Listening Bundle

Is your dog ignoring you?

Teach your dog perfect listening skills

Get the exact roadmap to teach your dog:
✓ Listening under distractions
✓ Listening to cues at a distance from the handler
✓ Listening in different places
✓Listening in daily life situations

$416 $149

You’re protected with 60-day money back guarantee
+ lifetime access to feedback from our trainers

Does your dog do this?

Your dog ignores you even after repeating everything several times: “Sit … sit, leave it, sit. SIT”?

Your dog listens to you ... sometimes. Other times - not so much.

You hate going for walks because your dog stops to pay attention when you’re in a different place than your home?

You have people over and want to show off your dog’s new skills, but he refuses to listen to your cues?

“My dog won’t listen to me, respect me and makes me feel like I’m failing”

How often have you felt defied by your dog when he refused to carry out a seemingly easy and obvious task?

How often have you felt defied by your dog when he refused to carry out a seemingly easy task that he has been trained to do?
We ask our dog to sit and he does not do it, so we tell him again. He still does not do it.

  • It makes us feel like we’re failing.
  • It makes it difficult to trust our dog to behave and stay out of trouble.
  • It makes us wonder why we spend so much time and effort training!

Teach your dog to listen every single time

For a dog, language means nothing.

They are happy to live their life without ever hearing a single word said to them. 

Our dogs communicate and learn through a more straight-forward system: an action produces a result. 

If that result is desirable, they will repeat the action (such as sitting for a cookie). If the result was undesirable, they are less likely to try the behavior again (such as getting disciplined by another dog for stealing their bone).

So, the next time your dog doesn’t listen, instead of allowing the feeling of disappointment to discourage you from believing things can change, remember this:

Dogs don’t speak English… or any other human language for that matter.

And they certainly don’t want to annoy us. They love us unconditionally and try their best to understand what it is that we want from them.

Which puts the power into our hands as dog owners. 

They need us to translate our human language into behaviors they can understand.

Introducing the Listening Bundle,
so you can teach your dog to listen to everything you say,
whether he is in front of you or 30 feet away

With this Bundle you can teach your dog these important listening skills:

If your dog listens well when it’s just you and him, but struggles when another person is there, or hears a new sound, sees a bird or a dog, he becomes distracted.

Distractions will happen. We cannot change that. What we can change is whether we’re prepared or not.

So it’s important to learn how to actively train your dog to listen to you in situations when they get distracted by family members, other dogs, people they don’t know or traffic.

The goal is to teach your dog that choosing to focus on the distraction won’t pay off. Stop & Redo will become your key to training your dog to listen under distractions.

If your dog struggles to listen to you when he’s at a distance, he could be at risk. 

For instance, if he crosses a busy street and you tell him to stop from far away, he should stop and wait. When he doesn’t, he risks injury or getting lost.

He needs to know how to perform cues like “Down”, “Sit” from a distance and with distractions, like people going by, cars honking and amazing new smells to track.

Many dogs do great in the comfort of their home. They already know how everything smells and looks so they can pay attention to you.

But as soon as the setting changes, they become unruly. 

Teaching your dog to focus on you in different places is an essential skill if you want him to listen to you in public, at the dog park, when traveling or simply going out for a walk.

A dog needs to master listening skills in every situation, whether it’s asking him to leave your sandwich alone, walk around a big mud puddle, or get off the couch when you have people over.

If you want to transform your dog into a well-behaved companion, then it is important for you to take things into your hands and understand how dogs think, what gets their attention and what can alter their behavior.

Teach your dog to listen every single time

Unlock the SpiritDog Listening Bundle for a one time payment of $416$149 and get access to everything you need to teach your dog perfect listening skills with 2 courses, 1 ebook and bonuses worth $81.
You’re protected with 60-day money back guarantee
+ lifetime access to feedback from our trainers

What do you do when your dog doesn't listen to your cue?

Do you:

Say the cue over and over even when the dog does not show the right behavior?

Say the cue again louder and more decisive even when the dog still doesn’t care to respond?

Try a different cue to get his attention, then bring out a treat as a bribe, and eventually just give up?

Does he seem to do things wrong just to annoy you or to make a point?

Dog training can be very frustrating, especially when it feels like your dog doesn’t want to participate or isn’t making the progress you were hoping for.

Many dog owners abandon the idea of training their dog on their own because of this. So, they take their dogs to classes and hire private trainers, spending a lot of time and money without still not seeing much improvement!

