How Much Exercise Does a Cavachon Need?


How Much Exercise Does a Cavachon Need?

While Cavachons are not nearly as active as some other small dogs, they still require a bit of activity. In general, a Cavachon will need about 45 minutes of exercise a day. 

This exercise should not be tackled all at the same time. These dogs usually can’t exercise for 45 minutes at a time. Instead, aim to get them at least two 20-minute sessions – once in the morning and at night. 

This can be tackled as two different walks, or you can use one of these sessions for playtime with other dogs in the backyard. 

It is essential not to simply put your dog outside and expect them to get enough exercise. These are very people-oriented dogs, so they often won’t simply roam around by themselves. Even if they spend hours in a fenced-in backyard, you can’t expect them to get all the exercise they need alone. 

You should plan on spending 45 minutes of activity exercising these dogs. 

Plus, this time will also go towards their high attention need. It may be a good way for you to stay active as well. 

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Are Cavachons Lazy?

They may be. It depends on your definition of lazy. 

They are extremely people-oriented. If you’re sitting on the couch all day, there is a strong possibility that this dog will want to do the same. They want to be with you. Whatever you’re doing, they are more than happy to do. 

If you leave them home alone, they will likely spend much of their time lying around. 

Puppies tend to be more active than adults, and seniors tend to be the least active. Many seniors become overweight for this reason. They won’t exercise as much as they need to. 

However, these dogs aren’t made to lay around all day. Without the proper exercise, they can quickly become overweight or obese. 

Obesity can cause all sorts of problems with dogs. Even an extra pound can cause health problems for a dog as small as a Cavachon. Therefore, it is essential to keep a close eye on them and their weight. 

If your dog appears overweight, you should exercise them more and consider getting a diet dog food. You should speak with your vet, especially if they seem to gain weight suddenly. Quite a few medical conditions can lead to sudden weight gain. 

The Cavachon is not one of the most laidback little dogs out there. There are a few other dogs that need less exercise and tend to be lazier. 

However, this breed is not high-energy in the least. Many people will have no problem getting them enough exercise. 

cavachon on the leash

Do Cavachon Dogs Bark a Lot?

The Cavachon is not a yappy dog. They don’t tend to bark as much as other small dogs. Many people describe them as being quiet. 

However, they can make excellent watchdogs, as they tend to bark at strangers. Usually, they will bark at anything new or unusual that they see outside. 

Their smaller size does prevent them from being guard dogs, of course. 

These dogs will bark more if their activity needs are not met. If they have a lot of built-up energy, they may be a bit more hyperactive, leading to increased barking. 

If you want your dog to stay on the quieter side, you should exercise them regularly. These dogs aren’t brilliant, so walks and regular training are typically all they need for mental stimulation. 

But, if they seem bored and yappier than usual, consider getting some puzzle toys or increasing the number of training sessions a day. Dogs that are worn out physically and mentally tend to be quieter than dogs looking for something to do. 

Of course, you should never get a dog with the intention of not having them bark at all. This is one way that dogs communicate. They will all bark at some point. 

Are Cavachon Dogs Easy to Train?

They aren’t the easiest dogs to train. They are companion animals – not working dogs. They weren’t bred with their trainability in mind. Instead, most breeders focused on creating a cute, people-oriented dog that would work well in a family. 

Because they weren’t bred to listen closely to other’s commands, they don’t always. 

However, their people-oriented nature does mean that they are usually eager to please. They will often do commands simply for your attention, so verbal praise often works very well on them. 

We recommend training classes for these dogs, especially if you are a first-time owner. These classes will help you learn how to train your dog correctly, and they can help you socialize your canine in a comfortable and safe environment. 

Training provides your canine with mental stimulation, which is essential. While most people know that their dog needs physical exercise, they often forget about exercising the dog’s mind as well. 

If your dog appears hyperactive even with 45 minutes of activity, it is likely their mind needs exercise. Training can provide this, so we recommend you continue even after your puppy has learned the basics. Teach them advanced commands and tricks. You can even begin teaching them to compete in obedience complications, even if you don’t plan on competing.  Potty training might take longer for your Cavachon than for a medium or large dog. This is normal – the smaller the bladder, the harder it is for a dog to hold it! As your Cavachon grows up, this will get easier.

cavachon with tennis balls

Are Cavachons High-Maintenance?

Not particularly. They don’t require much exercise when compared to other dogs. Forty-five minutes a day amounts to about two short walks, or a walk and 20-minute play session. Most other dogs require medium-to-long walks every day, making this dog relatively low-maintenance in comparison. 

They also don’t require much grooming. In general, these canines will be perfectly fine with a few short brushing sessions a week. They don’t need to visit a groomer, but some people may decide to invest in a few professional grooming sessions anyway. 

The only way that they are high-maintenance is in terms of their attention needs. They are extremely people-oriented. They need to be around their people for much of the day. Many are prone to separation anxiety, which often requires some training to get over. 

They are great for larger families, as there are more people to pay attention to them. It is easier to give them the attention they need if it is spread out over many different people. 

How Much Exercise Do Cavachon Puppies Need?

Usually, puppies need about 45 minutes of exercise as well. However, it is best to spread this out even more. Try to divide this into four 10-minute sessions. This can be a brief walk or playing with a toy in the living room. 

These dogs don’t need intense activity. Often, they are perfectly fine with light-to-moderate activity. You want to get their heart rate up but not wear them out completely. 

You should be careful when exercising your puppy. Overexercise can lead to joint problems as they are growing. It is best to avoid force-exercising your puppy. 

If it is time for a walk and your puppy doesn’t seem interested, don’t push it. It is imperative to listen to your puppy in this case. 

Final Thoughts

Cavachons might be small, but they do need some exercise. We recommend about 45 minutes a day split up into two sessions. Puppies will need the same amount of overall exercise, but you should split it up even more. They often have minimal endurance, and overexertion can lead to growth problems. 

This breed is exceptionally people-oriented, so exercise must take place alongside a person. Just because these dogs are in a fenced-in backyard doesn’t mean that they will get all the exercise they need. 

You can exercise your Cavachon in a variety of ways, including walks and playtime. As long as you’re doing it with them, they probably won’t care what it is.

Author: Kristin

Author: Kristin

Kristin was born in Tennessee and currently lives there with her husband and children. She is passionate about educating pet parents and helping them make the best possible decisions for their pets. She currently owns one dog, two cats, a lizard, and a variety of fish.