Focus in Public

Focus in Public

Does your dog do what you tell them at home, but then they completely ignore you when you’re out and about?

How To Get Your Dog To Stop Ignoring You When
You’re Outside Together… By Training Them LESS!

One of America’s top dog trainers reveals her proven, step-by-step system that can transform almost any dog into a well-behaved “outdoor companion” with only 10 minutes of training a day…

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When you take your dog out in public, do they ever…

Bark excitedly like crazy at other dogs or people, to the point that you feel like apologizing?
Pull super hard on leash and want to say “hi” to everyone?
Make walks a dreaded chore, rather than something that’s fun and enjoyable?

If so, then keep reading…

Because on this page, I’m going to tell you about my proven step-by-step system that can transform your naughty dog into one that’s completely calm and obedient – even when surrounded by distractions.

This system has been shown to work for almost any dog.

No matter if they’re an excitable puppy… A headstrong older dog… A difficult rescue dog… Or even a former stray.

(Plus, it works even if your dog doesn’t respond to treats right now.)

Best of all, this system has been designed from the ground up to be incredibly easy to follow. And if you complete my lessons in the correct order (without skipping any steps), then you can see results with just 10 minutes of training a day…

Before I share how YOUR dog can benefit from the step-by-step training system…

Steffi Trott has transformed the lives of over 110,000 dog owners with her easy-to-follow courses

Let me tell you about one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.

It happened 11 years ago, when my first puppy Fusion was just 6 months old. I’d been training him for a while, and things had been going well.

So one day, I took him to the local park and thought I’d try letting him off leash. Especially since the park was almost completely empty, with only one group of people about 500 ft away – a beautiful woman having a prom photoshoot.

“There’s no way he’ll run way over there and bother those people,” I thought.

I’m sure you can guess what happened next, right? 😅

Yep, he took off on me… 

Ignoring my shouts, he cleared the field in record time and crashed through the middle of all the expensive cameras and lights. Tail wagging like crazy as delicate equipment worth thousands of dollars went flying everywhere.

It was horrible. I was mortified.

Thankfully, those people at the park were incredibly kind. 

They thought Fusion was adorable, and even asked to take some photos with him. They were far more friendly than I felt I deserved at that moment.

But I’m telling you this story because if you ever feel frustrated or embarrassed by your dog’s behavior when you’re out and about, then you’re not alone.

In fact, almost every single dog training student I’ve talked with has struggled with their dog’s behavior in public in some way. And it’s by far the most common issue I see.

Whether those dogs were constantly pulling on their leash…

Barking loudly at strangers…

Chasing small animals…

Or completely ignoring what their owner tells them.

These unwanted behaviors are all extremely common... Even with dogs that are perfectly obedient at home.

And they can be highly frustrating and embarrassing. Especially when you get judging looks from people whose dogs are totally calm and quiet.

Worse, it seems like nothing works to stop this bad behavior – not even offering high value treats or toys.

No wonder that when I first talk with new students…

They’re often worried about taking their dog on a walk. 

They just know something will go wrong every time. But they feel they have to do it anyway, because they love their dog and they want them to have fun.

And that’s sad, because going outside should be fun for both you and your dog. 

I just really love walking my dogs every day. And part of what makes it so relaxing for me is because I know my dogs aren’t going to be a problem. It should be the same for you.

Going out with your dog should be one of the best parts of your day – not the worst!

That’s why I put together Focus In Public - a course that will show you how to get your dog to ignore all outdoor distractions, stay calm, and focus on what you tell them…

Before Focus In Public

Your dog barks at strange people and dogs, embarrassing
Your dog chases after small animals like squirrels or birds
Your dog chases after small animals like squirrels or birds
Your shoulder sore from dog pulling you around by their leash
Dreading walks because you think something will go wrong
Getting back home feeling defeated, because you dog refused to listen to you again
Constantly “on edge” when out and about with your dog, looking out for anything that might set them off

After Focus In Public

Your dog stays calm and quiet whenever strangers approach
Your dog is excited to play with YOU instead
Your dog instantly obeys and does what you want
Your dog walks calmly by your side with a loose leash
Excited to go on walks your dog and have lots of fun
Getting back home smiling, because a stranger commented on how well-behaved your dog is
Get to relax when you’re out and about with your dog – because you know they’ll be good!

