Just Listen Course

Distractions will happen. We cannot change that. What we can change is whether we’re prepared or not.

Learn how to actively train your dog to listen to you even under distractions.

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Ready to have tons of fun with your dog?

Just Listen (usually retails at $199) - 162 students - 51 lessons

This is where to start teaching perfect listening for basic commands such as Sit, Stay and more, in situations where your dog becomes distracted or feels uncomfortable.

With this course, your dog will become an expert at listening:

  • with food distractions
  • with toy distractions
  • in different places around your home
  • in different places near your home

What this course teaches:

  • How to teach instant response to Sit, Down, Stand and Spin, even under distractions
  • Learn the ONLY way to teach your dog to sit without confusing him or creating undesired associations
  • Discover the essential rules of helping your dog to actually listen to your commands
  • Find out what are the first cues to teach your dog so that teaching any future behaviors will become a lot easier
  • Learn what are the appropriate treats to use for listening and recall training
  • How to help your dog stop making unnecessary mistakes by becoming a very kind, rewarding trainer and at the same time extremely consistent
  • Find out how to prepare your dog to listen even when he is distracted

Over 33,000 dog owners are using the SpiritDog training method!

“These are fantastic courses and really do address the problems we all face with our dogs. The ability to ask questions and have them answered promptly is fantastic. These guys are so helpful. I highly recommend them to anyone who's looking to train their dog.” - Alex McCarthy

alexa chester
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As a newly-certified dog trainer, I am obsessed with learning new things. Steffi and SpiritDog are an absolute treasure! The positive reinforcement approach is ALWAYS the way to go, and Steffi explains WHY her methods work so well in a way that actually makes sense! I learned a lot of this in school, but the way information is presented in this course makes it more applicable to daily life and super easy to follow! I can’t count how many times I exclaimed, “oh, wow!” out loud during the Reactivity course, and I’m so excited to keep learning!!
Pamela Bay
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I really enjoy the short lessons and games from Spirit Dog Training. Always very clearly explained as to why and how to teach your dog, the videos are easy to follow. I am glad to learn more fun and simple training ideas from Spirit Dog with my dog! Thanks!
Arleen Lancaster
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I love SpiritDog Training. She has good advice and constantly keeps in touch. She will respond to questions. Her training videos are easy to follow. She constantly checks to give new tips and helpful ideas. She always encourages response or questions. Also her courses are affordable.
Jesica Nkouaga
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Steffi is a wonderful trainer. She is so sweet and captivating to watch with her dogs. Her videos are professional and she teaches each new trick or command in a step-by-step fashion that makes them easy to follow. I have taken two of her courses now and am hoping to take another in the near future. Thank you so much!
Judith Keenan
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Love the totally positive reinforcement techniques for building reliability, loyalty and a wonderful bond with pet dogs. Thumbs up!
Konnie Andrews
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Love all the fun games and so do my dogs! Steffi makes training fun and my dogs always brighten up whenever I say “tricks time.”
Sharon croot
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I’ve only been using this course for a couple of days now and already have noticed a huge difference in our barking reactive dog! I love how the training is so easy to understand and implement, and usable for the whole family! Thank you!!!

And personalized feedback from our dog trainers

Personal & LIFETIME feedback from our trainers (value priceless)  

Training a dog can be an emotional and overwhelming journey. It’s why we’re determined to give you all the tools to succeed, and this bonus is one of our most valued resources. With this you can get answers to all the questions you have, so you can stop feeling alone or guess working your way through helping your pup acquire new skills and manners.

 $199 $149

You’re protected with 60-day money back guarantee

Meet your instructor

Steffi Trott is the head trainer at SpiritDog Training. She specializes in dog cognition and behavior, having been teaching dog training to thousands of clients both locally and through online lessons, since 2013.

She studied dog training with European trainers such as multi-world champions in agility and European Open winners Silvia Trkman, Polona Bonac, Martina Klimesova and Anna Hinze as well as US trainers like Kim Terrill and Daisy Peel.

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Why Does My Dog Not Listen?
The Anatomy Of A Cue
Criteria – Why Do We Need Them?
Training & Proofing Cues
Deciding On The Most Important Cues
Training FAQ
Just Listen Quiz I
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Types Of Distractions
Controlled Distraction I
Advancing Controlled Distractions
Distraction Quiz I
Controlled Distraction II: Toys
Advancing Toy Distractions
Different Places I
Training Trips
Distractions We Cannot Control I
Distractions We Cannot Control II
Distractions We Cannot Control – Example
“Invisible” Distractions
Distraction Quiz II
Consistency For YOU
Read More
Training Needs To Be Black & White
Kind & Consistent
Stop & Redo
How Much Failure Is Ok? I
How Much Failure Is OK? II
Distracting Family Members
Just Listen Quiz II
Proofing Games
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What’s “Proofing”?
Talking Game
Position Game
Motion Game
Just Listen Quiz IV
Going Forward
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Quantity vs Quality
Keeping Cues Fresh
Sit - As Easy As It Sounds?
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What’s A Sit, Anyway?
Foundation Behavior
Fading The Lure
A Trick For Trust
Introducing The Cue
EASY Places
Importance Of A Release Cue
Teaching A Release Cue
When NOT To Use Sit
Just Listen Quiz III
Understanding Difficulties & Progression
Verbals In Daily Life
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Just Background Noise?
No Name Game
Saying “No” To Your Dog
Which Cues Actually Work?
Just Listen Quiz V

 $199 $149

You’re protected with 60-day money back guarantee