The dog listens to someone else, but not them.

You don’t need to be a master dog trainer to get your dog to listen to you. With the right combination of training methods, consistency, feedback and support, you will soon be able to get on the same page with your dog.

Build fantastic responses to your cues in just 10 minutes per day

With the SpiritDog Listening Bundle you get instant access to a proven dog training method that works for tens of thousands of dog owners worldwide in just 10 minutes of daily practice.

Everything is very simply explained – Great layout, easy to understand course

“From the theory behind, the practical stuff, preparation, what to expect and the actual training. I love that it has text, illustrations, videos, comments and answers and short quizzes”

– Pernille Joost

All your questions answered by a professional dog trainer

“Since I was able to discuss particular problems with a professional dog trainer I could personalise the training for my specific situation”

– Ellen Grol

“The best part though is the customer service and feedback. Access to trainers that actually respond quickly to any questions or concerns.”

– Karen Astle

View our videos anytime, anywhere – on mobile phones, tablets or your computer!

Print dozens of instructional PDFs to take along when you are training

Take quizzes to test your progress

Ask our trainers any questions that come up in the process!

Teach your dog to listen every single time without yelling, bribing or overwhelming frustration

Unlock the SpiritDog Listening Bundle for a one time payment of $416$149 and get access to everything you need to teach your dog perfect listening skills with 2 courses, 1 ebook and bonuses worth $81.
You’re protected with 60-day money back guarantee
+ lifetime access to feedback from our trainers

Here are some examples from super students who have used our method.

Watch how well their dogs listen!

Teach your dog to listen every single time

Start today for $416$149
You’re protected with 60-day money back guarantee
+ lifetime access to feedback from our trainers

Get the keys to trusting your dog every single time you task him with a cue

Go from this

To this

Meet your instructor

Steffi Trott is the head trainer at SpiritDog Training. She specializes in dog cognition and behavior, having been teaching dog training to thousands of clients both locally and through online lessons, since 2013. 

She studied dog training with European trainers such as multi-world champions in agility and European Open winners Silvia Trkman, Polona Bonac, Martina Klimesova and Anna Hinze as well as US trainers like Kim Terrill and Daisy Peel.

Elise has been training dog for many years. Her first dog, a little terrier mix inspired her love for trick training and dog sports. Spending many years competing in agility together.

In 2014, Elise followed her passion by traveling across Canada to attend a Professional dog training school: Good Dog Academy. She’s been training dogs professionally ever since and enjoying agility, obedience and herding with her own dogs. This year’s goal is to get her Aussie’s OTCH in obedience.

SpiritDog Training is the premier resource for online dog training. We have been featured in:

Over 33000 dog owners are using the SpiritDog training method!

“These are fantastic courses and really do address the problems we all face with our dogs. The ability to ask questions and have them answered promptly is fantastic. These guys are so helpful. I highly recommend them to anyone who's looking to train their dog.”
- Alex McCarthy

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alexa chester
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As a newly-certified dog trainer, I am obsessed with learning new things. Steffi and SpiritDog are an absolute treasure! The positive reinforcement approach is ALWAYS the way to go, and Steffi explains WHY her methods work so well in a way that actually makes sense! I learned a lot of this in school, but the way information is presented in this course makes it more applicable to daily life and super easy to follow! I can’t count how many times I exclaimed, “oh, wow!” out loud during the Reactivity course, and I’m so excited to keep learning!!
Pamela Bay
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I really enjoy the short lessons and games from Spirit Dog Training. Always very clearly explained as to why and how to teach your dog, the videos are easy to follow. I am glad to learn more fun and simple training ideas from Spirit Dog with my dog! Thanks!
Arleen Lancaster
Read More
I love SpiritDog Training. She has good advice and constantly keeps in touch. She will respond to questions. Her training videos are easy to follow. She constantly checks to give new tips and helpful ideas. She always encourages response or questions. Also her courses are affordable.
Jesica Nkouaga
Read More
Steffi is a wonderful trainer. She is so sweet and captivating to watch with her dogs. Her videos are professional and she teaches each new trick or command in a step-by-step fashion that makes them easy to follow. I have taken two of her courses now and am hoping to take another in the near future. Thank you so much!
Judith Keenan
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Love the totally positive reinforcement techniques for building reliability, loyalty and a wonderful bond with pet dogs. Thumbs up!
Konnie Andrews
Read More
Love all the fun games and so do my dogs! Steffi makes training fun and my dogs always brighten up whenever I say “tricks time.”
Sharon croot
Read More
I’ve only been using this course for a couple of days now and already have noticed a huge difference in our barking reactive dog! I love how the training is so easy to understand and implement, and usable for the whole family! Thank you!!!