All of which means you’ll finally be able to enjoy going out with your dog.
If you were to ask me…

Which of the 38 courses in the SpiritDog Training course library EVERYONE should take?

My answer would be the Focus In Public course, hands down.

Sure, there are some nuances to consider (like it might not be the best fit for highly reactive dogs), but I’ll get into that later on this page.

In general…

This is THE course for everyone, whether you’ve got a young puppy, a senior dog, a rescue, an adolescent, or even a dog that’s just a bit reactive.

Sounds too good to be true?

Just wait, you’ll hear from some of my Focus In Public students who’ve already taken the course and seen amazing results (even for dogs with a history of reactivity).

And that’s why, during our launch period, the price is set low and affordable…

Our aim is to help as MANY students as we can.

Plus, we’re throwing in NEW bonuses to make saying “yes” even more exciting!

But first, why will this course work for you when nothing else has before?

It all comes down to knowing…

Why dogs seem to forget all their training when out in public

Think for a moment what it’s like to be your dog.

At home, everything is familiar to them. They already know pretty much all the sights, sounds, and smells. Which means there’s nothing to distract them when you tell them to do something, and they listen to you much more readily.

But outside, there’s always something new and different going on!

There’s all sorts of interesting smells to investigate… Strange dogs and people to say hello to (or bark at)… And fast little animals to chase.

With all this fun stuff available to your dog, being obedient is suddenly a much lower priority…

And ignoring you becomes rewarding.

You see, when you tell your dog to stop barking at other dogs and they decide to ignore you and continue, they’re being rewarded for ignoring you because barking is fun.

That means the next time you tell them to stop barking, they’re even more likely to ignore you.

So every time your dog fails to listen, their unwanted behavior is getting more and more ingrained. And it becomes harder and harder for you to correct it.

Which means the more you try to train your dog outside INCORRECTLY…

The WORSE their behavior will get.

So how can you train your dog to be obedient in public?

In my 11 years of experience helping to train 110,000 dogs (both online and offline), I’ve learned never to put dogs in situations where they will fail.

Instead, the key is to gradually build up their skills. Only putting them in situations where they will succeed.

That’s why my Focus In Public course has been designed so that you and your dog will advance through increasingly challenging training sessions. You’ll start out practicing each skill in the comfort of your own home… Before graduating to somewhere quiet and unstimulating outside… And so on.

Until your dog can successfully listen to you anywhere and everywhere.

And what’s more - each training session can be completed in just 10 minutes a day.

Why so short?

Because your dog has a limited attention span, even in the best situations. And when a training session drags on for too long your dog will get bored, distracted, and start to fail.

But when you keep each training session to just 10 minutes, each session is highly focused and highly successful. And these short training sessions will set your dog up for long term success!

And what’s more…

Focus In Public is proven to work for almost ANY dog!

Don’t just take my word on that, either.

Because these outdoor behavior issues are so common, I wanted to show how almost any dog could be transformed into a calm, obedient companion.

So instead of showing the personal dogs of me and my SpiritDog Trainers being successful…

I asked some Focus In Public students to send in videos documenting their experiences, and showing their dogs completing the lessons inside.

That means you get to watch each student and their dog first practicing their skills at home, and then taking them to more difficult locations.

And so you get to see my teachings work for all kinds of different dogs, from a wide variety of backgrounds. Including:

  • Rescue dogs
  • Puppies
  • Senior dogs
  • Purebred dogs
  • Mixed breed dogs
  • Dogs with a history of reactivity
We left in all the student’s bloopers as well – because mistakes are just part of the training process.

That means unlike most online dog trainers, who only show you perfect dogs that have been trained for years, you get to see real-world dogs overcoming real-world challenges.

And if they can do it … you know your dog can, too.

