Best Harnesses For Huskies

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I tested 20 harnesses and found the Eagloo Dog Harness to be the best harness for Huskies.

My Husky, Sasha, is a 3-year-old rescue. She’s a ball of energy, just like most Huskies! I was using a collar to walk her, but she was a bit too rambunctious for that and I did not want her to crash into it with her throat. She’s not a very big dog, but as anyone who has a Husky knows, she’s quite strong and can sometimes have a mind of her own! 

I tried out 20 different harnesses to find the ones that would be the best for Sasha. With each of them, I’d take her on a walk, in our own neighborhood where she’s used to the traffic and other dogs and also outside of our immediate area where more distractions were likely to get her attention. Some of the features I considered were how well the harnesses fit, how easy they were to get her in and out of them, and whether they seemed they’d be able to stand up to her activity. 

The Eagloo Dog Harness was the winner for a variety of reasons, which I’ll outline more below.

The Benefits of a Harness Over a Collar

Of course, it’s imperative that you have the ability to keep your dog under control at all times. You could encounter a rabbit that causes your dog to suddenly want to run off. Another common situation with friendly and exuberant Huskies is when they see another dog while out and about and want to run over to make friends. Since not every dog you encounter will be friendly, you need to be able to keep a good hold on your dog without hurting him. 

While your Husky should have plenty of time and room to run around, when you go for a daily walk or if you are in an unfamiliar area, a leash and harness gives you more control than a collar. Whether the danger is traffic, an unfriendly dog in its own backyard, or simply a new place where your pup can get lost, you will be able to maintain a good hold on him when he can’t pull away from you or slip out of a collar.

Another great feature of a harness is that it will not hurt your dog’s neck. If you’ve ever walked your Husky and noticed that he’s coughed afterward, that’s because the collar has irritated his trachea. A harness distributes all of the tension and pressure across your dog’s chest instead of on his neck. This can be a safer way to walk your dog.

Our Top Choice

Why the Eagloo Dog Harness Is the Best Choice

The Eagloo Dog Harness has a ring on the front of the harness that can make it easier to walk your dog. It also has a ring on the back for dogs who are trained not to pull. This gives you the option of switching without needing to buy a new harness.

Because the front is padded, it will distribute any tension across your Husky’s chest, minimizing any soreness or discomfort. There are no firm straps across your dog’s chest and it won’t feel too tight. Even dogs who aren’t used to wearing a harness tend to get used to this type of device quickly.

The Eagloo Dog Harness also has quick-release clips that let you put it on and take it off quickly. This can be an advantage when you have an active Husky who is excited about his walk!

Finally, the breathable mesh material will dry easily and won’t get too hot during the dog days of summer. Your Husky has enough fur to contend with on the hottest days of the year without adding a heavy harness to the mix.

Different harnesses have different features, and you will want to choose one that is right for your Husky. Keep reading to learn about more of our favorites.

The Best Overall Harness for Huskies
Eagloo Dog Harness

This harness comes in a wide variety of colors to appeal to every owner. Most Huskies will probably fit in the large size, but you will need to measure your dog to be sure; if you think you are between sizes, choose the larger one. Since the harness is adjustable, this shouldn’t be a problem.

In addition to the ring on the front and the ring on the back, there is also a handle on the back for when you need to have another hand on your dog. You can also loop a seatbelt through this handle to help keep your Husky contained in the car.

The front of this harness is padded to keep your dog comfortable, and the material is a breathable mesh to keep him from overheating. When it gets dirty, you can hand-wash it with a mild soap and allow it to air-dry; the mesh should dry quickly.

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The Best Harness for Husky Puppies
Matilor Harness

If you have a young puppy who is just learning to walk with a harness, a soft, stretchy one is comfortable and good for teaching. The Matilor Harness is also lightweight enough to leave on him during the day when you are home and able to watch him. Note that it isn’t chew-proof, so you won’t want to leave it on when you’re not there to supervise.

This is a two-pack, so you’ll either get two harnesses or a leash and harness for your little one; you choose which combination is better. In addition, you can choose from several different colors.

This is a step-in harness, so you can let your puppy step into it and then fasten it in the back. It has strong double-D rings in the back so it can’t open up and so your pup can’t back out of it. It’s also machine-washable for convenience.

The Best Budget-Friendly Harness for Huskies
BUDDIHUG Dog Harness

Are you looking for a harness for your Husky that won’t lighten your wallet? You’ll want to check out the BUDDIHUG Dog Harness. This is a no-pull harness with the ring in the front. Once your dog is trained not to pull, you can turn it around and put the ring in the back for more casual walks.

It has two quick-release buckles, so all you do to put it on is slip it over your Husky’s head and snap the buckles together. You can adjust it while it’s on your dog.

There is a size chart to decide which is the best for your Husky; most will take either medium or large. If your dog is still growing, take that into consideration. Also, you might want to add an inch to your measurement due to your Husky’s thick coat. 

The Best Tactical Harness for Huskies
Rabbitgoo Tactical Dog Harness

Many Huskies do well when they have a job, so if your dog is one of them, you might want a harness that is good for pulling or carrying things. The Rabbitgoo Tactical Dog Harness is a great choice. It’s made of heavy-duty nylon (military grade) and has reinforced stitching for longevity.

