal trainer at home, both of which were not effective in their methods. The lessons are very informative and easy to follow. They give us a great foundation of understanding why our dogs react the way they do, then small steps to make the training effective. It's taking a lot of consistency on my part but absolutely worth it when seeing gradual changes. The trainers are very attentive to the students and are there through the process, promptly answering questions as I'm facing new challenges. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone with a reactive dog; we're both learning so much together!

Ariel Jeffcoat

I purchased the Reactivity Bundle after hitting a wall with our training and it was the best thing I could have done, it was informative, easy to understand and gave a great foundation for at home, then applying it outdoors as well, and my dog has made so much progress with me just having the extra bit of knowledge. I highly recommend


I have recently enrolled in the Tackling Reactivity course. I must say prior to enrolment i was quite skeptical especially when the course was delivered online without a face to face trainer to help problem solve. I have a 15 month old Toy Moodle- he is a Covid puppy. Being a first pet owner I have no idea how important socialisation is for Meeko. I thought as long as we bring him out for a walk and play in the park he should be ok. When he was growing up we have a few visitors that came over to the house and played with him without any issues. The problem started when he turned 1. When our country's 6 months lockdown was lifted, Meeko became anxious in the park.Going to the shops became very stressful for the family as he got defensive and reactive to people and dogs that came near him. This went on for a few months until i stumbled across Spirit Dog Training. This course was carefully prepared from the science behind the "Why" dogs are reactive to "How" we can manage and then "Train" to overcome that behaviour. It was eye opening for me even before the actual training began. What really struck me most was to understand how my dog's constant "Rehearsal" of his reactivity can ultimately be deeply ingrained into him and if that is not resolved, it will be even harder to untrain that behaviour. Steffi taught us to constantly be aware of the "triggers" that will set him off and help train him to associate that trigger to something positive. The other thing that i found very useful was how clear Steffi was in her teaching of the training "Mechanics". I realised my previous training methods had flaws hence the progress was slow. Steffi and her team is very prompt with their response to any comments or questions you have with any training issues. It's like having a real trainer next to you except you learn way more than when you are in a class setting. I am super happy with this course. My dog is already learning to focus on me more . I am slowly getting Meeko to be a little more accepting of people and dogs in public at a distance. I have to keep reminding myself that there is no quick fix for the Reactivity problem. I have to protect Meeko's confidence so that the training will not go in vain. Highly Recommend ! Give it a go !!

Here’s what can happen when you use this positive training method to teach your dog listening skills:

Train your dog in less time and with better results

With this training method you will be able to better understand your dog’s behavior which is going to set you and your dog up for success with training, faster than anything else.

No more bribing your dog

When nothing works, many owners revert to bribing their dog with rewards just so they would listen. But, there’s a better way to teach your dog to listen without us having to show them a cookie first.

Teach commands your dog will follow instantly

Teaching your dog to listen to you is where the best human-dog partnerships begin. When your dog learns to listen to you, everything else is so much easier to train.

Get the exact roadmap to teach your dog how to listen to you and respond instantly to your commands.

After implementing this training method, your dog will listen to everything you say, whether he is in front of you or 30 feet away
Start today for $531 $99

“It’s like having a real trainer next to you except you learn way more than when you are in a class setting.”

– Aimee & Meeko ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

You’re protected with a 60-day money-back guarantee
+ lifetime access to feedback from our trainers

Here’s what’s included with this Listening Bundle

You get three courses, an eBook and seven bonuses that help you teach your dog these important listening skills:

✅ Listen while distracted

✅ Listen to cues at a distance

✅ Listen in different places

✅ Listen in daily life situations

You have company and he needs to stay off the couch

He’s far away, just about to do something that puts him at risk or create a mess

You’re out on a walk, traveling or visiting and he behaves just as well as he does at home

You ask him to sit, stop or spin

He listens to your command and stops, sits even when there are distractions around

You have people over and he performs the cues you ask

Distractions will happen. We cannot change that. What we can change is whether or not we're prepared.