Here are some Focus In Public students telling you about their experiences in their own words:

Hannah + Zest
Hannah + Zest
Read More
“The number one thing I wish I knew when I first started training is that training is supposed to be fun…. It has completely changed my relationship with Zest. We went from having almost no relationship together to now traveling across the world together to compete in agility.”
Nikki + River
Nikki + River
Read More
“Before our training River was very focused on everything that was going on out and about… Since doing some of the Focus In Public training, I’ve been able to have her focus on me and not be aware that there’s so many other people around, so many other dogs.”
Debbie + Poppy
Debbie + Poppy
Read More
“We all live crazy busy lives and our dogs often suffer that. Your training is done in less than 5-10 minutes a day which is super realistic and doable.”
Diane + Sally
Diane + Sally
Read More
“The biggest problem is really other dogs that come into our attention area. The biggest thing that’s helped so far is to keep my dog away from other dogs.”
Andrew + Rosie
Andrew + Rosie
Read More
“When we first got her, she was pulling all over the place. So we took the Focus In Public course, and over a very short period of time, the transformation in her has been amazing. We take her out regularly and you can get her to sit-stay wherever she is.”
Allison + Dexter
Allison + Dexter
Read More
“Good public behavior means I can take my dog anywhere with me, and enjoy his company in any situation.”
Liza + Greta
Liza + Greta
Read More
"I would see a lot of people be scared, they wanted to pick up their little dogs, and stuff like that… It was embarrassing… Now I can take her out in public and I don’t expect her to freak out anymore."
Martina + Misha and Yazi
Martina + Misha and Yazi
Read More
“After doing this for about 2 months, I can clearly tell that they’re much more focused on me… It’s amazing how much fun it is and how much they like training with me. It’s really more like playing than working.”

What exactly will your dog learn inside Focus In Public?

Good question!

Since launching the first version of Focus In Public, I’ve constantly added more and more lessons, based on feedback from students.

Which means you get the very best version of my course, teaching you how to keep your dog focused in a wide variety of different situations.

Here’s everything that’s included inside:

Food Engagement

The first step in teaching any behavior is getting your dog engaged with you and interested in your rewards.

Whether you have struggled with your dog taking treats at home or out & about, in this section we explain in detail how to “level up” your treat delivery.

Handler Interactions

“Watch me” games, hand touches, spins etc. – in this section you will learn the foundations of interactive skills. 

We teach every behavior at home first and gradually advance it through different environments.

Object Interactions

This is especially good for dogs that love to explore their environment – let’s make you part of this exploration!

In this section you will teach your dog Paws Up and Up Up and learn how to utilize these skills in any new situation.

Heeling/Leash Walking

Wouldn’t it be nice if your dog could just walk by your side without pulling? It is possible.

We will start at home and gradually advance your dog’s heeling skills through a variety of different places, until they can walk nicely by your side anywhere you go.

Mat Work/Settling

Want to bring your dog along to patios or have them settle on a blanket during a picnic at the park?

Let’s teach them!

Every dog can learn how to lie down calmly on a mat and relax, no matter where you go. 

In this section we show you the progression in detail, and also teach you some fun mat work variation games!

Car Manners

Is your dog trying to barge out of your car as soon as you open the door an inch?

This is not only rude … but very dangerous!

We will teach your dog to stay in your car until released. Even if you tie your shoes or check your phone. By the end of this section your dog knows to wait politely until you tell them it’s time to hop out.


In this section we discuss troubleshooting ideas. If you are stuck teaching a specific behavior or working in a certain setting … we have many ideas for how to turn this from frustration into a training success!

Prey Drive

Squirrels. Pigeons. Ducks. 

Need I say more?

In these lessons you will learn the concept of the “Second Best Choice” and how we can use it to redirect our dog’s prey drive!

Student Training Sessions

Wondering what other dog owners’ training looks like?

We filmed several students and their dogs training both at home and out and about. 

They are dog owners just like you. Watch them succeed and do the same!

Start today for $564 $99
You’re protected with a 60-day money-back guarantee
+ lifetime access to feedback from our trainers

And that’s not all…

Along with the Focus In Public course, you’ll also get a whole host of valuable bonuses, designed to speed up your dog’s progress!

Starting with the…

“Get Unstuck” Quickstart Quiz

Often when new students join our courses, they can’t get stuck in right away because they have some big problem they have to solve first.

