Greenies for Dogs Review


Greenies for Dogs Review

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Every dog owner knows that dental care for dogs is extremely important. Many dogs refuse to have their teeth brushed, and poor dental hygiene results in stinky breath and vet bills down the road. 

And who wants to get puppy kisses from a stinky mouth?

Greenies are a big brand of dental chews – but do they deliver what the promise? We reviewed their most products for you.

dog breath stinks

Our Winner: Greenies Original

GREENIES Original Natural Dental Treats

If you don't yet give these to your dog, start today.

The unique texture of Greenies Dog Chews cleans down to the gum line to fight plaque and tartar and freshen bad dog breath.

The results?

  • Fresh breath
  • Dental health

Happy owners, puppy kisses and fewer vet bills!

Instead of fighting you when you try to brush his teeth, your dog will love to get those treats.

Table of Contents

Other Greenies Products

Greenies offers a range of other treat options as well. Let’s look at the runner-up as well as their additional products.

Our Runner-Up: Greenies Fresh with Extra Mint

Greenies Fresh Natural Dental Dog Treats

These are similar to the original Greenies, but contain added mint flavor for extra good breath. If your dog is really struggling with a stinky mouth, these can make a huge improvement.

Note: A small percentage of owners reports that their dogs have gas after eating these. Start out with giving your dog one or two a week and gradually work your way up to daily chewing.

Get that fresh breath now!
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Best for Puppies

Best for Puppies
GREENIES Puppy 6+ Months Natural Dental Dog Treats

These treats are made for puppies over 6 months. They are softer than the adult version, and easier to chew even for picky pups. If you have a puppy who turns his nose up on "big dog" chew items, he is likely to enjoy this one.

Greenies Puppy chews are made with DHA to support brain development - ensuring that your puppy will grow up to be the smart, loyal and fast to pick up anything you teach him.

Ensure dental health for my puppy, right from the start!

Greenies for Weight Control

Is your pup struggling with keeping his weight down? You probably don’t want to feed him anymore treats.

These Greenies are an optimal solution if you need to manage your dog’s weight and still want to provide him with effective dental chews.

Our Pick for Weight Control
Greenies Lite Petite Dog Dental Chew

If your dog is struggling with keeping his weight down, these low calorie chews will let you get him dental care while also counting calories.

If your dog is struggling with weight problems, these are the Greenies you should pick.

Note: Some owners report that their dogs do not like the taste of these. If you already have a picky pup, these might not work for him.

Get a low-calorie dental chew today!

Greenies for Grainfree Diets

GREENIES Grain Free Natural Dental Dog Treats

If you are a believer of the grain-free diet for dogs, you will be struggling to find chew articles that fit the bill. While the regular Greenies do contain grains, this one does not!

By picking the grain-free version, you can let your dog have his dental care while also not changing the philosophy behind his diet.

Get my grainfree dental treats today!

Pros & Cons

Greenies are unarguably a smart and healthy solution for keeping your dog’s teeth clean and his breath fresh. They keep tartar at bay and your pup’s kisses will no longer be foul-smelling! 

Greenies are widely tolerated and most dogs enjoy their taste. Only rarely do dogs refuse a Greenie or react with a bit of stomach upset when they try their first one.

Are Greenies bad for dogs?

If you do not give your dog an appropriately sized Greenie and do not supervise him while chewing, it could become a choking hazard. You need to pick the right size for your dog’s weight and never leave him alone while chewing.

This applies to all kinds of chew items and toys your dog has by the way!

Another criticism Greenies receive is that they are pricey. Especially if you have more than one or two dogs, this quickly adds up to a substantial expense every month for your dog’s dental health – on top of all other food, toys, supplements etc. he needs.

If your budget does not allow to give your dog a Greenie a day, there are other options for providing healthy and beneficial chew materials – such as filling and freezing Kongs.

If you do not believe in giving grains to your dog, then will might not like the original Greenie – but the grain-free version will be a suitable alternative.

dog kisses better after greenies

Buying Guide

Trying to decide which Greenie to pick for your pup? Pay attention to:


All Greenies come in different sizes. It is crucial to pick the right size for your dog in order to prevent him from choking on a treat that’s too small. Greenies sizes are:

  • Teenie
    for dogs 5-15 lbs.
  • Petitie
    for dogs 15-25 lbs.
  • Regular 
    for dogs 25-50 lbs.
  • Large 
    for dogs 50-100 lbs.

Grain or Grain-free

Whether you choose a grain or grain-free diet for your dog will come down to personal preferences and believes. Many dog owners try to feed their pups as few grains as possible. If you have chosen to not feed your dog any grains, then picking grain-free dental chew options will be the next step in keeping up with his diet.

The Bottom Line

Providing your dog with daily dental sticks such as Greenies will go a long way to cutting down on future vet bills by ensuring dental health. Your dog also will have a much nicer smelling breath – making those puppy kisses all the sweeter!