Here’s what can happen when you use this positive training method to teach your dog listening skills:

Train your dog in less time and with better results

With this training method you will be able to better understand your dog’s behavior which is going to set you and your dog up for success with training, faster than anything else.

No more bribing your dog

When nothing works, many owners revert to bribing their dog with rewards just so they would listen. But, there’s a better way to teach your dog to listen without us having to show them a cookie first.

Teach commands your dog will follow instantly

Teaching your dog to listen to you is where the best human-dog partnerships begin. When your dog learns to listen to you, everything else is so much easier to train.

Get the exact roadmap to teach your dog how to listen to you and respond instantly to your commands.

After implementing this training method, your dog will listen to everything you say, whether he is in front of you or 30 feet away
Start today for $416$149
You’re protected with 60-day money back guarantee
+ lifetime access to feedback from our trainers

Here’s what’s included with this Listening Bundle

You get two courses and one eBook that help you teach your dog these important listening skills:
So your dog will listen in situations such as:

You have company and he needs to stay off the couch

He’s far away, just about to do something that puts him at risk or create a mess

You’re out on a walk, traveling or visiting and he behaves just as well as he does at home

You ask him to sit, stop or spin

He listens to your command and stops, sits even when there are distractions around

You’ve got people over and he performs the cues you ask

Distractions will happen. We cannot change that. What we can change is whether we’re prepared or not.

Learn how to actively train your dog to listen to you even under distractions.

Just Listen! Course

This is where to start teaching perfect listening for basic commands such as Sit, Stay and more, in situations where your dog becomes distracted or feels uncomfortable.

51 lessons with step-by-step demonstrations and games 

With this course, your dog will become an expert at listening:

  • with food distractions
  • with toy distractions
  • in different places around your home
  • in different places near your home

What this course teaches:

  • How to teach instant response to Sit, Down, Stand and Spin, even under distractions
  • Learn the ONLY way to teach your dog to sit without confusing him or creating undesired associations
  • Discover the essential rules of helping your dog to actually listen to your commands
  • Find out what are the first cues to teach your dog so that teaching any future behaviors will become a lot easier
  • Learn what are the appropriate treats to use for listening and recall training
  • How to help your dog stop making unnecessary mistakes by becoming a very kind, rewarding trainer and at the same time extremely consistent
  • Find out how to prepare your dog to listen even when he is distracted

Teaching your dog to listen from far away is a life saving skill.

If your dog struggles to listen to you when he’s at a distance, he could be at risk of injury.

Distance Control Course

Now that your dog has learned basic listening skills, take it one step further with your very own verbal and distance course so he can listen to your cues from far away.

Teach your dog skills such as position changes and sending him out to a platform or an object of your choice.

40 lessons with step-by-step demonstrations

With this course, your dog will become an expert at:

  • performing life saving skills from 30 feet away
  • listening to hand and verbal cues
  • staying in position until you give the release cue
  • standing, sitting, spinning on cue
  • feeling comfortable even if there’s a distance between you and him
  • staying still when you move away from him

What this course teaches:

  • How to teach your dog sit, down, stand and spin every time using a lure, a hand cue, a verbal cue
  • The way to progressively teach your dog to sit, stay down, stand up and spin for longer durations of time and from further away
  • How to use a platform to improve training results and teach your dog new skills
  • What is spot training, why and how to teach it to your dog
  • Discover how to find the right treats that your dog likes and wants to work for
  • What is a marker, why it’s important and how to use it in your training sessions to get better results
  • Learn the best method to teach your dog to follow a treat when you start training for new behaviors

When you become a better trainer, you get a better dog

This eBook shows you HOW NOT TO train your dog if you want to train new skills, improve existing skills or stop unwanted behaviors.

Distance Control Course

What this eBook teaches:

  • The journey to a well-behaved dog
  • Why some mistakes can break every training progress you’ve made
  • What are the 10 most common mistakes you need to avoid when training your dog
  • What to do if you find yourself scowling at your dog 
  • How to find out if you are making mistakes in training your dog and what to change to stop them

With this Listening Bundle, you also get treats! 3 bonuses worth $81 to give your dog a well-rounded education in listening

BONUS #1: Sibling Struggles (value $27)  – included with your bundle for FREE

Do you have two dogs that just won’t get along? With this course you discover ways to manage and improve difficult sibling relationships.