Whether it’s because their dog isn’t food motivated… They have more than one dog and it interferes with training… Their dog refuses to walk nicely on a leash… And so on.

The “Get Unstuck” Quickstart Quiz works like this:

We’ll send you an email, and give you a short quiz. Based on how you answer, we’ll send you the resources you need to overcome your biggest training challenge FAST. Leaving you free to focus on improving your dog’s behavior!

LIVE “Achieve The Freedom To Take Your Dog Wherever You Want” Workshop

This [DURATION, e.g. 71-minute] workshop details my struggle with training my first puppy Fusion to obey me when we went out in public together, the steps I took to achieve it, and how you can do the same.

You’ll learn how to build a solid foundation of successful reps in the privacy of your own home - which will empower you to take your dog out wherever you want.

"7 Daily Enrichment Ideas” Video Training

This bonus will help massively speed up your dog’s training progress.


Because one of the big reasons dogs act out in public is because of their natural curiosity. That’s why they’re constantly pulling on their leash, or running around sniffing trees and lampposts.

When you can help fulfill your dog’s curiosity needs at home with enrichment activities, their behavior when outside will magically become much more manageable.

12 Weekly Community Challenges

Alongside other SpiritDog students, you’ll get access to 12 challenges that will speed up your training progress.

Students often find these community challenges are a fun little “nudge” that gets the ball rolling and them taking action. Invaluable if you struggle to find the motivation to train your dog some days!

Start today for $564 $99
You’re protected with a 60-day money-back guarantee
+ lifetime access to feedback from our trainers

How does Focus In Public compare to in-person dog training lessons, or figuring it out on your own?

Trial-And-Error In-Person Dog Training Lessons Focus In Public
Self-Paced Learning 🟠
Self-paced, but you’re often unsure sure where to start or what to do next

Can only train when the dog trainer is available

Go as fast or as slow as you and your dog need
Short, Easy-To-Complete Sessions 🟠
Maybe, but many people try to train their dogs for too long per session

30-60 minute sessions

As short as 10 minutes a day
Proven to work with many different types of dog
Most people don’t know what they’re doing wrong
Good dog trainers with wide experience are usually expensive, and cheaper trainers are often inexperienced

See the lessons working with all kinds of dogs
Future Course Updates

Extra charges apply

Access to all future course updates
Lifetime Support
None, and nobody to ask for help

Extra charges apply

Ask our team of professional dog trainers whenever you have a problem
Client Success Stories
Maybe, if they’re experts. But again, they’ll be more expensive.

Over 110,000 people have transformed their dogs with SpiritDog courses
Community Challenges


Get involved with 12 fun weekly community challenges
60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

May have a money-back policy, but rarely for up to 60 days after a session

If you’re not completely satisfied with your course for any reason, contact us for a full refund

So how much does Focus In Public cost?

Frankly, this is one of my most useful courses.

Sooo many people struggle with getting their dog to listen to them when there’s lots of distractions. Almost every dog owner, in fact. Which means I could get away with charging a premium for Focus In Public.

But I started SpiritDog Training because I wanted everyone to be able to access world-class dog training lessons.

Which is why today you can access my Focus In Public course (as well as all the bonus trainings, workshops, and community challenges) for only:

Start today for $564 $99
You’re protected with a 60-day money-back guarantee
+ lifetime access to feedback from our trainers

Is it worth it?

That’s up to you.

But I’d say it’s definitely worth it if you’re tired of being frustrated with your dog when you take them out in public, you want them to start paying attention to you again, and you want to build a deeper connection with them.

Especially since with your purchase you also get…

Lifetime support from a team of professional dog trainers

Just like with any other SpiritDog course, with Focus In Public you’ll get lifetime support from me and my team of professional dog trainers.

That means if you ever hit a road bump, you can ask a professional and quickly get a tailored solution to your problem.

And don’t worry, you can ask us any question you can think of. Any concern. Even if you think your question is “stupid”, then don’t worry. Because I promise we’ve already heard it all.

It's like having a professional dog trainer on hand, guiding your training, for the rest of your life.

Whenever you don’t understand something in a lesson, you can turn to us and ask. Whenever you’re not sure if you’re doing something right, you can turn to us and ask. Whenever your dog does something unexpected, you can turn to us and ask.

