How Much Does an Afghan Hound Cost?


How Much Does an Afghan Hound Cost?

Afghan hounds can cost anywhere from $600 to $1,000 for most pet-quality animals. If you’re looking for a show dog, you can expect to pay up to $2,500. Breeding rights and papers are typically more expensive, so keep that in mind if you want to breed your dog. 

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How much is an Afghan Hound?

The price of these dogs varies mainly on the dog’s quality and where you choose to adopt the dog from. Backyard breeders often sell their dogs on Craigslist and similar classified ads, where the dogs may only cost a few hundred dollars. 

On the other hand, breeders often only sell through their website and cost significantly more. Shelters typically aren’t for-profit, so their dog prices are much lower. 

Where you choose to purchase your dog will affect the price and the quality. Often, purchasing a dog simply because it is cheap isn’t the best option. 

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Getting a Puppy from Craigslist

Classified ads are often teeming with puppies. However, many of these are not appropriately bred by knowledgeable breeders. Before breeding, all dogs need to undergo specific health testing to ensure that they aren’t passing on genetic conditions to their puppies. Backyard breeders with an oops litter do not take this step. This can be expensive, so it is usually only done by professionals. This makes the puppy more likely to have genetic problems, which will incur more vet bills down the line. 

Most puppies on Craigslist also do not get their puppy proper veterinary care. Many puppies never see a vet at all. They may not have their proper vaccinations. Common health problems like internal parasites are also standard in these puppies. Proper socialization usually hasn’t happened, which means that the dog may be fearful and aggressive.

Furthermore, you don’t want to fund irresponsible breeders to keep breeding puppies.

Getting a Puppy from a Rescue

Many puppies from rescues do not come from good backgrounds. However, many rescues take good care of their puppies once they have them. Rescues get their puppies veterinary care, including all necessary vaccinations. Any disease the puppy may have had when turned over to the rescue will be treated by a vet. Spay and neuter surgeries are often given to the puppies to prevent further breeding. 

At the same time, adopting from a rescue is relatively inexpensive. Puppies usually only cost a few hundred dollars, which is nothing compared to the thousands breeders charge. Because the rescue has already taken care of most veterinary tasks, your vet bills will be lower as well. 

Getting a Puppy from a Breeder

If you’re looking for a high-quality, healthy puppy, a breeder is often the way to go. Professional breeders know how to produce a healthy Afghan Hound, get the proper health testing done, and appropriately take care of their puppies. Most puppies see the vet multiple times before they are adopted and come with all of their necessary vaccinations. 

Puppies are often socialized from birth, so they are laidback and easily adaptable to their new home. Most dogs are fed high-quality food, including the mother and puppies. In the end, this leads to healthier dogs with fewer health problems. 

Breeders should be registered with the AKC and follow their health guidelines. Anyone can technically call themselves a “breeder,” so it is essential to double-check their credentials. 

Of course, all this comes at a cost. Most breeders charge anywhere from $2000 to $3000 for a puppy, though you may find pet-quality animals at around $1000. 

Cost of Health Testing

To avoid genetic problems, all dogs should be tested before they are bred. A male and a female may be completely healthy dogs, but it is still possible for them to be carriers and produce unhealthy puppies. Dogs must be carefully paired to avoid this problem. 

All dogs should undergo hip testing to lower the chance of hip dysplasia in puppies. This is a severe and debilitating disease that is often not curable. It results in arthritis at a relatively young age and leads to lameness in extreme cases. Dogs typically have their hips evaluated under OFA guidelines, which are then posted online for anyone to see. You can check the parents of any puppy you decide to purchase. 

This usually costs $200-$400, which is not expensive at all compared to the potential downsides of not testing. 

Thyroid evaluations are also recommended by the Afghan Hound Club of America, as these dogs are prone to some thyroid problems. 

Annual Costs of Owning an Afghan Hound

Afghan Hounds are larger dogs, so they tend to be a bit more expensive overall. They will eat more food, which leads to less money in your pocket. They will also require larger items, like toys and beds. The larger you need to purchase something like a dog bed, the more expensive they tend to be. 

Vet Expenses

Luckily, these dogs aren’t unhealthy, so their vet bills are usually pretty low. They are prone to things like hip dysplasia, though, which can cost thousands of dollars to correct and manage over the dog’s lifetime. Of course, this is also why you should invest in a high-quality puppy up front, as it lessens the chance of many health conditions. 

Due to their larger size, these dogs do rake up higher costs when they are sick. They typically need more medication than other dogs, which can increase the price substantially. 

Food and Toy Costs

Of course, we recommend purchasing high-quality food for your canine. This will drive your price up, but it may prevent health problems and help you save on vet bills. These dogs will eat quite a bit, as they are pretty big. 

The exact cost will depend on the particular food you choose. Luckily, these dogs are not prone to food allergies and sensitivities, so they usually do not need more expensive specialty foods. 

These dogs will go through toys due to their high activity level. Due to their larger size, they will need larger toys, which are often more expensive than other options. Keep this in mind when budgeting for this dog. You will likely be purchasing one of the most expensive toys on the shelf. 

Training Cost

Even though these dogs aren’t prone to behavioral issues, we do recommend training. Puppy classes are a great option, as they also allow your dog to socialize appropriately. Socialization is crucial to prevent aggression and fear-based behavioral problems in the future. Training classes are typically not based on size, so you can expect to pay about $300 for an introductory group class series that runs over a few months. 

It largely depends on the trainer, however. Some trainers charge more, and others charge less. Some provide very inexpensive group sessions at as little as $15. One-on-one training will be more expensive but is usually not required for this breed. 

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Factors Influencing the Price

There are not many factors that go into the price of this breed. Typically, those with ancestors that have competed in shows are more likely to be more expensive, as they are “proven” dogs. However, this generally does not matter to someone who is only looking for a pet. 

Coat color typically doesn’t matter. All colors are equal in the breed standard, and none are usually bred for over the others. It is typically only a matter of personal preference. Most breeders don’t even breed for specific coat colorations or patterns, so it isn’t easy to make requests. 

Adult dogs may be more expensive than your average puppy if they have won dog shows or other sports. However, these dogs typically do not receive any training that makes them more expensive. 

Price Considerations

Before purchasing an Afghan Hound, be sure that you can afford their usually high upkeep costs. They are large, active dogs, so they typically go through food and toys quickly. This can add up, so be sure that you budget for it. 

Their vet costs are less likely to be very high, though it does depend on where you purchased your dog from. Breeders are usually your safest option, as they perform more health testing and provide more vet care for the puppies. 

The Bottom Line

The Afghan Hound is more expensive than many other dog breeds. However, when compared to other large dogs, they aren’t that much more expensive. This is primarily due to their larger size, as these dogs take more room and food to breed. Other factors do come into play, such as their rarity. When the demand for the dog is higher than the supply, the price tends to rise. 

You can expect to pay about $1000 to $3000 for a healthy puppy from a breeder, which is where we recommend you purchase your puppy. Rescues are a cheaper option that often provides the necessary vet care for the puppies, but it is challenging to adopt an Afghan Hound from a rescue due to their rarity. There aren’t many dogs out there to end up in local shelters. 

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