Cavachon Weight and Size Calculator & Growth Chart

Do you have a Cavachon pup and wonder how tall he or she will grow? Our growth calculator and charts will predict your dog’s adult weight. Simply put in your pup’s weight and age into our calculator and we will estimate the adult size!

Cavachon Weight Calculator & Growth Chart

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How big will my Cavachon get?

Cavachons are small dogs. As a cross between two small breeds – the Bichon Frise and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – their full grown adult size is going to be around 11-13 inches. As in all dog breeds, females are slightly smaller than males.

  • Female Cavachons will be 10-11 inches at the shoulder and weigh 9-14 pounds
  • Male Cavachons will be 11-13 inches at the shoulder and weigh 12-16 pounds
In all mixed breeds, especially in a first generation cross, genetics might be unpredictable. Your first generation Cavachon may grow up to be unusually tall or unusually small. If you pick a multi-generation Cavachon (that means a Cavachon whose parents already were Cavachons), it will be easier to predict the adult size.

When is a Cavachon fully grown?

Small dogs reach their adult size faster than large breeds. Generally, they all are done with growing around their first birthday. Most small dogs like the Cavachon already reach their final size at 10 months old.

When and if you spay or neuter your dog can make a difference for his growth:

  • Dogs that are spayed or neutered very early are likely to grow taller.
    This is because they are lacking the hormones that tell the body “Stop growing now.”
    This difference will only be about 1/2 inch though – your Cavachon is still going to be a small dog!

  • Dogs that are spayed or neutered late (after the first birthday) will be a bit smaller but “sturdier”. Especially in males the testosterone sends a signal to the body to broaden the chest and develop muscles. An intact male Cavchon will have a wider chest and more pronounced muscles on his hind end.

Supporting the growth

In order to ensure your Cavachon grows up healthily and happily, here are a couple pointers for you.

Feeding your growing Cavachon

Feed your Cavachon puppy a healthy and balanced diet. This diet can come from a variety of store-brought foods:

  • Wet food
    Wet food (or “canned food”) is an excellent choice for small breeds. Many smaller dogs do not like chewing hard or big pieces of kibble. Wet food is soft and will ensure your pup eats enough. It also is a great choice for Cavachons that are teething. While dogs are losing their baby teeth, they often refuse to anything that is not soft.
  • Pre-made raw food
    You can buy this in any pet store or larger supermarket. There will be a refrigerator in the pet food aisle that contains different types of raw food. This is already portioned and designed to be nutritionally balanced. If your Cavachon seems to not be growing well or is very picky with his food, try this!
  • Kibble/dry food
    Many small dogs do not like to eat kibble as it is too hard and not tasty enough. In order to entice your Cavachon to eat it, you can soak it in some water or low-sodium chicken broth or mix it with dry food.
    You should always pick a kibble that is designed both for small breeds and puppies to ensure you meet your Cavachon’s nutritional needs.
As a small dog, Cavachons are harder to potty-train than large breeds. Some owners try to withhold water to help their dog hold their bladder longer. You should not do this under any circumstances! Your pup (and adult dog) will need access to fresh water at all times.
cavachon puppy on rope toy

Maintaining an ideal weight for your grown-up Cavachon

Most puppies and adolescent dogs are normal-weight or skinny. After your dog passes the age of 18 months though, he may become a little more chunky. This is especially true for lap dogs like the Cavachon as they often do not lead very active lives.

When you dog is between 1 and 2 years old, you will probably have to feed him a little bit less than before. You can assess your Cavachon’s weight by running your fingers along his sides. You should be able to easily feel the ribs without pushing in.

If your pup has a layer of fat over his ribs, it is time to cut down his food. You do not want your Cavachon to grow overweight or obese as this can lead to a variety of health issues down the line. 

Additional exercise is another great way to keep your Cavachon lean and healthy. Even though these dogs are small, they often enjoy to play fetch, go for walks or even try out some dog sport like agility.