And that means you’ll never be left stuck, or scratching your head wondering what to do.

Which will give you complete confidence and peace of mind.

Start today for $564 $99
You’re protected with a 60-day money-back guarantee
+ lifetime access to feedback from our trainers

But, that said, this course is not for everyone.

And there’s many dog owners out there who won’t benefit from the lessons inside, no matter how much support they’re given…

Who is the best fit for Focus In Public?

If you’re wondering if the Focus In Public course is for you,
have a look at the following and see if it rings a bell:

Who Focus In Public is for

Dog owners frustrated with a distracted, overly energetic & unruly dog in public
Dog owners who are sick of not being able to relax and enjoy being out and about with their dog because they have to constantly be on the lookout
Dog owners who cringe with embarrassment when their dog barks at strangers, tries to jump on people, refuses to come when called, and draws judgemental stares

Who Focus In Public is NOT for

Dog owners who want an “instant fix”, and aren’t willing to go through the steps needed to build a solid training foundation with their dog
Owners of HIGHLY reactive dogs, who get extremely angry at strange dogs or people
Dog owners who are still hoping their dog will “grow out” of barking and pulling on their leash

Firstly, this course is not for anyone who wants an “instant fix”.

As we discussed earlier, unwanted outdoor behavior is often deeply ingrained in dogs. And despite what some other dog trainers might tell you, fixing it won’t happen overnight.

I’ve designed the course so that the early lessons around food engagement and handler interactions give you a solid foundation of skills that will help you with the more advanced stuff. So if you think you can skip over any steps to “speed up” your dog’s progress… You’ll probably end up disappointed.

Secondly, Focus In Public is not for you if your dog is HIGHLY reactive.

If your dog often seems “angry” at people or other dogs, then that’s something they need to work on first. And I’d recommend you check out my Tackling Reactivity course instead, and then come back here later.

Focus In Public is the perfect course for graduates of my Tackling Reactivity course who are looking for the next steps in their dog’s training. But it won’t help highly reactive dogs.

So if either of those things apply to you, then please don’t buy this course.

But if they don’t apply, then I’m fully confident that my guidance and support will help rapidly transform your pet’s behavior.

In fact, I’m so confident, that I’ll also give you my…

SpiritDog 60-Day Unconditional Guarantee

If you’re not 100% blown away by how different your dog is within your first two months, then you’ll then get your money back in FULL. With no hassle, and no questions asked.

In other words – you either see amazing results from your Focus In Public course, or you get all your money back.

Which means you don’t risk anything!

Start today for $564 $99
You’re protected with a 60-day money-back guarantee
+ lifetime access to feedback from our trainers

Let’s sum this up:

Focus In Public Online Course

Lifetime access to proven system
$ 99
  • ✅ Focus In Public Course
  • ✅ NEW Bonus #1: “Get Unstuck” Quickstart Quiz
  • ✅ NEW Bonus #2: LIVE Workshop “Achieve The Freedom To Take Your Dog Wherever You Want” (May 1, 2024)
  • ✅ NEW Bonus #3: Private Access to SpiritDog Community
  • ✅ NEW Bonus #4: 12 Weekly Community Challenges
  • ✅ NEW Bonus #5: “7 Daily Enrichment Ideas” Video Training
  • ✅ Bonus #6: SpiritDog Parkour Course
  • ✅ Bonus #7: Sensational Stays
  • ✅ Bonus #8: Long Line Lessons
  • ✅ Bonus #9: Hyperactivity Helper Mini-Course
  • ✅ Bonus #10: Mat Work Master Mini-Course
  • 🔥 Lifetime Support from SpiritDog Trainers
  • 🔥 In-Course Quizzes for Effective Learning
  • 🔥 60-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

Ready to Get Started with Focus In Public?

The lessons you’ll discover in Focus In Public will let you finally take your dog out in public with confidence.

The step-by-step system has been proven to work with all different types of dogs.

My team of professional dog trainers are standing by, ready to support you every step of the way.