Learn how to actively train your dog to listen to you even with distractions.

Just Listen! Course

This is where to start teaching perfect listening for basic commands such as sit, stay and more, in situations where your dog becomes distracted or feels uncomfortable.

51 lessons with step-by-step demonstrations and games 

With this course, your dog will become an expert at listening:

  • with food distractions
  • with toy distractions
  • in different places around your home
  • in different places near your home

What this course teaches:

  • How to teach instant response to sit, down, stand and spin, even with distractions
  • Learn the ONLY way to teach your dog to sit without confusing him or creating undesired associations
  • Discover the essential rules of helping your dog to actually listen to your commands
  • Find out what are the first cues to teach your dog so that teaching any future behaviors will become a lot easier
  • Learn what are the appropriate treats to use for listening and recall training
  • How to help your dog stop making unnecessary mistakes by becoming a very kind, rewarding trainer and at the same time extremely consistent
  • Find out how to prepare your dog to listen even when he is distracted
Read More
Why Does My Dog Not Listen?
The Anatomy Of A Cue
Criteria – Why Do We Need Them?
Training & Proofing Cues
Deciding On The Most Important Cues
Training FAQ
Just Listen Quiz I
Read More
Types Of Distractions
Controlled Distraction I
Advancing Controlled Distractions
Distraction Quiz I
Controlled Distraction II: Toys
Advancing Toy Distractions
Different Places I
Training Trips
Distractions We Cannot Control I
Distractions We Cannot Control II
Distractions We Cannot Control – Example
“Invisible” Distractions
Distraction Quiz II
Consistency For YOU
Read More
Training Needs To Be Black & White
Kind & Consistent
Stop & Redo
How Much Failure Is Ok? I
How Much Failure Is OK? II
Distracting Family Members
Just Listen Quiz II
Proofing Games
Read More
What’s “Proofing”?
Talking Game
Position Game
Motion Game
Just Listen Quiz IV
Going Forward
Read More
Quantity vs Quality
Keeping Cues Fresh
Sit - As Easy As It Sounds?
Read More
What’s A Sit, Anyway?
Foundation Behavior
Fading The Lure
A Trick For Trust
Introducing The Cue
EASY Places
Importance Of A Release Cue
Teaching A Release Cue
When NOT To Use Sit
Just Listen Quiz III
Understanding Difficulties & Progression
Verbals In Daily Life
Read More
Just Background Noise?
No Name Game
Saying “No” To Your Dog
Which Cues Actually Work?
Just Listen Quiz V

Teaching your dog to listen from far away is a life-saving skill.

If your dog struggles to listen to you when he’s at a distance, he could be at risk of injury.

Distance Control Course

Now that your dog has learned basic listening skills, take it one step further with your very own verbal and distance course so he can listen to your cues from far away.

Teach your dog skills such as position changes and sending him out to a platform or an object of your choice.

40 lessons with step-by-step demonstrations

With this course, your dog will become an expert at:

  • performing life-saving skills from 30 feet away
  • listening to hand and verbal cues
  • staying in position until you give the release cue
  • standing, sitting, spinning on cue
  • feeling comfortable even if there’s a distance between you and him
  • staying still when you move away from him

What this course teaches:

  • How to teach your dog sit, down, stand and spin every time using a lure, a hand cue, or a verbal cue
  • The way to progressively teach your dog to sit, stay down, stand up and spin for longer durations of time and from farther away
  • How to use a platform to improve training results and teach your dog new skills
  • What is spot training, why and how to teach it to your dog
  • Discover how to find the right treats that your dog likes and wants to work for
  • What is a marker, why it’s important and how to use it in your training sessions to get better results
  • Learn the best method to teach your dog to follow a treat when you start training for new behaviors
Read More
Finding the right treats
How long to train
What is a marker?
Consistency with your release word
Distance Control Quiz I
Week 2 - Platform Duration & Distance
Read More
Adding duration to platform
Adding distance to platform
Sending to platform
Position changes on platform
Platform Quiz II
Week 5 - Duration and distance to spot training
Read More
Adding duration on spot
Building your send out to spot
Adding your movement away from spot
Position Changes With You Close By
Send Out Quiz II
Read More
Sit – Adding a verbal cue
Sit – Adding duration
Sit – Adding distance
Sit – Quiz
Down – Adding a verbal cue
Down – Adding duration
Down – Adding distance
Down – Quiz
Stand – Adding a verbal cue
Stand – Adding duration
Stand – Adding distance
Stand – Quiz
Spin – Adding a verbal cue
Week 3 - Upping the challenge with Platform
Read More
Distance position changes on platform
Generalizing your platform
Platform Quiz III
Week 1 - Platfrom Training Foundation
Read More
Why a platform?
Choosing your platform
Building value for the platform
Adding a cue
Platform – Quiz
Week 4 - Spot training foundation
Read More
Spot training
Picking the spot object
Building value for the spot
Adding your verbal cue
Send Out Quiz I
Week 6 - Upping the challenge for spot training
Read More
Adding position changes to spot
Generalizing your spot object
Our last lesson together

Basic Obedience Course

Teach your dog to sit, lie down, stay, not steal food, and pay attention to you

42 lessons with step-by-step demonstrations

  • Understand “why” dogs misbehave, and how to change it
  • Discover the power of positive reinforcement for good behavior
  • Watch dogs of different breeds work in a variety of places
  • Make lasting changes in your dog’s behavior
  • Teach basic manners fast and efficiently
Read More
Basic Obedience Introduction
The ABRA Cadabra Formula
The Right Treats
Attention Building
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Basic Attention Game
Attention Outside I
Attention Outside II
Advancing Attention Games
Jumping Problems?
Name Game
Name Game Outside
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Food Chasing
It’s Your Choice
Teaching The Sit
Sit and Go I
Sit and Go II
Teaching The Down
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Training More Than 1 Dog
Down and Go I
Down and Go II
Sit or Down?
Gentle Treat Taking
Everything about Stays
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Release Word
Adding Duration
Adding Distance
Adding Distraction
Lesson 5
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Choices, So Many Choices
Choices Become Habits
Overexcited Greeting
How To React To Bad Behavior
Lesson 6
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Introduction to Loose Leash Walking
By My Side
Why Do Dogs Pull?
Lesson 7
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Transitioning to Loose Leash Walking
Walking More Than 1 Dog
Waiting at The Door
Mat Work
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Mat Work I
Mat Work II
Mat Work III
Lesson 9
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Left and Right
For The Future
Basic Obedience Quiz

10 dog training mistakes you need to stop eBook

What this eBook teaches:

  • The journey to a well-behaved dog
  • Why some mistakes can break any training progress you’ve made
  • What are the 10 most common mistakes you need to avoid when training your dog
  • What to do if you find yourself scowling at your dog 
  • How to find out if you are making mistakes in training your dog and what to change to stop them

With this Listening Bundle, you also get treats! 3 bonuses worth $81 to give your dog a well-rounded education in listening

BONUS #1: Sibling Struggles (value $27)  – included with your bundle for FREE

Do you have two dogs that just won’t get along? With this course, you’ll discover ways to manage and improve difficult sibling relationships.

The method combines management and training techniques so you can stop the dogs from fighting from day one and then gradually change their feelings about each other in the long run.

✅ Understand why your dogs don’t get well together and what triggers undesired behavior or aggression towards each other

✅ The formula for crafting great interactions between your dogs so you can minimize triggers for problem behavior

✅ Learn how to prevent bad interactions and mood flips 

And so much more…

BONUS #2: Sensational Stays (value $27)  – included with your bundle for FREE

Having a strong and reliable stay can come in handy and is a fantastic safety tool in many different situations. This is why it’s so important every dog learns this skill.

The good news is that you can teach every dog to stay – we’ll show you how.

