Yorkie Growth Chart & Calculator – Yorkshire Terrier

Do you have a Yorkie pup and wonder how tall he or she will grow? Our growth calculator and charts will predict your dog’s adult weight. Simply put in your pup’s weight and age into our calculator and we will estimate the adult size!

Yorkie/Yorkshire Terrier Weight Calculator & Growth Chart

Let’s calculate your Yorkie pup’s adult weight based on his current weight! Simply enter your pup’s age and weigh below and we will calculate his adult size.

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How big do Yorkies get full-grown?

Yorkies are small lap dogs. They typically are around 8-9 inches at the withers. A Yorkie will weight around 4-6 pounds. They are truly tiny dogs!

However, there is no guarantee that your Yorkie will be especially tiny. Size is a physical trait that can see a lot of variations within a breed. It is less predictable than e.g. coat color or length.

Even within one and the same litter there can be differences between the littermates in size and weight!

How big do Teacup Yorkies get?

In every dog breed there is the demand for unusual sizes. In large breeds such as the German Shepherd this might be the demand for especially large dogs (which lead to the creation of the King Shepherd), and in small breeds this leads to “teacup” type dogs.

While you might be able to acquire a Yorkie that will be 3 pounds or less, but the associated health problems are not worth it. Some Teacup Yorkies will be as tiny as 2 pounds fully-grown, but they are likely to suffer from a variety of health conditions such as patella luxation, hip dysplasia or hypoglycemia.

How big do Yorkie mixes get?

If your pup has one Yorkie parent and one parent from a different breed, his final size will vary from a pure-bred Yorkshire Terrier. The growth chart calculator will still apply to mixed breed dogs as well!

The most common mix, the Shorkie (Shih Tzu – Yorkshire Terrier) will be considerably larger than a pure Yorkie. Shorkies can weigh up to 15 pounds and stand over 12 inches tall – towering over a Yorkie!

Do small Yorkies require less care?

Every dog is going to require daily care, exercise and enrichment, regardless of their size. You should never decide on a dog based on the assumption that he or she will need little care.

If you have any doubts whatsoever about whether you can commit to caring for a dog, you can consider fostering to see if it is the right fit for you.