And best of all, it works with just 10 minutes of training a day. The short lessons are not only easier for your dog, because they don’t get bored and distracted… But they’re also easier for you. If you can find 10 minutes in your busy schedule to change their dog’s frustrating behavior, then this course will help you.

And with my 60 day unconditional guarantee, you risk nothing to find out if I’m right.

If you’ve read down this far, there’s probably something about your dog’s behavior you wish you could change.

And so right now you have 2 options:

You could do nothing, and watch as your dog’s bad behavior slowly becomes more and more ingrained and harder to fix…

Or you could take control of the situation now, and start transforming your dog into the calm and obedient companion you always wanted.

To do that, click the big button below now. Type in your details on the next page, and you’ll get an email sent to your inbox that will give you access to your new course, as well as the details on where to get started.

Remember, over 110,000 of my students have already transformed their dogs with SpiritDog courses.

I can do the same for you.

See you inside!

Steffi and the Spirit Dogs

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Inge Blythe

“I learned more in the first two lessons than I did in multiple sessions with a private dog trainer.”


I learned more in the first two lessons than I did in multiple sessions with a private dog trainer. My dog Moka and I are about halfway through the course and not only do I now understand her better, we are also seeing slow but sure results!! Steffi is amazing not only in how she presents her material, but also in the fact that she responds personally to every single individual who might have specific questions about their dog, which is pretty unheard of especially in an online class where thousands of people take it. I know I will be coming back to the information over and over again.

Sarah Wisniewski

“Helps you get your training moving quickly and at a great pace”


Not only is the course very extensive and thorough, but you are able to read and leave questions that get answered the next day at the latest! It helps you get your training moving quickly and at a great pace! Very very happy with it!

Nathalie Demeurie

“I was a little suspicious about online training, I have to admit, but SpiritDog blew me away.”


I was a little suspicious about online training, I have to admit, but SpiritDog blew me away. First, the content is positive, science based, takes into account your dog as an individual and the methods just work! Steffi has some really incredible ideas. Second, I had never had things explained to me so well before. The lessons are so well thought out and everything is structured and presented in a way that's both really smart and easy to follow. Third, customer service is incredible. You can ask questions and you get help and answers quickly, and you can just feel how passionate they are about helping us help our dogs. I found a few hours here already more helpful than any trainer I've ever hired in person. I really wish I had found SpiritDog years ago!

Heather Stewart

“I like Steffi's no-nonsense and straightforward way of describing what she means.”


I am really enjoying this course. The explanations and supporting videos are very clear. I like Steffi's no-nonsense and straightforward way of describing what she means. We are only beginners but I feel I have enough confidence to succeed. I have also tried other trainers' methods but find this one precise and without lots of "hype". Access to other users' comments is very useful and seeing SpiritDog's responses is informative.


Ellen Grol

“Since I was able to discuss particular problems with a professional dog trainer I could personalise the training for my specific situation.”


Spirit Dog Training really has given me exactly what I needed to not only understand why my dog behaves like she does, it also offers very helpful tools for training. Since I was able to discuss particular problems with a professional dog trainer I could personalise the training for my specific situation. My dog and I still have a way to go but this course already absolutely exceeds my expectations.

Erika Miller

“After my first few lessons I have already seen a huge change in my pup.”


Training a pup is not an easy task, it takes time, consistency, patience and the right people leading the way. After my first few lessons I have already seen a huge change in my pup. The course, Steffi, and Elise are amazing. I truly enjoy logging in to learn how to help my pup. The lessons are extremely informational and the feedback to questions is like having a trainer right here with us! I am not even half-way through the course and can't wait to see what the rest of it brings!! Thank you all for helping me learn how to help my are amazing!!!


Terry Harmon Neff

“I never expected immediate miracles but after 2mos I can definitely see a calmer dog”


I am so pleased with myself for moving forward with training and taking this course. I never expected immediate miracles but after 2mos I can definitely see a calmer dog (2.5 yo rescue dog I adopted at 10mos old) in most situations that were over and above him prior to your guidance. Every email and message you post takes me to another level of knowing how to best train. This retired senior from north of Boston 'thanks you' every day.


