American Bulldog Puppy Weight & Growth Calculator

Do you have an American Bulldog pup and wonder what his final size will be? Our growth chart calculator lets you enter his current weight and age, and gives you the most accurate adult size prediction around!

American Bulldog Weight Calculator & Growth Chart

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What is the ideal weight for an American Bulldog?

The American Kennel Club has the following guidelines for full-grown American Bulldogs:

  • Females weigh 60-80 pounds at a height of 20-23 inches
  • Males weigh 75-100 pounds at a height of 22-25 inches

Dogs at the lower end of the height spectrum will have a lower weight as well, whereas very tall dogs are more likely to be heavier.

Because this breed can become very muscular and strong with the right training (such as weight pull), many owners successfully increase their Bully’s weight by having them bulk up. This is especially true for owners who might have paid a higher price for an extra-muscular American Bulldog.

As with all dog breeds, it is important to never overfeed your American Bulldog. He should look strong – never “chunky”.

How much should a 6 month old American Bulldog weigh?

At 6 months old, your American Bulldog puppy is still growing rapidly! When you bring your puppy home at 8 weeks old, he will be tiny at about 15 pounds. In the first half year of his life he will grow rapidly and reach about 50-70 pounds at the 6 month mark.

Females tend to be at the lower end of this range (and an especially small-boned girl may only way 45 pounds), whereas males are at the higher end of the scale. If you own a male from lines that produce especially tall and muscular dogs, your 6 month old male can weigh as much as 75 pounds.

It is really important to not try to overfeed your dog in order to make him grow faster. Size is determined by genetics, and providing excess calories will only make your dog overweight, not taller.

Growing puppies should always be kept at a lean weight in order to reduce strain on their growing joints and not create future health issues such as diabetes.

What is the average weight of a 1 year old American Bulldog?

At one year of age, your Bully is nearly fully grown. You can expect your dog to be very close to his final weight. As long as you don’t overfeed him, he should not gain more than 10 pounds after his first birthday.

The average weight of a female American Bulldog at this age is 65-70 pounds and the average male will weigh 85-90 pounds.

How can I fatten up my American Bulldog?

Many owners want their American Bulldogs to look strong and intimidating. It is really important that you do not overfeed your dog just to achieve a certain look. An overweight dog is at increased risk for:

  • Joint pains and problems
  • Back pains
  • Diabetes
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Premature death

You can make your American Bulldog look bigger and stronger by investing time into his fitness. Taking him running, doing weight pulling, trying out a sport such as agility training or taking him swimming will all increase his muscle mass. By feeding him a high-quality diet with a lot of protein, his body will change the quickest.

At what age is an American Bulldog fully grown?

This breed is full-grown around the age of 18 months. After that, you will not see any changes in your dog’s height. If you continue exercising your dog diligently, he will bulk up more. When exactly your dog is fully grown actually depends on his spay/neuter status as well.

When a dog is spayed or neutered, this interrupts the hormone production. Male and female sexual hormones function in signaling the body when to stop growing. Dogs that are spayed or neutered early in life actually will become taller and grow longer than their intact littermates.

Especially males that are neutered early in life typically do not develop a deep and wide chest and always look more “lanky” than a dog that was left intact. This difference is less pronounced in females.

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How much food should my Bulldog puppy eat to become tall?

Feeding growing puppies with high-quality food is extremely important – if you do not provide adequate nutrition, your dog cannot grow up to become a strong and healthy adult.

Growing American Bulldog puppies will have a big appetite! You should feed your pup several meals a day. 

  • For puppies under 4 months: feed 4 meals a day
  • For puppies from 4-10 months: feed 3 meals a day
  • After 10 months: feed 2 meals a day

You should never switch to feeding just one large meal every day. On the one hand, this can lead to low blood sugar in your dog as the time interval between the feedings is too long.

On the other hand, feeding very large meals (and having your very hungry dog scarfe them down) increases the risk for bloat, a potentially fatal stomach torsion seen in large dogs.

As far as total feeding amounts, plan to feed your American Bulldog puppy:

  • 3 cups per day until 4 months of age
  • Up to 5 cups per day between 4-12 months
  • 3-4 cups a day for adults over 12 months

If you lead a very active lifestyle, your dog will burn more calories than if you have a more sedentary lifestyle.

Any kind of dog sport or special activity you do with your dog is going to require him to take in additional calories.