✅ Find out why your dog won’t stay

✅ How to use rewards to teach him to stay even if your dog is used to a lot of rewards

✅ Learn how to use the “It’s Your Choice” exercise to improve your dog’s impulse control

And so much more…

BONUS #3: Long Line Lessons (value $27)  – included with your bundle for FREE

A long line can be a fantastic way to train safely with a dog who likes to dash away, who is reactive, or a puppy who has yet to learn to always stay close. 

In this roadmap you will get an overview of the different ways to use a long line to get all the training you want, without the risk of our dog suddenly taking off on you!

✅ How to use long-line training to calm down an easily excited, anxious, motion sensitivity or reactive dog

✅ How to safely train your dog with a long line without risking pain or injuries to your dog’s throat, neck or spine

✅ How long line helps if you have a strong dog with an obedience problem  

And so much more…

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One LIVE webinar with me (Steffi, the founder of SpiritDog Training)

It will be a DEEP DIVE into proven dog training principles, so bad behaviors never happen again. The schedule and the Zoom link will be sent via email!

SpiritDog™ Community Access

This is an online community of like-minded dog owners. Everyone can share their progress and celebrate their wins.

12 Weekly Community Challenges

By joining our private community, you can participate in the community challenges. It’s designed to keep you engaged in training!

90 Daily Audio Messages

Steffi created useful tips for every day. During these 90 days you will repeat what you already know and learn a lot of new things.

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You’re protected with a 60-day money-back guarantee
+ lifetime access to feedback from our trainers

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The SpiritDog Listening Bundle comes with an unconditional money-back guarantee, which means you can try everything in this bundle for 60 days, risk free.

If you do not like the courses, can’t find value in getting feedback LIVE from a dog trainer and if you do not see results with our listening method, please email our friendly support desk at [email protected] within 60 days of purchase and we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

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You’re protected with a 60-day money-back guarantee
+ lifetime access to feedback from our trainers

A dog who listens is a dog you can trust.

We all want a dog who listens to us the first time we ask him to do something. We want a dog who doesn’t embarrass us in front of friends and family by not coming when called, or refusing to spit out that nasty rotting lump it found on our walk.

We want a dog who is always ready to take our cues, do what we want him to do, and generally is a great companion and a pleasure to be around.

How do we get there?

After working with thousands of in-person and online students, and struggling with this herself, our head trainer Steffi Trott created the SpiritDog Listening Bundle to help owners just like you, who want to be certain that their dog will respond to their cues 100% of the time.

Let’s sum this up:

✅ Just Listen! Course (value $149)

✅ Distance Control Course (value $149)

✅ Basic Obedience Course (value $115)

✅ 10 dog training mistakes you need to stop eBook (value $37)

✅ BONUS #1: Sibling Struggles  (value $27)

✅ BONUS #2: Sensational Stays (value $27)

✅ BONUS #3: Long Line Lessons (value $27) 

✅ BONUS #4: Lifetime Access To Private SpiritDog Community

✅ BONUS #5: Daily Audio Messages

✅ BONUS #6: 12 Weekly Community Challenges

✅ BONUS #7: Student-Only LIVE Webinar with Steffi Trott

+ Personal feedback from our trainers (value $150) 

+ Dozens of PDFs for tracking your progress

+ Quizzes to test what your dog has learned

+ Certificates upon course completion

+ Lifetime access to trainer support 

+ 100% unconditional money-back guarantee valid for 60 days

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You’re protected with a 60-day money-back guarantee
+ lifetime access to feedback from our trainers

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“How often should I do each exercise for my dog to learn how to listen”

And answers to other big questions

Question #1: “How often should I do each exercise for my dog to learn how to listen?”

In order to get great listening skills, you want to have a lot of repetition with your dog getting the skills right and being rewarded. You should repeat each exercise until your dog seems to clearly understand what he is doing and is performing the behaviors enthusiastically and without hesitation.

As a rule of thumb, repeat every video exercise for about 3-5 sessions (with generous rewards).