Deborah Gabbert

“Phenomenal support with 24/7 answers to questions”


As a professional dog trainer, I am constantly learning from other trainers to improve my art and skill. Steffi is extremely knowledgeable and her program is thorough and detailed. She provides students with great clarity on essential topics and phenomenal support with 24/7 answers to questions and terrific email reminders and teaching tidbits.


Julia Hoffmann

“It’s refreshing to have trainers who really want to help you love everything about your dog”


I love the positivity of SpiritDog Training! With so many people out there training with punishment and shock collars, it is refreshing to have trainers who really want to help you love everything about your dog and teach you to have your dog love working with you and not afraid of being punished! Thanks, Spirit for providing free content as well as low cost classes that anyone can do.

Mar Sto

“I'm finally feeling hopeful that someday we will be able to go on a "normal" dog walk without him going ballistic at the sight of another dog.”


I just started and it has provided the missing piece and I'm already seeing amazing results with my rescue dog! I previously spent hundreds of dollars on private training lessons, group classes and other online courses. The suggestions here are so much easier to follow and having the videos is so helpful. I'm finally feeling hopeful that someday we will be able to go on a "normal" dog walk without him going ballistic at the sight of another dog.

Nel Broers

“After having read many books, followed many courses and sought help of in-person trainers, we were still struggling…”


There's so much to love about the SpiritDog training! After having read many books, followed many courses and sought help of in-person trainers, we were still struggling with behavioral issues of our canine companion. The clear, extensive online course and very responsive staff of SpiritDog, has been most supportive to us and our reactive dog of everything we have tried thus far. Thank you!

Pernille Joost

“We've only just started, but I've seen changes…”


Everything is very simply explained - From the theory behind, the practical stuff, preparation, what to expect and the actual training. Steffi (the trainer) seems very empathetic and conveys great patience and understanding. We've only just started, but I've seen changes, and my whole attitude to working with my boy has changed - I feel confident, optimistic and in safe hands with this course and trainer! I highly recommend this course for anyone struggling with their dog - and who does not wish to use aversive methods 🙂


Sue & Murphy

He is able to maintain control when he sees squirrels!


I love your training videos, classes, and suggestions. After long, hard and consistent management and redirection from your classes, he is able to maintain control when he sees squirrels! I will continue to use your training methods, and I recommend SpiritDog to many people.

Tiffany Ashton Baker

“My dog is calmer and I know how to avoid situations that would cause her to become reactive”


I am absolutely loving this course! I have learned so much already and can't wait to put it all into practice. My dog is calmer and I know how to avoid situations that would cause her to become reactive and more importantly how to handle those situations when they may arrive. I am thrilled to have found this course and recommend it 100%.


Valerie Chang

“I have taken my dogs to many courses over the years, hired trainers and purchased other online courses, and this is absolutely the best”


We’re working our way through the course, and it’s great. I have taken my dogs to many courses over the years, hired trainers and purchased other online courses, and this is absolutely the best. Thank you!


Rebecca Adelman

“We've seen such drastic improvements with our dog…”


Wow! We've seen such drastic improvements with our dog by just implementing some of the suggestions in the first couple of lessons. I can't wait to see how far we will come after finishing all the lessons with our girl! Thank you Steffi for these amazing classes and helping us tackle our dog's behavior! I wish we would have found you sooner!



“The lessons are very informative and easy to follow.”


We are just a couple of weeks into the course and I am seeing small changes in her attention toward me. This in itself has been a huge step as we've been to group classes and had a personal trainer at home, both of which were not effective in their methods. The lessons are very informative and easy to follow. They give us a great foundation, then small steps to make the training effective. It's taking a lot of consistency on my part but absolutely worth it when seeing gradual changes. The trainers are very attentive to the students and are there through the process, promptly answering questions as I'm facing new challenges.


Ariel Jeffcoat

“Gave a great foundation for at home, then applying it outdoors as well…”


I purchased the course after hitting a wall with our training and it was the best thing I could have done, it was informative, easy to understand and gave a great foundation for at home, then applying it outdoors as well, and my dog has made so much progress with me just having the extra bit of knowledge. I highly recommend



“It's like having a real trainer next to you…”


I must say prior to enrolmentI, I was quite skeptical especially when the course was delivered online without a face to face trainer to help problem solve. Steffi and her team is very prompt with their response to any comments or questions you have with any training issues. It's like having a real trainer next to you except you learn way more than when you are in a class setting. I am super happy with this course. My dog is already learning to focus on me more. Highly recommend! Give it a go!!