The method combines management and training techniques so you can stop the dogs from fighting from day #1 and then gradually change their feelings about each other in the long run.

✅ Understand why your dogs don’t get well together and what triggers undesired behavior or aggression towards each other

✅ The formula for crafting great interactions between your dogs so you can minimize triggers for problem behavior

✅ Learn how to prevent bad interactions and mood flips 

And so much more…

BONUS #2: Sensational Stays (value $27)  – included with your bundle for FREE

Having a strong and reliable stay can come in handy and is a fantastic safety tool in many different situations. This is why it’s so important every dog learns this skill.

The good news is that you can teach every dog to stay – we show you how.

✅ Find out why your dog won’t stay

✅ How to use rewards to teach a stay even if your dog is used to a lot for rewards

✅ Learn how to use the “It’s Your Choice” exercise to improve your dog’s impulse control

And so much more…

BONUS #3: Long Line Lessons (value $27)  – included with your bundle for FREE

A long line can be a fantastic way to train safely with a dog who likes to dash away, who is reactive, or a puppy who has yet to learn to always stay close. 

In this roadmap you will get an overview of the different ways to use a long line to get all the training you want, without the risk of our dog suddenly taking off on you!

✅ How to use long line training to calm down an easily excited, anxious or with strong motion sensitivity or reactivity dog

✅ How to safely train your dog with a long line without risking pain or injuries to your dog’s throat, neck and spine

✅ How long line helps if you have a strong dog with an obedience problem  

And so much more…

Start today for $416$149
You’re protected with 60-day money back guarantee
+ lifetime access to feedback from our trainers

You are protected with our Love it - or get your money back 100% unconditional guarantee

The SpiritDog Listening Bundle comes with an unconditional money-back guarantee, which means you can try everything in this bundle for 60 days, risk free.

If you do not like the courses, can’t find value in getting feedback LIVE from a dog trainer and if you do not see results with our listening method, please email our friendly support desk within 60 days of purchase and we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

This special 76% discount is only available on this page

Teach your dog perfect listening skills

Start today for $416$149
As soon as you order, you get instant access to everything. HOWEVER… this offer is super-limited. So when the timer on the page hits “zero”, the 76% discount and the bonuses worth $81 will expire. So act on this now before it goes away.

This is the only opportunity available to get the Listening Bundle (2 courses, 1 eBook and 3 bonuses) for $149.

More than 33.000 dog owners, just like you have used our training method to transform their dogs into amazing team mates. The offer goes away soon so act now before it's too late!

You’re protected with 60-day money back guarantee
+ lifetime access to feedback from our trainers

A dog who listens is a dog you can trust.

We all want a dog who listens to us the first time we ask him to do something. We want a dog who doesn’t embarrass us in front of friends and family but not coming when called, or refusing to spit out that nasty rotting lump it found on our walk.

We want a dog who is always ready to take our cues, do what we want him to do, and generally is a great companion and a pleasure to be around.

How do we get there?

After working with thousands of in-person and online students, and struggling with this herself, our head trainer Steffi Trott created the SpiritDog Listening Bundle to help owners just like you, who want to be certain that their dog will respond to their cues 100% of the time.

Let’s sum this up:

✅ Just Listen! Course (value $149)

✅ Distance Control Course (value $149)

✅ 10 dog training mistakes you need to stop eBook (value $37)

✅ BONUS #1: Sibling Struggles  (value $27)

✅ BONUS #2: Sensational Stays (value $27)

✅ BONUS #3: Long Line Lessons (value $27) 

+ Personal feedback from our trainer (value $150) 

+ Dozens of PDFs for tracking your progress

+ Quizzes to test what your dog has learned

+ Certificates upon course completion

+ Lifetime access to trainer support 

+ 100% unconditional money-back guarantee valid for 60 days

Normally $416

Get everything right now for only $149
And save 76% off the regular price
You’re protected with 60-day money back guarantee
+ lifetime access to feedback from our trainers

One time charge of $149

Instant Access. No Hidden Fees. No risk. 60-Days Money Back Guarantee

Lifetime Access

Join now, own it for life and repeat as often as you want.

Limited Time Discount

You can join today for a special discount over regular pricing. This saves you $216!

“How often should I do each exercise for my dog to learn how to listen”

And answers to other big questions

Question #1: “How often should I do each exercise for my dog to learn how to listen?”