This harness has a ring on the front for the no-pull feature as well as one in the back for well-trained dogs. It also has four quick-release buckles to allow you to put it on and take it off quickly. In addition, the harness is fully adjustable. The mesh is breathable and dries quickly.

It has a row of attachment points on each side so your Husky can carry a water bottle, his leash, or anything else that you’ll need for your walk. It also has hook-and-loop panels so you can attach any special badges or identification that your dog needs.

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The Best Harness for Service Dog Huskies
Dihapet Service Dog Harness

Is your Husky a service dog? If so, you’ll want a harness that makes it clear to everyone that he’s working and not able to be petted and talked to. The Dihapet Service Dog Harness is colorful and eye-catching with a bold sign that indicates your dog’s working status.

The D-clip is on the back to make walking easy. It also has a handle if you need to guide your dog through crowds or in tight areas. The buckles are quick-release for convenience. It has breathable mesh to keep your Husky cool no matter what the weather, and the harness is padded for comfort and safety.

The harness also has a reflective strip to keep both you and your service dog safe when you are out after dark.

The Best Reflective Harness for Huskies
WINSEE Dog Harness

The WINSEE Dog Harness has reflective stripes on it to keep your Husky safe during nighttime walks. It also comes in a variety of colors so you can choose the one that best fits your dog’s unique personality. Most Huskies will take size medium or large, but measure your dog to be sure.

This harness also comes with a collar, so you can decide where to attach your leash. The collar can be used on its own or you can lock it to the harness to make it one piece.

Dogs who pull should use the ring at the front of the harness to minimize pulling. There is also a ring at the back of the harness for dogs who don’t pull. You could use the ring on the collar as well, or you can use that ring to attach your dog’s license or your contact information.

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The Best Soft Harness for Huskies
Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness

If you’d like a soft harness for your well-trained Husky, you might consider the Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness. This harness is nice and comfortable, making it appropriate for gentle dogs as well as older dogs who don’t pull anymore. 

The harness comes in a wide range of colors. Note that you’ll need to measure around your Husky’s chest to be sure you’re purchasing the right size. It’s easy for your dog to step into it, then you just fasten it in the back.

The harness has reflective strips and is made of a breathable mesh. The closure is hook-and-loop and the quick-release clasp and double D-clips add additional layers of security. The rings are only used in the back, so this is not a no-pull harness for more energetic dogs.

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The Best Harness and Leash Set for Huskies
Raining Pet No Pull Dog Harness

The Raining Pet No Pull Dog Harness is a great choice if you need a leash in addition to a harness. The harness, as you can tell from the name, is no-pull and has a chest clip to minimize pulling. It also has a back clip for well-trained dogs who don’t pull.

The harness is fully adjustable with four adjustment straps. Measure your Husky to see what size to buy, then adjust the harness from there for a snug fit. Two quick-release clips make it easy to get this on and off of your dog.

The leash is sturdy and well-padded for your comfort. It will clip easily to either of the rings on the harness. You can also use the leash with a separate collar if desired. 

What to Look for When Buying a Harness for Your Husky

When purchasing a harness for your Husky, there are several features you should look for.

First, consider whether you want a harness with a ring on the front or on the back. Some harnesses are also convertible; you can simply flip the harness over and put the ring in the back instead. Read the product description carefully so you know whether the harness you are getting for your Husky is the type you want.


Next, think about the material you want your harness to be made out of. A mesh harness is good for Huskies because it won’t cause your dog to become overheated. A mesh harness will also dry quickly, so if you take a walk in the rain or you need to wash it, you’ll be able to use it within several hours. Don’t put a wet harness on your dog; wait for it to fully dry.

Think about the color you want. This might seem like a trivial point, but there are some important considerations to keep in mind. A light color, particularly with reflective strips, will be more visible in the dark. If you often walk your dog before sunrise or after sunset, this could be a good safety feature. Also, if you have more than one dog, you’ll probably want harnesses in different colors. Even if they’re both Huskies and similar in size, you’ll have each harness adjusted to fit the dog it’s used for, so it’s easiest to assign one color to each of your dogs.

Ease of Use

Look at how you put the harness on. A dog who has been wearing a harness for years will likely have no problem no matter how you put on the harness, but if you have a dog who is new to wearing them, look for one that goes on quickly and easily. Puppies are often easy to get into a step-in harness, but bigger dogs who haven’t worn a harness before often have more success with the type that you put over their head and snap around them. Quick-release clips make it easy to both put on and take off the harness. It’s best if you only need to release one or two clips, as this will make it easier on your dog.

Once you decide on the harness you want, it’s important to size it correctly. Measure your dog around his neck as well as around his chest. Don’t assume that because he takes a particular size in one brand that he’ll take the same size in another brand. Use the sizing chart on each product page to determine the correct size for your dog. Because your Husky has a lot of fur, if you’re in between sizes, choose the larger size. 


A harness is a good tool to have on hand for walking your Husky. It doesn’t put pressure on your dog’s neck or throat the way a collar can, so it’s especially good for young, energetic dogs and those who don’t walk nicely on a leash yet. A no-pull harness is an effective teaching tool and can keep your dog safe when you walk in unfamiliar areas or if he is reactive or overly friendly. 

You can purchase the Eagloo Dog Harness, which is our top choice, as well as any of the other harnesses featured here, on Go check out the selection at Amazon and enjoy having your Husky’s new harness delivered right to your door.