Kate Cowan

I now feel confident taking her out…


We have made a lot of progress though. It’s been a long journey but she’s such a great dog and learns quickly. She’s a big GSD at 42kg and I’ve been injured keeping control of her previously but I now feel confident taking her out myself more. 


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question #1: “What training methods do you use?”

Depending on what we’re training, we use either treats and / or toys to reward our dogs and help condition their behavior.

Question #2: “My dog is not food-driven, will this still work?”

The reasons many dogs refuse treats are either that they are too stressed to eat, or that we have not yet found the treats they REALLY love.

In this course, we discuss in detail how to address both possible causes. We teach you about how to find the right treats for your dog, as well as how to react if your dog refuses treats during training.

So far every single student has succeeded in getting their dog to take treats!

Question #3: “I don’t want to feed my dog tons of food for training, what can I do instead?”

I totally understand how you feel – especially if you have a small dog and it’s hard to feed them many treats without them getting huge.

I have four dogs, and use treat training with all of them. But they’re all at healthy weights (with one even competing in agility competitions almost every other week.) How come?

It’s because I actively control their food intake. And if I use lots of treats to train them that day, I simply adjust the size of their meals. Somedays, they might not get a meal in the evening at all – because I already fed them so many treats!

You can use this same method for your dog.

Question #4: “What if this course doesn’t work for my dog?"

Our purchases are all risk-free! We have a 100% money-back guarantee and will gladly refund your money within the first 60 days if you are unhappy for any reason.

Question #5: “What happens if I get stuck and need extra guidance?”

Every dog is an individual and every situation is unique! With that comes the need for personal feedback during training.

Our course includes unlimited feedback from our professional trainer. Ask as many questions as you like – we are happy to help and want to watch you succeed!

Question #6: “I have tried other trainings before, how is this different?”

Focus In Public has a different (and highly successful) approach to teaching your dog to behave in public.

First, we only put your dog in situations where they’re going to succeed. And then slowly increase the challenge. Doing things this way builds a solid foundation that your dog can use to achieve success.

Secondly, we teach you to only train your dog for short, 10 minute bursts. This is important because we don’t want your dog to ever get bored and distracted – since this would mean they start failing their training.

Question #7: “How long should training sessions be?”

You should keep all your training sessions to around 10 minutes a day. And there’s several reasons why.

Firstly, shorter sessions are easier for your dog. Dogs have short attention spans, and when a training session drags on for too long they can start to get bored and lose interest. They’ll start consistently failing to follow your cues, which is never what you want.

And secondly, shorter sessions are easier for you! I’m sure you’re probably busy, and you don’t have the time to be spending hours every day training your dog. Shorter training sessions make it easier for you to stay consistent – which is the most important thing when it comes to improving your dog’s behavior.

Question #8: “What’s new with Focus In Public, compared with previous offers?”

Focus In Public now comes bundled with a whole bunch of bonuses designed to help speed up your dog’s training progress:

The “Get Unstuck” Quickstart Quiz will help you tackle whatever your biggest dog training problem is, so you can get it out the way ASAP and focus on improving your dog’s behavior.

The “Achieve The Freedom To Take Your Dog Wherever You Want” Workshop will show you my own struggles with my first puppy Fusion, and what I did to overcome them.

The 12 Weekly Community Challenges are a fun way to spice up your training, and give you that little extra nudge of motivation.

And finally, the “7 Daily Enrichment Ideas from Steffi” will help speed up your dog’s training progress by showing you how to fulfill your dog’s curiosity needs at home (meaning they won’t be so curious and distracted when out and about).

If you want to access all these valuable new bonuses for the old price of $49, make sure you buy before Sunday, April 28 at 11:59 PM Mountain Time. Because after that time, the price will be doubled to $99.

Start today for $564 $99
You’re protected with a 60-day money-back guarantee
+ lifetime access to feedback from our trainers