Pitbull Growth Chart & Weight Calculator

Do you have a Pitbull pup and wonder how tall he or she will grow? Our growth calculator and charts will predict your dog’s adult weight. Simply put in your pup’s weight and age into our calculator and we will estimate the adult size!

Pitbull Weight Calculator & Growth Chart

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How much will my Pitbull weigh?

Depending on the lines your Pitbull comes from and his overall body type, his expected weight can vary quite a bit.

Female American Pitbull Terriers usually reach an adult weight of 30-60 lbs and are 17-20 inches tall. Males weigh 35-65 lbs and stand at 18-21 inches in height.

Your Pitbull’s adult weight will depend on a variety of factors. Let’s look at the in detail:


Adult weight and height is to a large extend determined by genetics. Some dogs are predisposed to grow very tall or heavy simply by their pedigree. Note that size is not inherited in predictable ways: A puppy’s adult weight will not necessarily be the average of his parents’ weights. Rather, several generations can determine how tall a dog grows. An especially tall grandparent might produce normal-sized offspring in the first generation but have very tall grandchildren.

If you want to get an idea of your Pitbull’s adult weight, ask your breeder about his parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents. If your dog has half siblings or even full siblings, their size can give you a clue about your dog’s projected adult weight as well.

The color and pattern of your Pitbull’s fur is unrelated to his size – dogs of all colors can come in different sizes. Some owners believe that e.g. blue-nosed Pitulls grow up to be the largest, but that is not true.

Early Spay/Neuter

Early spay or neuter surgery can let dogs grow taller, but stay leaner. This is because some hormones that are responsible for closing the growth plates are not produced. If your Pitbull pup was for example neutered at a shelter at 8 weeks old, expect him to grow taller.

At the same time, dogs that are spayed and neutered early in life tend to develop less muscles than intact dogs and appear less “bulky”. If you are planning on letting your Pitbull have puppies, you should of course delay the spay or neuter surgery.

Exercise Regime

Many Pitbull owners enjoy having their dogs “bulk up” and enter them in activities such as weight pulling training. The more muscles your Pittie builds, the heavier he will be of course. You can encourage this process by giving your dog plenty of supplements and a high-protein diet. Some owners especially seek out bulky Pitbull crosses such as the beautiful Razor Edge Pitbull.

Even if you are not interested in having an unusually muscular dog, you should of course make sure that your exercise your Pitbull daily.

Can Pit Bulls weigh 100 pounds?

Pitbulls are medium-sized dogs that do not even come close to reaching 100 lbs if they are pure-bred. However, Pitties are often crossed with other breeds such as Mastiffs to achieve larger and even more muscular dogs. If your Pitbull is heavier than 70 lbs and not overweight, chances are he is not a pure-bred Pitbull. 

You should never overfeed your Pitbull in order to make him extra big. This will shorten his life expectancy and cause joint and back problems as well as diabetes. 

Overweight Pitbulls

Overweight and obese Pitbulls are pone to developing severe health conditions. You should weight your pet every month to pick up on any changes. In addition, watch his shape during daily activities: if you Pitbull’s collar or harness suddenly is tighter, he probably needs to shed some extra pounds!