In order to get great listening skills, you want to have a lot of repetition of your dog getting the skills right and being rewarded. You should repeat each exercise until your dog seems to clearly understand what he is doing and is performing the behaviors enthusiastically and without hesitation.

As a rule of thumb, repeat every video exercise for about 3-5 sessions (with generous rewards).

Question #2: “Do I have to do the lessons in order?”

If you start with an advanced lesson before your dog has learned the basics, he won’t understand what you want him to do and you will both be frustrated. You will get the best results if you follow the lessons in the order they’re presented.

If you are unsure about anything, you can ask questions anytime. You can also take a video of your training and upload it to YouTube and send us a link – then we can have a look and give detailed advice on your training!

Question 3: “It sounds difficult to train for listening skills, can I actually do this?”

Training your dog at home using online courses can sound challenging, but we’ve made it easy so you and your dog can make progress even if you’ve never trained before.

All of our classes are straightforward to implement, as you get step-by-step instructions and a direct line of communication to certified trainers who are there to help you every step of the way.

Tens of thousands of owners just like you have tried our methods to help their dogs become great companions.

Question #4: “I’ve tried to train listening skills before, but I failed. How is this different?”

It can be downright frustrating to invest a lot of time and effort (and money) into training, exercising, playing with your dog and focusing on listening skills, only to discover that your dog keeps making mistakes. 

It’s not that you don’t have the right attitude or you don’t want to make an effort. Success with training perfect listening skills to your dog is about tweaking a few things in how you communicate what you want your dog to do.

And with the step-by-step method, games and exercises in the Listening Bundle, you will be able to see BIG changes in what your dog does when you ask him for a cue.

Plus, you can get tailored feedback for your specific situations from our certified trainers. So, whenever you feel stuck, send us a message, describe your situation and we’ll help you and your dog overcome the hurdles.

Question #5: “What if this training method doesn’t work for my dog?”

We are committed to making you and your dog happy, so if you don’t see any results after implementing our training method and getting personalized feedback from our certified dog trainers within the first 60 days after your purchase, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked. 

Question #6: “I don’t want to punish or correct my dog. Does this training framework use these methods?”

We do not utilize or recommend any kind of physical or verbal corrections.

Our training framework does not make use of corrective collars, leash pops, harsh words or other means of intimidation or punishment.

Question #7: “My dog is not food-motivated, what should I do?”

You can use some very special treats for your games at first, such as small pieces (the size of your pinkie fingernail!) of:

  • hotdogs, string cheese
  • chicken, roast beef
  • freeze-dried liver, cheese or chicken
  • premade raw food, such as from the company Fresh Pet

Don’t feed your dog before training – this will make him more motivated. Start with easy games and only increase the difficulty if your dog is happily playing.

Our team has worked with thousands of dogs and there sure were some picky eaters among them. If your dog has the habit of saying “no!” to treats, we will work together with you until we find the solution and get him working for cookies – promised!

Question #8: “Will all the treats make my dog overweight?”

This is an important concern, especially for small dogs or dogs that easily put on weight. If we are limited on how much physical exercise we can give our dogs (because of bad weather, health conditions or similar), they can quickly pack on a couple of pounds (like us humans 😉 ).

You should always subtract the amount of food that your dog eats during training from his meals. 

If you are working on several games or for longer than a couple of minutes, the food you use during your session might easily replace your dog’s entire meal.

Question #9: “I don’t want to just bribe my dog with treats to listen!”

Good – because we also don’t want you to do that!

In our courses, we use treats to change the dog’s “CER” (conditioned emotional response). In the beginning you will use many treats, but over time the dog’s actual feelings about his triggers change and you can fade the treats – your dog will still behave.

Save money with the bundle

Instead of paying $416, all of this can be yours for only $149

Secure Order Form - 100% Protected and Safe - 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Please note: Management is the #1 priority when owning reactive or aggressive dogs. You should never rely on training alone. It is your responsibility to keep your dog on a leash, in a securely fenced yard etc.
Every dog is different, and different training systems will work for different dogs.

Dogs will show different speed and levels of improvement based on how reactive they are, how ingrained this behavior is and how well they are managed around their triggers. Breed-specific tendencies will contribute to the outcomes.

This course is not intended to cure dogs with a bite history. If you struggle to manage your dog around his triggers (for example because he can pull you over, or he is aggressive towards members of the household), you should always consult an in-person trainer for advice.