Question #2: “Do I have to do the lessons in order?”

If you start with an advanced lesson before your dog has learned the basics, he won’t understand what you want him to do and you will both be frustrated. You will get the best results if you follow the lessons in the order they’re presented.

If you are unsure about anything, you can ask questions anytime. You can also take a video of your training and upload it to YouTube and send us a link – then we can have a look and give detailed advice on your training!

Question 3: “It sounds difficult to train for listening skills, can I actually do this?”

Training your dog at home using online courses can sound challenging, but we’ve made it easy so you and your dog can make progress even if you’ve never trained before.

All of our classes are straightforward. You get step-by-step instructions and a direct line of communication to certified trainers who are there to help you every step of the way.

Tens of thousands of owners just like you have tried our methods to help their dogs become great companions.

Question #4: “I’ve tried to train listening skills before, but I failed. How is this different?”

It can be downright frustrating to invest a lot of time, effort and money into training your dog, only to discover that your dog keeps making mistakes. 

It’s not that you don’t have the right attitude or you don’t want to make an effort. Success in training your dog to listen is about tweaking a few things in how you communicate what you want your dog to do.

With the step-by-step method, games and exercises in the Listening Bundle, you will be able to see BIG changes in what your dog does when you ask him for a cue.

Plus, you can get tailored feedback for your specific situations from our certified trainers. So, whenever you feel stuck, send us a message, describe your situation and we’ll help you and your dog overcome the hurdles.

Question #5: “What if this training method doesn’t work for my dog?”

We are committed to making you and your dog happy. If you don’t see any results after implementing our training method and getting personalized feedback from our certified dog trainers within the first 60 days after your purchase, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked. 

Question #6: “I don’t want to punish or correct my dog. Does this training framework use these methods?”

We do not utilize or recommend any kind of physical or verbal corrections.

Our training framework does not make use of corrective collars, leash pops, harsh words or other means of intimidation or punishment.

Question #7: “My dog is not food-motivated, what should I do?”

You can use some very special treats for your games at first. Small pinky-nail-sized pieces of the following work well:

  • hotdogs, string cheese
  • chicken, roast beef
  • freeze-dried liver, cheese or chicken
  • premade raw food, such as from the company Fresh Pet

Don’t feed your dog before training – this will make him more motivated. Start with easy games and only increase the difficulty if your dog is happily playing.

Our team has worked with thousands of dogs.  There were certainly some picky eaters among them. If your dog has the habit of ignoring treats, we will work together with you until we find a solution that works best for him!

Question #8: “Will all the treats make my dog overweight?”

This is an important concern, especially for small dogs or dogs that easily put on weight. If we are limited on how much physical exercise we can give our dogs (because of bad weather, health conditions or similar), they can quickly pack on a couple of pounds, just like humans!

You should always subtract the amount of food that your dog eats during training from his meals. 

If you are working on several games or for longer than a couple of minutes, the food you use during your session might easily replace your dog’s entire meal.

Question #9: “I don’t want to just bribe my dog with treats to listen!”

Good – because we also don’t want you to do that!

In our courses, we use treats to change your dog’s “CER” (conditioned emotional response). In the beginning you will use many treats, but over time your dog’s feelings about his triggers change and you can reduce the treats; your dog will still behave.

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You’re protected with a 60-day money-back guarantee
+ lifetime access to feedback from our trainers

Please note: Management is the #1 priority when owning reactive or aggressive dogs. You should never rely on training alone. It is your responsibility to keep your dog on a leash, in a securely fenced yard etc.
Every dog is different, and different training systems will work for different dogs.

Dogs will show different speed and levels of improvement based on how reactive they are, how ingrained this behavior is, and how well they are managed around their triggers. Breed-specific tendencies will contribute to the outcomes.

This course is not intended to cure dogs with a bite history. If you struggle to manage your dog around his triggers (i.e., he can pull you over, he is aggressive to household members) you should always consult an in-person trainer for advice.