Husky Growth Chart & Weight Calculator

Do you have a Husky pup and wonder how tall he or she will grow? Our growth calculator and charts will predict your dog’s adult weight. Simply put in your pup’s weight and age into our calculator and we will estimate the adult size!

Husky Weight Calculator & Growth Chart

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Husky Growth & Development


How big will my Husky get?

The AKC calls for Huskies to reach the following sizes:

  • Males
    21-23.5 inches at the withers and 45-60 pounds in weight
  • Females
    20-22 inches at the withers and 35-50 pounds in weight

While most Huskies will be within these ranges, there can always be variation in how tall and heavy they will grow. Size genetics are volatile and even two medium-sized parents could produce an especially small or unusually tall puppy.

Note – Miniature Huskies are a separate breed that will stay a lot smaller than regulation-sized Huskies.

Do Huskies grow fast?

Huskies grow rapidly in the first 6 months of their life, after which the growth slows down. As a large dog breed, they will continue growing until about 12-18 months, though at a much lower rate than during the first months of life.

Some intact males might continue to “fill out” (meaning, build muscles and broaden their chest) until they are over 2 years old.

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How tall should a Husky be at 6 months?

At 6 months your Husky will likely be between 14 and 17 inches tall and weigh 25-45 pounds. (Females are on the lower and males on the higher end of this spectrum)

Note that not all dogs grow at the same speed. Growth spurts are just as common as in humans! As long as your Husky is active, eats well, has a shiny coat and does not feel overly skinny, he is probably growing well.

How big is a 1 year old Husky?

At 1 year old your dog has reached his final height and will only gain a bit of weight in the following months.

He is likely 20-24 inches tall and weighs somewhere between 35 and 55 pounds.


Your Husky will initially have a “puppy coat” which can make him look like a little ball of pure fluff! As he is growing, this coat changes. Around 10 months of age, your Husky will shed his puppy coat and grow his final, adult coat. This process is completed by the time your dog is 12-14 months old.

Huskies require a lot of brushing in order to keep up with their thick and dense undercoat. Even if your pup does not shed yet, you should get him used to regular brushing and grooming. This will be needed in adult life as Huskies shed a lot!

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All Huskies are born with blue eyes. Around 6-8 weeks they change to the dog’s final eye color. However, in rare cases a dog’s eye color changes as late as at 6 months of age. Huskies like to keep you guessing what their final eye color will be!

Why is my female Husky so skinny?

Huskies are high-energy working dogs. They tend to be very active and – if given the possibility – love to run and exercise extensively off-leash. They will burn a lot of calories doing so.

Especially if your Husky is intact (meaning not spayed or neutered) he or she will use up a lot of energy to run and play. (The metabolism of dogs slows down a bit once they have been altered)

As long as your Husky is active and happy, likes to run and play and has a healthy coat, you do not need to worry that he is too skinny.

Chances are that your Husky will naturally gain weight as he ages. Young dogs between the ages of 1-3 years are usually the skinniest. Once their abundant energy dies down a bit they become heavier.

You should regularly assess your dog’s weight and body condition. While he may eat a lot until his first or second birthday, you will probably need to reduce his food intake once he is finished growing.